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Legopanama (also known as LP) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 27, 2011. He has the rank Cowboy, 8,482 posts, and over 5,972 likes received. He was interviewed by the Moderators here on September 13, 2013.


Legopanama was an active roleplayer, and was in numerous roleplays, including Superhero Roleplay, Star Wars the Clone Wars Roleplay, and Star Wars Old Saga Roleplay.


Legopanama was the leader of numerous HQs, and was in numerous other HQs as well:

  • Leader of the Olympus HQ (Superhero RP)
  • Leader of the Asgardians HQ (Superhero RP)
  • Leader of the Egyptians HQ (Superhero RP)
  • Leader of Atlantis HQ (Superhero RP)
  • Leader of the Mandalorian HQ (SW the Clone Wars RP) (Forner)
  • Head of Clone Training (SW the Clone Wars RP)
  • Member of Custom Heroes HQ (Superhero RP)
  • Head of SWCW RP Training (SW the Clone Wars RP)
  • Leader of the Mandalorian HQ (SW the Old Saga RP)

RP Characters

Legopanama had numerous characters for his use, which included:

  • Jag Wilus (Mand'alor the Chosen, Mand'alor Jag, Lord Mandalore) Leader of Mandalorian HQs in Old Saga and Clone Wars RPs
  • Aegir (Leader of Asgardian HQ)
  • Nijoror (Asgardian HQ)
  • Horus (3rd in command of Egyptian HQ)
  • Zeus (leader of Olympus HQ)
  • Blue Boy (Custom Heros HQ) (disputed)
  • Yellow Jacket (Custom Heros HQ) (disputed)
  • Martian Manhunter (Justice League II)
  • Blue Beetle (Egyptian HQ leader)
  • Flash (Master Builder HQ in The Lego Movie RP)

Legopanama had numerous other Mandalorian characters which he uses, too numerous to list here.


  • Legopanama was the former leader of both Mandalorian HQs: Clone Wars and Old Saga Roleplays.
  • He was the author of several stories, some of which became very popular in their forums.
  • He was on since around 2005, and played with many games from that era. One of his long time wishes was that he had posted more on the old MBs.
  • His brother is Whiphid.

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