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PurpleAlligator is a Moderator April Fool's Joke who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 29, 2013. PurpleAlligator has 67 posts, and has received 576 likes. He has made comments about how "awesome" his bio is, and said that he also commented on having pictures about him, making users suggest he has a large ego.

PurpleAlligator was later announced to be an April's fool joke on the end of April 1. He was in fact, WhiteAlligator. This caused multiple arguments, and a few angry topics against WhiteAlligator because she broke the rule about "No Duplicate Accounts."


PurpleAlligator's bio in his joining topic reads:

Name: My name came from (you guessed it) my big sister WhiteAlligator. She thought it would be “cute” if we were both Mods and had matching names on the LMBs. I think it’s a little lame, but don’t tell her I said that … She won’t see this will she? 

Favorite LEGO Set: Eh, I’m not really that in to LEGO stuff. I prefer more challenging hobbies like whittling and embroidery. 

Favorite MB: Probably this one because it has an awesome bio about me! 

Favorite Gallery: That depends, is there one with pictures of me in it? 

Hobbies: Besides whittling and embroidery? Hmmm … making my own soap. Yes, definitely soap making! 

Favorite Animal: Definitely not alligators! They’re terrifying. The whole PurpleAlligator thing was totally just peer pressure! Or sister pressure in this case. 

Favorite Foods: Cabbage. Leafy, raw cabbage! It sounds weird, but if I am particularly hungry I go for cabbage and peanut butter. Yum! Peanut butter cabbage … 


  • The name of this mod is similar to that of WhiteAlligator, due to the fact that PurpleAlligator was actually WhiteAlligator pretending to be her own younger brother.
  • Most users were pretty sure he is an April Fools joke, created by the mods to fool everyone, due to his account being made on April Fool's Day, and for the sheer uncanny and unlikely backstory behind his becoming a mod.  This was confirmed later that day when LEGO announced that PurpleAlligator was WhiteAlligator.
  • People knew he was probably fake because in his bio, it said, "Ehh, I'm not that interested in LEGOs, I don't have any."
  • The account was signed into on January 27, 2017 meaning WhiteAlligator still has the account.

The announcement.

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