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Source: Talk to the Mods

Talk to the Mods is a topic in the Message Board Help and Suggestions Forum. It was created by WhiteAlligator on December 12, 2012. It currently has 3,736 pages and 628 likes on the first post.


In 2006, Jammyjam10 created a topic called "Talk to the Mods" in the Community Chat Forum. It was used by newbies and old timers alike, with the idea that users could post a question and a Moderator would answer it. In the first topic very few questions were answered by Moderators, most of them being answered by other users. Soon the original topic gained too many pages and was locked. However, a "Talk to the Mods 2" was eventually posted. This time Moderators posted more often, so more questions were answered. This topic grew very popular, but was eventually deleted.

The topic went through 5 more installments, and is now in its 7th edition. The topic has been moved to the Message Board Help and Suggestions Forum and renamed Talk to the Mods without the "7."

Current Edition

The sixth edition was locked on Dec. 12 by WhiteAlligator since it had become extremely large, with over 2,413 pages, 36,181 replies and 761 likes. She then created another one.


  • According to Miakittymoon, the sixth edition of TTTM would never be locked, and no more would be accepted. After the new forums were set up and the forums were moved around, this statement became obsolete.
  • Some forums have Talk To The ___(theme) Mods, but are much less popular. These are most commonly made by Dwarfminefan580.
  • Miakittymoon used to answer most of the questions in TTTM, but other mods such as Dana80862 and Loekieloe did as well. Currently, most of the active mods respond to the questions in TTTM, such as MKM and stevensbike.
  • It was the first topic to reach over 2,000 pages.
  • Most of the Talk To The Mod topics in between the original and the latest edition were made by Tom3991.


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