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Emmet is a normal minifigure guy. At least he thinks he's normal until one day he is mistaken for being a special Master Builder sent to save the universe from a very evil, very villainous villain named Mr. Business.

With the help of the wise Virtruvius, the brave Wyle Style, and the batty Batman, Emmet will seek to discover his true destiny and save the world!

Will Emmet save the world or will he stay an ordinary, awesome guy?

The LEGO Movie Forum was created on February 3, 2014. It had 35,854 posts and 2,323 topics. The most liked user was diglett809 with 2,499 likes. The most liked topic was "Are you a true Master Builder?" with 220 likes. The forum was deleted, with its active topics being moved to the Classics Forum.

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