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Ninja see what other cannot. Explore the world of Ninjago and find out if you are an apprentice or already a ninja. Are you ready to learn?


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The Ninjago Forum is a forum for discussing the LEGO Ninjago theme, as well as the accompanying TV show and video games. It has 945 pages and 21,735 topics. Typically, multiple pages of topics are created in a day. The most liked user is Ninjazane7474, with 11,015 likes received. The most liked topic is THE ZANE CLUB!!!!! (for the coolest fans) by Dk3095, with 19,639 total likes.

At first the Ninjago forum had no subforums, but eventually the Ninjago Roleplay Subforum was created. This was followed by the Ninjago Stories Subforum in 2012. The Roleplay subforum has since been nominated for a Golden Brick Award.

Several of the users in the Ninjago forum are known to be very competitive with likes, which has lead to multiple abuses of duplicate accounts and spamming. It is currently one of the most active forums on the boards.

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