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"At long last the Legends of Chima has arrived! The great adventures of these animal-human hybrid warriors have just begun. In the end who will win the ultimate battle to control the Ancient Pool of Chi and all its power? We will have to watch and see as the legends from the Land of Chima are revealed!"


Legends of Chima Forum

The Legends of Chima Forum was created on January 4, 2013, along with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Forum. It has one subforum, the Legends of Chima Roleplay. The main forum has 219 pages, and 5,037 topics. When combined with the roleplaying subforum, it has 165,738 posts. Its most liked topic is Create Your Own Tribe! by Batkid02, with 285 likes received on the first post. The most liked user is Epicninja1, with 3,269 likes received. The forum is for the popular LEGO theme "Legends of Chima."

The roleplay subforum was nominated for the Most Awesome Roleplay Forum in the 2014 Golden Brick Awards.


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