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A post is any message you see anywhere on the MBs made by a user or moderator. A topic is considered a post, and they are required to be able make more posts. You can post as many times as you want in a topic, but the post may get rejected if it violates the rules. There are now over 2,564,000 posts on the LEGO Message Boards. The user with the most posts is Skulduggery773 (over 154,000 with his combined older account (Skulduggery77); his current one has made over 107,000). You can see how many posts a user has by finding their profile and looking to the right of their avatar. Before the 2012 Update if you placed in ranks of high posters (Example; being in the top 500 would earn you your first stud, while being in the top 10 would earn you your eighth), you would earn studs.


All posts are approved by moderators before they are visible to other users. Sometimes moderation can take up to a couple of days as is the case during weekends; other times, a post can get approved in a matter of seconds. This occurs mostly in Mod Parties. Sometimes, a post may even take almost a month to be moderated; however, this is an extremely rare case.

In a few cases in the past, some forums have had a bug where there was no moderation in them, seen in the Delete Me Glitch and the Exo-Force Glitch. Those bugs have since been fixed, and no one knows how or why they happened. A Double-Post Glitch also occurs at times.

Moderation used to take several hours or a day (Unless Mod Parties are underway), although the posts in the LEGO Universe forum were moderated much faster. Now though, a new Moderation Team is in place, providing much faster, 24/7 moderation.

Sometimes a bad post can accidentally get through moderation. For this reason, there is a "Report" button next to the post so users can point out bad or spam posts to Moderators, and why the post should be removed, so the Mods can remove it. This creates a very child-friendly Message Boards for

Posts using emoticons that edited by the moderators can end up with image attachments in them.

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