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"Create your own LEGO newspaper or become a reporter and scoop your very own LEGO news stories for everyone to enjoy!"

The LEGO News Forum was a forum for LEGO Message Boards users to post stories in news stations. Some of the more popular News Stations were the LEGO News Station Advanced 3 (LNSA 3), and the LEGO Message Boards News Station (LMBNS), with the LEGO Imagination News Station being the oldest active topic on the forum. The forum had over 800 topics and over 87,200 posts. In the months preceding its deletion, this forum had become overrun by "newbie" stations, which usually did not last long. The subforum was quietly deleted in May/June 2016 due to inactivity.

It was originally just called the "News" forum, and had a subforum called "Features." The forum was originally for the News And Features section of the club site. The forum description used to read:

"What’s the scoop? Check out our exciting News & Features!"

Before Wiktorsz changed the tradition, Lyric Contests were posted in the News forum.

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