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The Racers Forum was a forum where discussion regarding the LEGO Racers Theme took place. This forum contained some roleplay topics, but the non-roleplay topics were more active. The forum had over 11,594 total posts and over 147 topics. By early 2014, the forum's most popular topics were merged into the Classics Forum, with the rest being deleted.

There was an entire topic for debating real-life cars called the "Car Debating Society", and it was the most popular Racers topic. It even had 3 different versions of the topic for classic cars, supercars, and cars sold only in America.


In the past, there were subforums dedicated to previous LEGO games, such as Drome Racing Challenge and LEGO Racing Challenge, but they were then deleted when the games were removed from

Roleplay topics were re-introduced by Man.city1 and Graeme0102 in the main forum, and became quite popular, although most people stopped roleplaying in the Racers forum eventually. Roleplay in the Racers Forum mainly consisted of laying out imaginary racetracks, often filled with traps, and having users decide what happened in the race.

The Older Racers Forum

Racers old

Years ago when Drome Racers Challenge was still around, there was a subforum called Headquarters where all the DRC teams could talk. After DRC was removed, the forum was removed. Later, when LEGO Racers Challenge came out (the sequel to DRC), they created a new subforum for all of the LRC teams, but LRC has been removed too, and these subforums no longer exist.

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