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The Like button.

Likes are a way for users to show that they believe a certain post is high quality, funny, or otherwise noteworthy. Users can like different posts/topics by clicking the like button. There is a limit on the number of likes you can give every minute, hour, and day. The minute limit is 10, the hour is 100, and the day is 400. The limit used to be 300 a day, which was discovered by skulduggery773 and BattleTruckGalactica. The user with the most likes is skulduggery773 with over 176,964 likes.

The current records for the most likes received are as follows: in a day 1,021, in a week 4,000+, and in a month 13,000+. All of these records were set by Skulduggery773.

It was stated in Talk to the Mods that it is against the rules to ask, beg, or trade for likes. 

The following link can be used to find out how many likes a user has received:<username>/kudos/received/count

How to find out the number of likes a user has given:<id>/kudos/given/messages/count

replace <id> with a user's id number (i.e. user-id/1447819).


  • In the beginning, users thought that the new ranking system was fully based on likes, but the Moderators confirmed it was not. However, it is known that likes do contribute to your rank.

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