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Join Professor Hale and his team to find old treasures and to fight against creatures to accomplish Pharaoh's Quest.

The Pharaoh's Quest Forum was added in November 2010. It had no subforums, and was mostly a Roleplay Forum. It had over 10,960 total posts and over 130 topics.

It was not very popular, as the Pharaoh's Quest products were being held back due to the civil war in Egypt. Many were correct in expecting the theme to be completely cancelled. The forum has been deleted along with its product page.

Popular HQs

  • Sand Creatures HQ (73 pages)
  • Flyer Squad HQ (66 pages)
  • Jeep Building Service (13 pages)
  • Mechanics Clan (44 pages)
  • The Pharaoh's Cafe (62 pages)

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