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The Mixels are a zany race of creatures made up of different elements like fire, rock, and electricity. They live in tribes but, with the help of a magical and mysterious device called the Cubits, can mix together. Sometimes the mixing has great results and sometimes, well, not so great results.

In the land of Mixels lives another type of creature called Nixels. They are very small, very negative little creatures who are envious of the bright colors and mixing power of the Mixels. They are so jealous that they roam the land destroying everything they can, including the Mixels.


Mixels Forum

The Mixels Forum was created on March 28, 2014. It has 51 pages and 1,173 topics. It has recently started to include roleplay topics, and now the majority of activity in the forum is roleplay. The most liked user is icefirelucky7 with over 1,851 likes received and the most liked topic is ~Just A Pair Of Nixels: A Comedy~ by zerotikihamster, with 1,504 likes received.

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