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Source: The Nerd Refrigerator

The Nerd Refrigerator is a roleplay topic in the Community Chat Forum that was created by MasterOshawott on June 21, 2013. It currently has 1,981 pages and 315 likes on the first post. Users in the topic roleplay as nerds planning to rule the world from their refrigerator, which is much bigger on the inside than the outside.

The second-in-command of the Nerd Refrigerator, Andybrick95, has written a guide on the roleplay topic, which is regularly updated as new members are inducted and the topic grows. The most recent version has been posted here, though Andybrick95 has expressed interest in updating it further.

Members and Ranks

The Nerd Refrigerator has a ranking system of Member, Nerd, and Keeper. Anyone can join, but to become a Nerd one has to seek permission from MasterOshawott or one of the In Commands to make sure the position they are asking for is available. Keepers are the overseers of the roleplay, hand-picked by MasterOshawott to ensure that the focus of the group remains on roleplaying and not spamming or otherwise chatting without roleplaying (how well they do in maintaining order is another matter). There can be any number of Members or Nerds, but only ever 21 active Keepers at a time.

The significance of these roles, as well as the method of inducting new members, is explained in the Guide to the Nerd Refrigerator, which is printed below.

Active Keepers

In hierarchical order:

  • Supreme Keeper Commander: The_MadPoet-  Keeper of the Keepers
  1. MasterOshawott: Keeper of the Sonic Plunger
  2. Andybrick95: Keeper of the Sonic Capture Styler
  3. TolkienNerds: Keeper of the Sonic Cabbage
  4. Blizzard4324: Keeper of the Cryptids
  5. Malurus2000: Keeper of the Golden Grocery Sack
  6. MichaelYoda: Keeper of the Nerd Rabbits
  7. Mr_Gil: Keeper of the Popcorn
  8. LegoCritter35: Keeper of the Critters
  9. sheklord: Keeper of the ASCII Art
  10. DarthShlomo: Keeper of the Pizza
  11. jahchildren: Keeper of the Fygars
  12. ambc: Keeper of the Fridge
  13. weirdoofdoom: Keeper of the Endless Arsenal of Doom

Inactive Keepers

Active Nerds

Inactive Nerds

The Guide to the Nerd Refrigerator

As you enter the NERDIS, you immediately begin to marvel at the wondrous site before you: YOU'RE IN A FRIDGE THAT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!  :O  Anyway, you waste no time in asking a user where you are. However, instead of answering, the user simply smiles, and hands you a thick, dusty book. You decide after finding a soft chair to sit on to read it.

The Guide to the Nerd Refrigerator

Hello there, recruit! :D Welcome to the NERDIS! 8-|

Chapter 1: Where am I, anyway?

As you wander through the halls of this strange, blue refrigerator, you may be wondering: "What IS this place, anyway?" The Nerd Refrigerator (aka. NERDIS) is based off of the TARDIS (from Doctor Who®). It is a Space/Time traveling machine, to put it simply.

(Basically, this is a RP topic [that sometimes seems like a chat topic...]. More on what we do in the RP in the next chapter.)

Chapter 2: Within the Halls of the NERDIS

After a while, you may start to wonder:  What does NERDIS stand for, anyway? It stands for "Nerds-Eating-Real-Desserts-In-Spaceship." However, we seem to be lacking food of any kind, especially cake, lately...  You may also be asking; "What do we DO here, anyway?" We are a non-profit organization bent on World Domination (but remember: you didn't hear it here). Also, at times, we "raid" other topics. Not to constantly spam, of course; we merely explore the universe to spread our Nerdiness everywhere. We are curren-

*The rest of the page is broken off, for some odd reason. After closely examining it, you come to the simple conclusion that it was ripped off by a beak. Strange, you don't remember seeing any signs of an animal in the NERDIS. Except for overhearing another user talking about her... Pet... Chickens...

You shake the thought out of your mind, reassuring yourself that said user would be responsible for her pets, and not let them eat a book... With nothing else to read here, you decide to skip ahead to the next chapter.*

Chapter 3: Ranks

There are currently four ranks, and one sub-rank, for the users that come here:

  • Member:

Everyone who joins (and receives the Shoe of Acceptance [see Ch. 5]) automatically becomes a Member. Once they become members, it is mainly up to them to get promoted to the next Rank, Nerd.

  • Nerd:

A higher status, this user is a "specialist" in his or her chosen hobby (i.e. Nerd of the Rope, Nerd of the Black Holes, etc.). They make up over 65% of the NERDIS population. To become a Nerd, all a member has to do is request a certain title. If said title is not already taken, the current 1ic can appoint them to the position. Titles can be changed at the user's request at any time.

