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"A place to enjoy a cappuccino with other LEGO parents, where you can discuss your child's latest LEGO adventures, your visits to LEGOLAND and anything else you want to say about your LEGO experiences!"


Parents Forum

The Parents Forum was a forum designed for parents to talk to one another about LEGO and the Message Boards as a whole. It used to consist of six separate forums: Products, Play Ideas, LEGO Personal Stories, Parents' General Discussion, LEGO Games and LEGO Universe, but later was made into one large forum. Though it was specifically for parents to talk to other parents about LEGO, the majority of posters there were children. It was partially inactive before its deletion because parents did not regularly post there. It was notable for having numerous locked topics, due to many younger users reviving old topics, or posting irrelevant topics that got through.

Once, a moderator created a forum there called "LEGO Duplo Question Of The Day." Every day, a topic was posted asking a certain question about Duplo. Some were even in other languages. However, most of the questions were left unanswered, so the forum was closed.

The forum was intended to be parents-only (you could have only accessed it if your account stated your age as 13 and older).

It was deleted in April or May 2016.

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