LMBW's user rights request is the page where users can request bureaucrat, administrator, chat moderator, or patroller/rollback rights.

To prevent excessive nominations, there is an edit and time requirement to be nominated for each right. If a user requests rights but does not meet these requirements, the nomination will be considered invalid and removed.

If you would like to request Patroller rights, you may do so by contacting an administrator on their message wall, and asking for them. A minimum of 200 mainspace edits are required.

User Group Edits Required for Nomination Time on LMBW Required for Nomination Additional Requirements
Bureaucrat 3 months as an administrator Current activity (users decide) and current admin rights.
Administrator 1,000 (300 mainspace) 6 months Two months chat moderator experience and current CM rights.
Discussion Moderator 150 thread edits 3 months Chat Moderator rights at time of nomination.
Chat Moderator 75 2 months None

Time requirements are counted as the amount of time the account has been active on the wiki as shown on the userpage.

To be eligible to vote in a request for rights, you must have been on the Wiki for at least 1 month and must not have a current one-month or longer ban or block. Users with no edits but meet the 1-month time requirement may be allowed to vote at the discretion of the admins.

The Requests for Rights Policy can be found here.

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