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Loekieloe is a retired moderator who joined on August 4, 2008. She has 421 posts and 2 Likes received. She was once the 5th highest ranked moderator in terms of post count. She used to be the main moderator for the Star Wars Roleplay Subforum, but after a while Miakittymoon took over. She now has no rank. The account has been logged in on May 25, 2014, meaning that she or someone else has possession of the account.


Loekieloe announced her retirement on February 12, 2012, in Talk to the Mods.

Her post:

"Hi guys, I would also like to say goodbye. Yesterday was my last day moderating all your fun posts. I would like to thank you all for giving me a great time here on the MB's. It's really been a great experience reading all your posts, incredible stories and looking at your amazing creations and videos. It's nice to know you all appreciate us being here to keep you safe Big smile.

I hope you will all have lots more fun here for years to come and who knows I might pop in to throw some pies and ice cream around during another mod party one day Party.

Have fun and thanks again!


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