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Be a Moderator

Moderators (usually referred to as mods) play a very important part of the LEGO Message Boards. A moderator's job is to approve or reject all the posts and topics. They also respond to reports at the reporting center located in the Reported Category Forum, and edit posts if need be. One of the most well known moderators, miakittymoon, is especially known for actively taking part in the LEGO Message Board discussions, and helping to solve arguments. The moderation team also spends a lot of time answering questions in the Talk to the Mods topic.

There is a common joke that mods use "Ban Hammers" to ban people, which is why a Ban Hammer emote was created in the 2012 update. Some mods, such as miakittymoon, even go as far as calling them "Pink fluffy ban hammers".

A moderator gets his/her own special rank, Official, and cannot gain any others, unless they quit or are fired. Only two of the current mods are male.

The moderators have their own private forum that users can't access, and have many added features that allow them to moderate efficiently.

It has been revealed by the mods that knowing two languages, specifically English and German, is a requirement to be a moderator, since they must be able to moderate both the English and German Message Boards. Despite this, Catwizard only speaks English.

Current Moderation Team

There have been many mods in the LMB history. However, after LEGO Universe shut down, an ultimate moderation squad was created in February 2012 from both the LEGO Message Board team and the LU one. The rest of the mods lost their jobs as moderators. Most of the current mods are female.

Below is a listing of the current moderation team:



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