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This page is an archive of a rank on the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information.

Rank X before it had an official icon

Rank X was the conjectural name for the rank achieved at 24,065 posts. It came after Maniac. The ordinary rank picture was replaced by a "picture not found" image or no image at all, which was the reason for the rank's name before it was replaced by the Legend rank. Rock-o-Ages was the first user to achieve the rank without the aid of glitches. Dude777477 was the second, Genralaustin the third, and Alemas the fourth. Before the new rank had an official icon, "LEGO Legend" appeared beside an X. On August 3, 2011, Rank X got replaced with an official icon, the Legend rank.

A group of people started calling the rank "Rank X" shortly before Rock-o-Ages achieved it, though some users mentioned Rank X as far back as 2007. There was much debating on what the rank should have been be called, most users wanting it to be named Legend due to the large amount of posts one has to get to achieve it.

The name "Rank X" led some users to call the alleged rank at around 48,129 posts "Rank Y." Marcel77799 was the first user to obtain this, revealing that it was really just a continuation of Legend.

It was initially discovered via a post count glitch that altered the true amount of posts a member had if they posted at unknown intervals.


List of pictures that might have been seen:

  • Chrome- An "Empty Folder" sign. It looked like a piece of paper with three shapes on it.
  • Firefox & Opera - On these browsers, there was no display.
  • Safari- a '?'
  • Internet Explorer- 'X'

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