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Stick Out Tongue or the Tongue Smiley, ( Joking.png ), an emoticon on the LEGO Message Boards and by far the most used. It is made by typing either :joking:, :p, [:P], or just plain :P. There have been 2 versions of this emoticon.


One reason for the common use is that there is no other laughing/silly emote to use when telling jokes. When on other LEGO sites, such as the LEGO Universe Creation Lab, emotes are not available, so people just use " :P" or "=P " instead. Many other users love the Tongue Smiley more than any other emote hence it's popular use. The Tongue Smiley's official name is "Stick Out Tongue," although almost everyone calls it "Tongue Smiley." The emote is also abbreviated as "TS."


This emoticon used to be a lot less common and more respected a few years ago, but now it is included in any post that isn't serious, which is almost every single post.

The smiley is also famous for being spoofed by Alemas and marshal6000 when they typed *Tongue Smiley,* in place of the normal smiley when trying to set a record for going the longest without using any emoticons. Also, kiff9 was trying to set the record, using *goofy face* so as not to copy *Tongue Smiley*, but quickly gave up this idea, because it was too hard for him to resist using a Tongue Smiley. AwesomePythor ended up setting the record for longest time spent without using the emoticon, instead using "=P" after the 2012 Update.

Before The 2012 Update, the classic Tongue Smiley looked like ( Tongue Smiley-1.gif ), and was typed [:P]. This version was based off its MSN counterpart.

Since the 2012 update, there is an additional laughing emote (Laughing.png).


The Classic Tongue Smiley was a big part of the old MBs and many users including buzzm279 and Gameking99 complained that the new smiley wasn't the same. The mods replied, "The new smileys will quickly become classics."

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