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Join the Fellowship or take sides with Sauron in the almighty and epic tale of LEGO Lord of the Rings™

The Lord of the Rings Forum was a forum on the LEGO Message Boards. It was opened on June 1, 2012, several weeks after the release of the LEGO Lord of the Rings products. It had one Roleplay Subforum, which had over 100,681 posts.

In November 2015, the forum was retired and moved to a subforum of the Classics Forum. In May 2016, it was removed from the boards.

Roleplay Subforum

Unlike most other roleplays, the HQs in Lord of the Rings roleplay were almost entirely based on location. Although still faction-based, these HQs featured the factions of the roleplay in their respective places throughout Middle Earth. Users also controlled a set number of NPC soldiers that belong to each HQ. The only other Roleplay like this was the Hobbit Roleplay.

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