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This is an area to discuss general information about LEGO Mindstorms.


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The Mindstorms Forum is a forum mainly for NXT users who need help in setting their Mindstorms set up, Mindstorms FAQ, or Mindstorms help and Q&A overall. Some people are just there to hang out, and the Mindstorm Cafe is the biggest and most liked topic where people go to ramble on and chat with friends. Nowadays, the Mindstorm Cafe is pretty much abandoned due to the fact that Idkwhoyouare—the cafe owner—went inactive. Most of the users on the Mindstorms forum are users that use the NXTLOG. A Mindstorms Help Section subforum was added to separate all the help topics and topics meant for talking about Mindstorms, but it has been merged back into the main Mindstorms forum.

In the past, there was a special, separate Mindstorms forum. It was the biggest forum ever, with sub-forums, sub-subforums, sub-sub-subforums, and many archives. It even included posts from the LEGO Message Board Beta Test, and from the previous version of the Message Boards. These posts were different for their absence of a title; it only appeared in the first post.

The Mindstorms Forum was previously based on the two main Mindstorms versions, but with the release of the next generation of the Mindstorms product line, talk has transitioned to the new product, the EV3. It is the belief of some users that some of the additions to the Mindstorms line in the latest product were encouraged by suggestions on the Mindstorms Forum.

The forum has 3,887 topics and 169 pages. The most liked user is HaydenStudios, with over 727 likes received.

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