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  • Maniac badge on the New MBs
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  • A Maniac will have 6 studs...
  • ...or 7 studs!
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Maniac was the second-to-last rank on the LEGO Message Boards, coming after the rank Old Timer and before the rank Legend. It took 12,032 posts to reach. 36 users reached it, and 14 of those moved up another rank to become Legends. Since all the users who have gained it have large posts counts they are generally well known and experienced users. On the new Message Boards, those who had achieved this rank have a Maniac Badge on their profile page.

In the early days of the MBs, users did not know the rank existed until KRRouse became the first Maniac sometime between 2003 and 2005. After KRRouse retired, it was said that Empire981 was the first and only Maniac, which was incorrect.


  • Until February 2012, all Maniacs had either seven or eight studs. Legodurcheinander was the first Maniac to have only six studs.
  • The last user to become Maniac was Samed5.
  • Cr9, using his signature, popularized typing Maniac this way: /\/\aniac.
  • The rank was one of the most popular ones because of its colorful appearance.
  • Over 45 users have achieved the rank requirments for this rank since the update.

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