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The LEGO Super Heroes Forum is a forum published on December 12, 2011, for the new LEGO Super Heroes theme that was set to be released a month after. As usual with a new forum, it had almost instant moderation. It is fairly divided between regular and roleplay topics. It has two subforums: a Roleplay Subforum, and a Stories subforum. The forum has 8,326 topics and 362 pages. The most liked topic on the forum is Create your own Superhero universe by Proctmi10, with 803 likes received. The most liked user is Darthtiny0118 with 2,540 likes received.

The LEGO Super Heroes Forum used to be named LEGO DC Universe Superheroes, but is now named the LEGO Super Heroes Forum, as the Marvel line has been released. According to the moderators, there will not be a subforum for a strictly Marvel Roleplay Forum. However, many members have complained about it, so there is a possibility there will be one, as well as a DC Roleplay Forum once again. However, at present, the roleplay is a combination of the two. For example, Hulk may battle the Joker in some cases. Most HQs are also only based on one comic, with small exceptions such as the Egyptian HQ.

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