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Captain Jack Sparrow is sailing the seas again. Are you ready for the adventures of LEGO® Pirates of the Caribbean?

The Pirates of the Caribbean Forum was a forum that was added in March 2011. It had over 330 topics and 7,800 posts.

Due to this forum being added, the Pirates Forum had been placed in the Classics Forum. A few days after it was made, a roleplay subforum was quickly added due to the popularity of the roleplay topics.

Roleplay HQs include East India Trading Company HQ led by LEGO Trooper of 501st, the Mer HQ led by Selucia, the British Soldiers led by JohnnyNeutron, Jack Sparrow's HQ led by dude777477, and many others. It was one of the most popular themes for roleplaying at its time.

On March 7, 2013 the Pirates of the Caribbean Forum was moved to the Classics Forum.

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