For information about ranks from the Old LEGO Message Boards, please look here.

Ranks on the LEGO Message Boards are determined by numerous factors, including post count, minutes spent online, likes given, likes received, posts read, and time since joined. Rank requirements are generally unknown, and the moderators typically refrain from commenting on the ranks. Users begin with no rank before moving on to either Caveman or Apprentice Reader. The standard 29 ranks have rank names based on the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series which increase in chronological order from rank 1, Caveman, to rank 29, Alien. Although not all the ranks have been achieved, the names and orders of the last six have been confirmed through the message board's restAPI. If a user likes posts without making any, they will eventually gain reader ranks, of which there are four. A variety of ranks, including Official and Staff, exist for LEGO employees.

The standard ranks, in order:

  1. Caveman
  2. Pharaoh
  3. SpartanWarrior
  4. Gladiator
  5. RomanSoldier
  6. Minotaur
  7. Viking
  8. SamuraiWarrior
  9. Knight
  10. HighlandBattler
  11. Forestman
  12. Ninja2
  13. AztecWarrior
  14. Conquistador
  15. JesterRank
  16. RoyalGuard
  17. Musketeer
  18. Pirate
  19. Revolutionary Soldier
  20. Cowboy
  21. Detective
  22. Bandit
  23. Pilot
  24. Hippie
  25. DiscoDude
  26. Rapper
  27. Spaceman
  28. Galaxy-Patrol
  29. Alien2

The reader ranks, in order:

  1. Apprentice Reader
  2. Master Reader
  3. Maniac Reader
  4. Legendary Reader

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