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Shival_Mythran is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 23, 2011. He has no rank, 34 posts, and no likes received. He was a Gamemaster (also known as a Mythran) in LEGO Universe, and operated the game's servers. He first posted a topic called "GM Events" under the LEGO Universe Forum.

Shival was the main LU Mod coordinating special events in LEGO Universe to honor its closure. He had been randomly spawning dragons and unreleased enemies, items, and models in places and began announcing this in his "GM Events" topic as it neared LU's closure. Occasionally, he filmed these GM events and put them on his YouTube channel, morgasshival. He was also giving anyone online at certain times special, often unreleased items. On the last day of LU, Shival granted many special items and spawned special creatures upon request.

Shival_Mythran was never officially a moderator on the Message Boards, and he was not able to approve posts. He no longer works for LEGO, due to LEGO Universe's closure, so he now has no rank. He retired even from the LEGO Group itself. Shival_Mythran's LU name was Shival.

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