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Rock-o-Ages (also known as ROA, Roa, or Rocko), was the third user to get the rank Maniac, and the first user to get to Rank X (which is now Legend). There are fourteen other users who reached Legend for the update. For a very long time, he had the highest post count on the entire Message Boards, until Marcel77799 passed him in 2012. He has now dropped to 13th in all time posts.

He joined the LEGO Message Boards on August 10, 2008. ROA started out as a slow poster, but by September 2009, he reached JuniorBuilder, and he began posting more often, and then even faster. He made it to Rank X by the end of 2010 during a Mod Party. He made many veteran posters happy by proving there was a rank beyond Maniac, even if it was not completed yet. He was very active on the LEGO Universe Creation Lab, some roleplays, and LEGO Universe (the game) when it was open.

He currently has the rank Roman Soldier, over 46,711 posts, and over 1,897 likes received. He was a very popular roleplayer.

ROA used the Tongue Smiley (Joking) emoticon in a large majority of his posts, like almost everyone else. Many have said that he is one of the best users of all time, not only for the amount of posts, but for being nice and helpful to not only older users, but also to newbies. For a short period of time, he was part of two MLN Bands: Aerobrick, and The New Brickboys.

Rock-o-Ages roleplayed in the Classics Roleplay Subforum, the Star Wars Roleplay Clone Wars Subforum, and he also posted a bit in the Kingdoms Roleplay Subforum.

In August 2012, Rock-o-Ages mysteriously vanished. He came back in mid-2014, and only posted in the Classics Roleplay, but went inactive shortly after.


  • He was well known in LEGO Universe, although only due to his LEGO Message Board fame as he joined LU after the game had been out for a long time.
  • His brother is Agentlevi jesusrocks.
  • He once made a joke that he was Empire981, fooling some users.
  • He is known for being an influential roleplayer to newbies by always being nice.
  • His first account was named Mr. Whitaker after the character in Adventures in Odyssey, his favorite radio drama series, although the name was misspelled when the account was created.
  • His signature was: Roa.
  • He won the User of The Year category in the 2011 Brickys.
  • Before LEGO Universe was shut down, his character was named "Rockoages".
  • There was a rumor that he was an undercover moderator, but this was highly unlikely.
  • He is a big Power Miners fan.
  • He once voiced an alien accomplice in a LEGO stop-motion video done by Genralaustin. His brother, agentlevi jesusrocks, was another alien in the short.


Rocko maniac
ROA as a ManiacROA as a JourneymanROA as an Apprentice

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