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Official BrickFlat
Become a LEGO employee and have a LEGO ID

All moderators and some other LEGO employees have the rank Official. The rank used to be only given to general LEGO employees, but now is designated for use by both moderators and general employees. No one can achieve the rank unless they work for LEGO and own a LEGO ID. Officials have privileges that regular users do not, including the ability to moderate posts and the use of a different interface.


There are four different types of Officials:  

  1. Moderators: They moderate posts and take care of most of the LEGO Message Boards. They are also called mods for short.
  2. Administrators: They are the technical directors of the LEGO Message Boards. They hardly post, but take care of technical issues. They are mainly referred to as "Admins".
  3. Developers: They are the developers and designers. One example of Developers' work is the updated LEGO ID interface. Currently, only one known official is a developer.
  4. Staff: LEGO Staff who do not fall into any of the above categories. Users with this rank have a slightly different variation of their rank image, in which a white background replaces the normal yellow one.

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