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  • The new rank picture.
  • The badge on the New MBs.
  • The rank picture.
  • A Legend will have 7...
  • ...or 8 studs.
  • An example Legend with 7 studs.
  • An example Legend with all 8 studs.
  • A user with exactly enough posts to have Legend

Legend, formerly known as "Rank X," was the 11th and last rank on the old LEGO Message Boards. The rank was reached when a user attained 24,065 posts. Legends had either 7 or 8 studs. Fourteen users had reached this rank before the update. These users now have a Legend badge on their profile pages to signify their old rank. They are ordered by post count as of before the update:

  1. Marcel77799 (59,925 posts)
  2. Rock-o-Ages (45,829 posts)
  3. skulduggery77 (45,338 posts)
  4. Alemas (42,089 posts)
  5. Dude777477 (39,867 posts)
  6. michaelyoda (32,823 posts)
  7. eragon3443 (30,329 posts)
  8. guacamole1998 (29,996 posts)
  9. 8ObiWan88 (29,958 posts)
  10. lego.minifig (28,990 posts)
  11. cr9 (28,962 posts)
  12. Genralaustin (25,959 posts)
  13. wertys761 (25,389 posts)
  14. diglett809 (25,177 posts)


  • 8ObiWan88 was the fastest user to achieve rank Legend, setting the record for the shortest period of time: from November 2011 to May 2012 - just six months.
  • Skulduggery77 took 8 months to reach Legend, and got Artisan less than 4 months before getting it.
  • Lego.minifig set the record for the first female user to get Legend.
  • So far some of these users have been considered "True Legends" if they have done something to "change" the MBs, an idea strongly expressed by Alemas.
  • Diglett809 was the last Legend.
  • Rock-o-Ages was the first Legend.


  • It seemed when Legend came out, the rank image was huge. It was bigger than all the other ranks, but a few days later it was re-sized and has stayed that way ever since. This was because the rank was added because users were getting posts counts higher than the requirements for Maniac.
  • Because it took so long to get to Legend, many members planned to retire after achieving the rank. One was Eragon3443; although he came back, but is now inactive.
  • Some believed there was a rank after Legend called "Rank Y," but others believed it just continued on forever. However, the moderators had said that there is no Rank Y, and this was proven when Marcel77799 reached the post count hypothetically required.
  • Some users confuse "Legend" (the rank) with MB Legends as those who are considered True Legends.
  • All Legends had 8 studs except for Genralaustin, Cr9, Wertys761, and Diglett809.
  • Many of the Legends are retired.
  • More users reached the number of posts required to achieve Legend after the update, such as benboy755, Dwarfminefan580, pacman87, Riolu777, AwesomePythor, TannerJ2598, 13legoskull and LegoCityMan7063.
  • If the rank had still existed, it would be possible for some Legends to have six studs.

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