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Lithium-Admin is an administrator who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 12, 2012. He has the rank Official, no posts, and no likes received. He has an unusual avatar that is unrelated to LEGO; it is a default profile picture from another website, as the LEGO Message Boards does not support custom avatar images. A client side glitch occasionally causes a user's avatar to appear with the same image, though this is easily fixed by reloading the page.  This glitch is called The Default Lithium Forum Avatar Glitch.

His username comes from the LEGO Message Boards image database, and he is an administrator from Lithium, which is the site used to design the LEGO Message Boards. He does not work directly for LEGO.

His user ID is 1, as Lithium-Admin was created in advance of The 2012 Update. Users have asked the mods in Talk to the Mods and other places, but their posts have either been rejected or answered with a deflective reply such as, "He is just an admin. Nothing to worry about."

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