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A rank was a measure of a user's number of posts, introduced after The Great Migration in 2005. It was deprecated in the messageboard-wide upgrade in November 2012. A rank on the LEGO Message Boards was earned by posting. A user's rank was displayed in their Profile. To earn the first rank (Apprentice), one needed to post only once. The second rank, Journeyman required 47 posts to achieve. Then, the next rank after Journeyman, Initiate, took 94 posts; the next rank, JuniorBuilder, took 188. From there, the amount of posts needed to get to the next rank doubled until one got to approximately 24,064 posts. For several months, there was no picture for this rank (dubbed "Rank X"). After more users began to achieve the rank, a picture was added, clarifying that the rank was called "Legend."

Number of posts required

  1. Apprentice (1 - 47 posts)
  2. Journeyman (48 - 94 posts)
  3. Initiate (95 - 188 posts)
  4. JuniorBuilder (189 - 376 posts)
  5. MasterBuilder (377 - 752 posts)
  6. Craftsman (753 - 1,504 posts)
  7. Artisan (1,505 - 3,008 posts)
  8. Inventor (3,009 - 6,016 posts)
  9. Old Timer (6,017 - 12,032 posts)
  10. Maniac (12,033 - 24,064 posts)
  11. Legend (24,065+ posts)

Moderators and those who work for LEGO had their own ranks. They are:

  • Sheriff (Moderators)
  • Official (Other people who work for LEGO, such as LEGO designers or developers)

Those ranks could only be gained by Moderators and certain people who worked at LEGO. However, after finishing their work at LEGO, they would lose their moderation abilities and given normal ranks, depending on their post count.

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