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The Knights of the Olde Speech was a group of users who came together because of their love of talking in Old English. Founded by Talmid, Thingguy2, and Lukey3449, they defended grammar and fight spam. They were mainly active in the LEGO Universe Subforum and Stories of LEGO Universe forums. Their topic has been deleted, however, the organization persists via use of the Fandom wiki and Discord platforms.


The KotOS had a rank system to organize their members. These ranks are listed from low to high. This rank system has been revitalised within their current community to determine discord privileges/provide the community members with shiny name-tags.

The Original Rank System

  • 4 class Knight
  • 3 class Knight
  • 2 class Knight
  • 1 class Knight
  • Resident Daredevil (No defined numerical position)
  • Co-Leader
  • Founder

Modern Ranks (low to high)

  • Page (rank 1)
  • Squire (rank 2)
  • Knight (rank 3)
  • Senior Knight (rank 4)
  • Legacy Member (No numerical position)
  • Resident Daredevil (No defined numerical position)





  • The Knights of the Olde Speech wrote a MMOS (Massively Multiwriter Online Story) on the Stories of LEGO Universe subforum called "Perpetual Doom." They are currently continuing the series with their works "Scattered Ashes" and the Additional Manuscripts, a variety of short (and less short) stories taking place within their literary world. "Scattered Ashes Volume II" is still actively being added to.
  • Their Arch-Enemy was thedude7500, who posted on Talmid's story saying "this is noting to do with lu."
  • A series of duplicate account trolls were aimed at the KotOS and Worldracer99, modeled after thedude7500.
  • The Knights of the Olde Speech orgininated on the Stories of LEGO Universe subforum, but were spread out to the LEGO Universe Forum thanks to the efforts of lukey3449.
  • It is common belief that the KotOS are against Paradox and had bad feelings towards them. This is an utter lie. At least one KotOS member is from Paradox.
  • The KotOS possess their own wiki, and continue their writing there.


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