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Source: The Nerd Refrigerator

The Nerd Refrigerator is a roleplay topic in the Community Chat Forum that was created by MasterOshawott on June 21, 2013. It currently has 1,981 pages and 315 likes on the first post. Users in the topic roleplay as nerds planning to rule the world from their refrigerator, which is much bigger on the inside than the outside. At one point the topic was one of the fastest growing in the boards, although today it grows considerably slower. Despite this, the topic is still active on an almost daily basis.

Members and Ranks

The Nerd Refrigerator had a ranking system of Member, Nerd, and Keeper. Anyone could join, but to become a Nerd one had to seek permission from MasterOshawott or one of the In Commands to make sure the position they were asking for was available.

Keepers (Incomplete List)

  • Ambc, Keeper Of The Fridge
  • Andybrick95, Keeper of the Pokemon
  • DarthShlomo, Keeper of the Pizza
  • GalacticCresent, Keeper of the Pink-A-Zoid Ray Gun
  • JahChildren, Keeper of the Old Moldy Stuff That's Always in the Back of The Fridge
  • LegoCritter35, Keeper of the Critters
  • Malurus2000, Keeper of the Golden Grocery Sack
  • MasterOshawott, Keeper of the Super Sonic Plunger
  • Mr_Gil, Keeper of the Popcorn
  • MTK2210, Keeper of the Cold
  • RenegadeRanger, Keeper of the Sonic Bow and Nerd Arrows
  • Sheklord, Keeper of the ASCII Art
  • SpitfireMad, Keeper of the Pink Daleks
  • TolkienNerds, Keeper of the Sonic Cabbage
  • Weirdoofdoom, Keeper of the Endless Arsenal of Doom

Nerds (Incomplete List)

  • abbeadventerous114, Nerd of Ninja
  • Albertmc, Nerd of Black Holes
  • A_RNN, Nerd of BIONICLE
  • Blizzard, Nerd of Cryptids
  • Cappybear321, Nerd of the Rope
  • cjw0842, Nerd of the Flow
  • Eowyns_biggest_fan, Nerd of Percy Jackson
  • GreenNinjasGirlfriend, Nerd of Nindroids
  • LeliaOrganaSolo, Nerd of the Starfighter
  • Legogirl14949, Nerd of the Books
  • Legored11, Nerd of the Red McEpic
  • Lucy_Fu, Nerd of Ninjago
  • mj1343, Nerd of Weirdness
  • MrMaracaMan, Nerd of Nothing
  • Patch2224, Nerd of Dragons
  • Pinknindroid12, Nerd of the Pink Nindroids
  • Polardozer, Nerd of MegaMan
  • Skellyvonskeleton, Nerd of Gallifreyan Tech
  • Steampunk_Jedi, Nerd of the Steam Pipes
  • WaveViper, Nerd of the Armoury
  • WindWaker10, Nerd of
  • WingsthePhenix, Nerd of Warrior Cats
  • Nerd of Awesomeness


  • The Nerd Refrigerator is also known as "NERDIS" (based off of the TARDIS from Doctor Who), which stands for "Nerds Eating Real Desserts in Spaceship."


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