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Hobbit Roleplay is a situational roleplay based on the Hobbit story only


The Hobbit Roleplay Subforum

The Hobbit Roleplay was a subforum of The Hobbit Forum that was added on June 26, 2013.


The Roleplay had 16 HQs, two of which were half HQs: Shire, Hobbit HQ and The Misty Mountains, Great Eagles HQ. Of those 16, 8 were considered "good", and 8 were considered "bad".

  • Withered Heath, Dragon HQ (Leader; lordbio123)
  • Iron Hills, Dwarf HQ (Leader: goatman36)
  • Mines of Moria, Moria Orc HQ (Leader: Josiah456)
  • Caverns of the Misty Mountains, Goblin HQ (Leader: MythMaster1)
  • Deep Mirkwood, Spider HQ (Leader:Coolman )
  • Ered Luin, Dwarf HQ (Leader: KitKat2761)
  • Misty Mountains, Stone Giants HQ (Soon to be locked)
  • Mt. Gundabad: Orc HQ (Leader: GandalfoftheSecretFire)
  • Misty Mountain Dens, Warg HQ (Leader: geoboy07)
  • Rivendell, Elf HQ (Leader: legolas_maximus)
  • Mirkwood, Wood Elves HQ (Inactive)
  • Vales of the Anduin, Beornings HQ (Inactive)
  • Dol Guldur, Necromancer's Army HQ (Leader: commandercody113)
  • Trollshaws, Troll HQ (Leader: tuvok9597)
  • Esgorath, Men HQ (Leader: Bobbywan)
  • White Council, Istari HQ (Leader: Macedonia)
  • The Shire, Hobbit HQ (Leader: skulduggery773)
  • The Misty Mountans, Great Eagles HQ (Leader: Manif)

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