This wiki has a number of policies designed to provide guidelines for most situations. The policies are sorted into different categories, so that it is easier to find those that apply to a specific situation. All policies, and some additional guidelines, are listed below:


Additional Policies

  • These policies only apply to users holding specific rights. Feel free to read these policies, but don't feel obligated to read them unless instructed to do so.


Policy Modification

The policy may only be modified by the community. This will occur via Board:Community Voting, and the admins will modify the policy according to the community consensus.

Common Sense


Everyone, including moderators and administrators, should employ common sense when interacting with others and enforcing policies. If no disruption is caused by a policy violation, then no action is necessary. No policy should ever be used merely as an excuse to ban or block someone, nor should it be used to cause a problem where none exists. Additionally, as a user, if a policy ever interferes with your attempts to improve the wiki, ignore it.

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