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Most posts on one account: Benboy755 (126,000+)

Most posts with combined accounts: Benboy755 (160,000+)

Most posts in a day: Skulduggery773 (1,424)

Most posts in a week: Skulduggery77 (3404)

Most likes in a day: Skulduggery773 (1,410)

Most posts on a Mod Party day: Wertys761 (762)

First Maniac: KRRouse (2004 - 2005)

First Legend: Rock-o-Ages (August 2010)

First "Rank Y": Marcel77799 (2012)

First user to reach 100,000 posts with a single account: Benboy755 (2015)

Most posts by an active Moderator: WhiteAlligator (12,860+)

Most posts by a former Moderator: Littlehorn (9,776)

Oldest Active Moderator: Miakittymoon

Oldest member: Admin (January 1, 2000)

Oldest Active Member: Aokpisz (June 23, 2002)

Oldest Member (in general): Matt02

Most topics by a user: Skulduggery77 (200+)

Longest time without using emoticons by an active user: Alemas (2009-2011)

Topic with most pages: Finding Friendships (32,500+)

Last post made on the Boards: --LEGO-FAN--

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