The Brickys are a LEGO Message Boards awards contest originally held at the end of every year, but is now held every six months. It was run by Daniel77724 in the MB News Central in the News Forum from 2009-2011, but from 2012 it was held in the LNSA by Huohana. In 2013, 20142015 and 2016  they were held by Diglett809 in the Community Chat forum.

The Brickys were created by Daniel77724 in 2009 as an adaptation of the LMB-NSA, another awards contest run by HQuiff earlier in 2009. At first the competition was made up on the spot, but an official set of rules were made by 2011.

The Brickys have 10 award categories which MLB users can vote others user for. These categories are: Best News Reporter, Best News Station, Best Leader, Best Quality Poster, Fastest Poster, Friendliest User, Funniest User, Best Avatar, Best Signature, and MB User Of The Year.

There are 3 rounds of voting in the Brickys: Nominations, Judging, and Voting. In the first round, users nominate their favourite for each category; in the second round, the Brickys judges give each nominee a score, and in the third round, the users vote. Each round eliminates users until there is one left.

Following the 2015 Brickys, the Brickys were made twice a year to better account for the opinions of the users throughout the year, not just at the end.

Brickys Results


Best News Reporter: Alemas

Best News Station: LVANS*

Best In-Depth Poster:** HQuiff

Friendliest User: Flash

Best Avatar: HQuiff

Funniest User: Dude777477

Best Station/HQ Leader: Tommy

Best Signature: Dude

*LVANS was the teaming up of LVNS and LNSA as they did not want any competition. This action was discontinued in later Brickys.

**Now referred to as Best Quality Poster.

2009 was the first Brickys and was completely experimental. The MB User Of The Year and Fastest Poster awards were added later.


Best News Reporter: Alemas

Best News Station: LNSA

Best Leader: Alemas

Best Quality Poster: Riolu777

Fastest Poster: Rock-o-Ages

Friendliest User: ROA

Funniest User: USA

Best Avatar: Ryo-757

Best Signature: Wertys761

MB User Of The Year Top 10:

  1. ROA
  2. Cr9
  3. Alemas
  4. Wertys
  5. USA
  6. Dude
  7. Riolu
  8. CaptainBrickMaster
  9. JohnnyNeutron
  10. Ryo


Best News Reporter: Brickie

Best News Station: LNSA

Best Leader: Genralaustin

Best Quality Poster: Cr9

Fastest Poster: Eragon1299

Friendliest User:Dwarfy

Funniest User: Michaelyoda

Best Avatar: Selucia

Best Signature: BusyCityGuy02

MB User Of The Year Top 10:

  1. Rock-o-Ages
  2. Riolu777
  3. Cr9
  4. OakTree
  5. Huohana
  6. Wertys761
  7. Friendlylightspark
  8. Alemas
  9. Guacamole1998
  10. Selucia


Best Reporter: Alemas2005

Best Topic Maker: Dwarfminefan580

Best Story Writer: Dude774777

Funniest User: Riolu777

Friendliest User: Dwarfminefan580

Best Avatar: Alemas2005

Best Roleplayer: Dude774777

Best Quality Poster: Dwarfminefan580

Best Signature: Lego.minifig

MB User of the Year Top 10:

  1. Dwarfminefan580- 670 votes
  2. Dude774777- 584 votes
  3. Skulduggery773- 245 votes
  4. LEGO.minifig- 225 votes
  5. Brickgirl99x- 200 votes
  6. Riolu777- 199 votes
  7. 8ObiWan88- 171 votes
  8. ISAIAHJC31- 158 votes
  9. Diglett809- 153 votes
  10. Alemas- 135 votes 


Best Topic: Lego Minifigures Road Trip

Best Topic Maker: GideonF210

Best Story Writer: Coson13

Funniest User: CosmicBrick783

Friendliest User: Master Oshawott

Best Avatar: Wolfasa

Best Roleplayer- Lego613master

Best Quality Poster: Master Oshawott

Best Signature: CosmicBrick783

MB User of the Year Top 10:

  1. Diglett809- 129 votes
  2. Skulduggery773- 115 votes
  3. GideonF210- 100 votes
  4. MasterOshawott- 93 votes
  5. Dwarfminefan580- 85 votes
  6. Frankfrost2- 68 votes
  7. Wolfasa- 66 votes
  8. TannerJ2598- 61 votes
  9. Keplers- 57 votes
  10. Benboy755- 53 votes


Best Topic: Elite Rank Help Team

Best Topic Maker: Diglett809

Best Story Writer: Skulduggery773

Funniest User: TolkienNerds

Friendliest User: Diglett809

Best Avatar: BattleTruckGalactica

Best Roleplayer: Rex_Cody279

Best Quality Poster: Diglett809

Best Signature: ElementFinn

MB User of the Year Top 10:

  1. Diglett809- 249 votes
  2. Skulduggery773- 148 votes
  3. Sam8432- 100 votes
  4. M4Jesus- 98 votes
  5. NinjagoDude9442- 84 votes
  6. Abbeadventurous114- 81 votes
  7. TolkienNerds-80 votes
  8. GideonF210- 79 votes
  9. Dwarfminefan580- 57 votes
  10. Keplers- 53 votes


Best Topic: The LMB Coffee Table

Best Topic Maker: Gollymolly

Best Story Writer: Skulduggery773

Friendliest User: Varnika913

Best Avatar: Johnyjo

Best Roleplayer: Keplers

Best Quality Poster: Varnika913

Best Signature: Ked830

MB User of the Year Top 10:

  1. Gollymolly - 351 votes
  2. Skulduggery773 - 310 votes
  3. Varnika913 - 298 votes
  4. Ked830 -171 votes
  5. Johnyjo - 163 votes
  6. Diglett809 - 153 votes
  7. Nasa105 - 138 votes
  8. Robin_Go - 135 votes
  9. TheFlash213 - 130 votes
  10. Keplers - 106 votes.


First Half of the Year

Best Topic: What Do You Listen To While Posting

Best Topic Maker: Gollymolly

Best Story Writer: Boomer2k

Funniest User: Robin_Go

Friendliest User: SenseiGrace

Best Avatar: TheFlash213

Best Roleplayer: Keplers

Best Quality Poster: Gollymolly

Best Signature: Nasa105

MB User of the Year Top 10:

  1. Gollymolly - 199 votes
  2. Robin_Go - 181 votes
  3. SenseiGrace - 149 votes
  4. SSTO - 131 votes
  5. Keplers - 102 votes
  6. TheFlash213 - 109 votes
  7. Nasa105 - 96 votes
  8. Kingwja- 79 votes
  9. Maggie_15 - 71 votes
  10. Digglet809 - 61 votes

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