To keep organized, the LEGO Message Boards have pages. There are two types of pages: pages for topics and pages for posts.

A page for posts is always in a topic, and always used to be 15 posts long, no matter how long or short the posts are. Pages for topics are always in forums and usually contain 20 pages, unless special viewing options are used.

In the past, a topic would become locked after about 50-100 pages, with some exceptions (namely, news stations). Now moderators don't lock them because of length.

From the creation of the 2005-2012 LEGO Message Boards to early 2006, topics and forums used a JavaScript function to change pages, which meant that you couldn't open the pages in separate tabs.

Before The 2012 UpdateKeighlian posted an easier way to go through pages, by using the URL and typing the page number in for shortcuts. After the 2012 Update, users can choose in their settings how many posts to have per page, and how many topics to have per page.

The topic with the most pages is Finding Friendships, with over 31,427 pages.

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