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Stevensbike is a moderator with the rank Official who joined the LEGO Message Boards on April 22, 2010. She has 7,936 posts and over 9,149 likes received. She is often the one who makes announcements on the LEGO Technic Forum, although Stevensbike posted the roleplay rules in the LEGO Club Forum. Stevensbike does not post often but moderates a lot. She occasionally posts in the German Message Boards.


  • WhiteAlligator has recently stated in Talk to the Mods that Stevensbike is female. For over two years, nearly every user thought she was male due to the "steven" in her username. Stevensbike has also recently said that she was even surprised that everyone thought she was male.
  • She is Danish.
  • Stevens Bikes is the name of a German bike-manufacturing company.
  • Stevensbike is one of the more popular mods.
  • Her moderator Bio that she posted on the "Moderator Bios" forum is as follows:


Name: "My name comes from my favorite thing to do in the world: riding a bike. My bike belongs to me like the Minifigure to LEGO

Favorite LEGO set: It is my own created house. Had it under re-construction for three times and already think about my next project.

Favorite MB: I like to read the stories on the message boards.

Favorite Gallery: The Minifigures gallery is my favorite. I just love the small guys and girls.

Hobbies: Well that would be biking, building with LEGO bricks and being with my favorite people.

Favorite animal: Dogs, especially the big ones like the Great Dane.

Favorite foods: Pasta and steak – all you need for a good long biking tour."

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