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Oceanbella (also known as Ocean or Bella) is a moderator on the LEGO Message Boards who joined on June 8, 2011. She has the rank Official, 3,264 posts and over 3,325 Likes received. Oceanbella started moderating in the Pharaoh's Quest Forum. Oceanbella also posted saying that there are officially no more plans for LEGO Universe, since she was a Mythran of LU. Many users considered her to be a very fast moderator.

She used to give users lots of dares in a topic where mods dare users, causing many users to have strange avatars.

Her username means "Beautiful Ocean."

Due to not posting since March 2014, a month where several other mods left, it is believed that she has left the moderation team.


"My name is: Well, I live near the ocean and love bella italia that’s why I am oceanbella

Favorite LEGO Set: Cars – 8487 Flo’s V8 Café – any set with Fillmore in it

Favorite MB: LEGO Universe as I started with it

Favorite Gallery: LEGO Universe gallery, where LU comes alive

Hobbies: Photography, laughing, traveling, watching the ocean, talking with my hands (the Italian style ) and just enjoying the nature

Favorite animal: Panda

Favorite food: Pasta and triple chocolate cake, what else?"

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