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"A place to discuss the My LEGO Network. A LEGO social networking, customizing and creativity enhancing website for children!"

The My LEGO Network Forum (abbreviated as the MLN Forum) was a forum all about My LEGO Network. It used to have a total of eight subforums, then switched to only two: the MLN Trades Subforum and the MLN Help Subforum. It was the only forum to ever have sub-subforums, which were subforums inside of subforums. It also had only one pinned topic, called "MLN Newbies, Welcome!" started by codyn329. It was deleted when MLN itself was deleted.

The subforums included MLN Trades, MLN Help, MLN Music and Bands, and for a short time MLN Ideas, which was suddenly cancelled. The MLN Module Help, MLN Networker Help, MLN Badge Help, and MLN Rank Help subforums were all combined under the MLN Help subforum.

It was originally called "My LEGO Network Beta Test - Now Open!" and the description read "This section is for the My LEGO Network Beta Test Group – the pioneers of a brand new LEGO social networking, customizing, creativity enhancing website!"

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