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TannerJ2598 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 15, 2011. He has the rank Hippie, 49,996 posts, and over 26,737 likes received. He is the author of "Day of the living CHI!" He was interviewed by the moderators here on July 12, 2013. He used to be 2nd but is currently 27th on the all time likes leaderboard. He announced his retirement in April 2014, but still posted quite frequently. 

About Tanner

He was the second user to achieve Conquistador, Jester, and Revolutionary Soldier and the first to achieve Royal Guard, Musketeer, and Pirate. He frequently posts in the LEGO Video Games Forum, Castle Forum, Friends ForumCity Role-Play Forum,, and he also discusses video games in the "Munch Munch Cafe" topic. He was a member of the group Raiders of the Lost Band. Tanner once reached over 560 received likes in one day.



  • Tanner has made enough posts to have reached the rank Legend on the old LEGO Message Boards.
  • Tanner originally made his account solely for the purpose of posting creations on the Hero Factory gallery, and found the LEGO Message Boards later.
  • His "mentor" on the MBs in his early days was Keplers.
  • His favorite story writers on the MBs are AravisOfNarnia and WaveViper.
  • While he is not a fan of LEGO Friends, he has said the Friends forum is one of his favorite forums.
  • Tanner hated being the highest ranked and still dislikes being so highly liked.
  • Dolphinluvr16 was his dedicated fangirl, or "Tangirl".
  • His first best friend on the MBs was Madkatmaximus96.
  • His adopted newbie is RLROCKS18.
  • Tanner's favorite Moderator is Wildbunchz.

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