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  • An Old Timer can have 3 studs...
  • ...4 studs...
  • ...5 studs...
  • ...or 6 studs.
  • Up until recently, they could have 7...
  • ...or 8 studs.
  • An example Old Timer
  • An Old Timer with 8 studs, which is now impossible

Old Timer (commonly abbreviated as OT) was the 9th rank on the LEGO Message Boards at 6,018 posts. There were 91 known Old Timers. Old Timer came after Inventor and before Maniac. After reaching this rank, many users often grew more popular and became more recognized around the Message Boards. The first Old Timer was Littlehorn, a past moderator.

This rank was often mixed up with the term "old timer" on the LEGO Message Boards, a term for users who have been around longer than most others.

As of The 2012 Update, users who were once Old Timers now have a badge on their Profile Page signifying their old rank.


  • Old Timer was the third-highest rank on the LEGO Message Boards.
  • At one time, there were only two Old Timers still active on the LEGO Message Boards.
  • There is an Old Timer's club.
  • The Old Timer Badge on My LEGO Network has the same name as this rank, but was given to users who were present before the The Great Migration.
  • The old rank picture was brown, but the new one is black.

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