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Miakittymoon (aka Mia or MKM) is one of the most well-known moderators. She joined the LEGO Message Boards on July 6, 2007. She has the rank Official with 12,738 posts and 16,623 likes received. She had the highest post count of any active moderator for several years but was recently surpassed by WhiteAlligator. Many people thought that she was the Super Mod Commander, because she has been on the Message Boards for a long time; however, when cat1948 made a post in Talk to the Mods asking if the moderators knew the rank requirements, she replied saying that she doesn't know them, but the Super Mod Commander does.

She made sure that roleplays stayed friendly as much as she could, and most of the time she went out of her way to solve arguments if they went over the line. She had mentioned that her favorite topic was the New MLN Lyrics in the MLN Bands subforum.

She moderated the most in the Star Wars Forum and subforums and the Community Chat Forum, but also in other forums, including the News Forum, City Forum, etc. Not only did she moderate the LEGO Message Boards, but also other parts of such as the galleries. MKM responded to questions asked in "Talk to the Mods 6" in the Community Chat Forum, along with WhiteAlligator, Keighlian and several other moderators.


"Username: My first name is Mia, I like Hello Kitty and Sailor Moon

Favorite LEGO set: I can’t decide! At the moment it’s the LEGO Millennium Falcon (10179 of course!) and the Cafe (Friends)

Favorite MB area: Message Boards because it’s fun and SW RP because reading all that is like watching all 6 movies! Smile (New)

Favorite gallery: LEGO Universe Creation Lab and Star Wars Gallery Hobbies: LEGO, LEGO, LEGO, cycling, shopping and crafting

Favorite animal: I love black panthers and Labrador puppies

Favorite foods: pasta, melon and blueberries (they make your tongue blue! )


Interaction With Users


  • She joined on Wertys761’s birthday.
  • MKM has posted every one of the dates and times for all the mod parties and also attended and pretty much ran every mod party, usually alongside former mod Dana80862.
  • An innocent post by her in the LNSA made Alemas come back from retirement.
  • Before The 2012 Update, she had the same avatar as Dwarfminefan580, only with lipstick, and used to change between that one and an arctic hoodie.
  • Before becoming a moderator she worked for LEGO customer service.
  • She has said that she owns a pink, fluffy banhammer.
  • MKM's favorite emoticon is Angel2 (angel).

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