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THE CLASSIC CAFE! is a Cafés in the Classics Forum. It was created by Legotrain587 on March 9, 2012. It currently has 334 pages and 13 likes on the first post. The café was created as a place to hang out, eat food, and talk about classic LEGO sets.


Legotrain hired PHINN as the head chef, and they quickly became friends. In March 2010, the café was locked, because it had too many pages. Legotrain then posted a new one, and it is still up today. It was a hotspot for mindless chit-chat and LEGO talk. When PHINN retired activity sharply dropped.


The café was known for its extensive menu that ranged from classic Papa Brickolini's Pizza to Arctic Icees, which are themed from classic themes, like LEGO Island and Alpha Team. As head chef, PHINN, was known to give out free pizza on occasion. SPAM is also served, but most people don't order it. The two most popular drinks are Root Beer (which was served in an ice cold mug and slid across the counter by PHINN to the customer for a cool effect), and the plain soda, which was generally served by Brickie52.


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