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Source: Poll Room
The Poll Room held the record for the most pages in a topic on the LMBs, until the topic Message Boards Achievements passed it. It has now been passed by many other topics. It has 1,337 pages and 11 likes on the first post. It was created on October 14, 2010 at 8:45 P.M, also the date of JohnnyNeutron's birthday. There have been many poll rooms in the past, but the last one was started by MichaelThomasME.

The last post in the poll room was made by Legobatmankid10. The Poll Room topic can still be seen at the back pages of the Community Chat Forum. Alemas owns the most recent poll room, "THE NEW POLL ROOM II!" which is located in the LEGO Club Forum, although it is mainly inactive.


The poll room was locked on February 18, 2011, because of the insane level of spam that caused it to gain tens of pages per day, due to users who posted any where between 20 and 100 polls a day. Although mods still allowed a new Poll Room to be made, rules have to be put in place in order to cut down on spam.


  • The Original Poll Room was started by HQuiff. It was around 100 pages long when it was locked, and it was not under good circumstances. The Mods did not allow a new one for some time.
  • The latest Poll Room by Alemas in the LEGO Club Forum only allows 5 polls per day to cut down on spam. This topic also has 525+ pages and a 4.5 brick rating.

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