  • Keeper:

This is a very special rank. Becoming a Keeper isn't just ranking up from Nerd. In fact, for most users, Nerd will be the highest rank for them to achieve. Keepers are Nerds hand-picked by MasterOshawott herself to lead the NERDIS when she is trapped in the "Black Hole of Inactivity" (see Ch. 4). She sees said users as especially trustworthy, loyal, kind, helpful, etc. There can only be 21 Keepers at a time, for reasons unknown to all but MO. There is a hierarchy of Keepers, with MasterOshawott being the 1ic (first-in-command) and the other Keepers assigned at the discretion of either her or the highest-ranking active Keeper at the time. There is only one position higher than Keeper, the Supreme Keeper Commander, which belongs to MasterOshawott's father, The_MadPoet.

  • Peon:

Users can be demoted to the Peon Rank if they are constantly going against the current authority, even after being warned several times, such as constantly SPAMing (see Ch. 8) or attacking any other RP topic using NERDIS-related things. The Peon Rank has not been given to any user as of yet. Also, only the current 1ic can demote a user to Peon.

  • Retired Users:

These users are former Nerds or Keepers who have mysteriously disappeared from the NERDIS. This is often due to one of the following reasons:

- Retiring or extended inactivity from the MBs

- Retiring from the NERDIS due to busyness and such

- Leaving the NERDIS for any personal reason

This "sub-rank" does not replace their current title; it is merely added to their original title to state that they have been inactive for a long period of time (often over a year), or have left the NERDIS. Once they return, the "Retired" sub-rank is removed from their title.

When a user is "Retired" from the NERDIS, their title is once again considered open for other users to use. If the original owner of the title returns from their inactivity from the NERDIS, and if another user is currently bearing their old title, the newer owner of the title shall become the original's "apprentice," so to speak. If either user changes their title, the apprenticeship will no longer be in effect.

Chapter 3.5: Abilities from Titles

Nerd and Keepers titles are not merely for show.  By becoming Nerd or Keeper of a subject, one becomes a master in it. Unless otherwise noted (often due only to being too OP), a user will have any and all powers associated with the title at his or her disposal. For example, being Nerd of the Black Holes allows one to summon black holes; Nerd of the Maelstrom can summon Maelstrom, and so forth. These abilities can be used in everyday NERDIS life, but are typically used primarily in roleplay scenarios.

It is important to note that, while under the Peon Rank, users temporarily lose their title, along with any and all abilities associated with it. Typically, after some time and reconciliation, the user will be granted their title and rank again, but repeated achievement of Peon may result in losing their title and rank indefinitely, or, more likely, banishment.

Chapter 4: MasterOshawott

As you know, every good, (mostly) organized club must have a leader, and for the NERDIS, we have MasterOshawott. MasterOshawott, also known as MO (pronounced Moe), is the Supreme Leader/Founder of the NERDIS. She is cool, calm, and collected (more or less).  One thing to keep in mind, however, is the fact that she seemingly always lands the NERDIS somewhere high. The first Nerd to step out of the NERDIS after teleportation must be especially wary of this.  Another thing to worry about is the fact that she likes doing scientific experiments involving placing metal helmets on people. She had once even transformed the 2ic into a pony without having a cure ready. STAY AWAY FROM HER LAB AT ALL COSTS.  (0_0 )

She also happens to fall into a thing she calls "Black Holes of Inactivity," during which she is sucked into a mysterious alternate dimension, known only as "Real Life." When she is in them, it is up to the Keepers to keep an eye on things for her.

Chapter 5: Shoes of the Trade

In the NERDIS, we have two different types of shoes for users. The two are:

1)  Shoes of Acceptance (SoA):

Nobody really remembers when it was started, but the tradition of accepting members by tossing a shoe to them still holds true today.  Every Member, Nerd, and Keeper has received one at some point. An important thing to remember is that ONLY Keepers can toss a Shoe of Acceptance at someone to let them join.

2) High Shoes of High-Tailing out of Here (HSoHTooH):

When a user demoted to the rank of Peon continually refuses to listen to authority at all, and serves as a detriment to the well-being of the NERDIS roleplay, MasterOshawott (or a user with her permission) can give them this. It essentially kicks them out of the NERDIS.  The extent of the "banishment" is up to MO. However, not much else is known about this, since it has never been used.

Chapter 6: Our beloved Nerd Rabbits

Yes, even the NERDIS has a furry mascot.  Or, in our case, many furry mascots.

These guys are the main minions of the NERDIS. They're small, cuddly, and ridiculously adorable rabbits that have excessive amounts of nerdness in them. If you need something to carry a clipboard, do maintenance, or just keep you company, they're the ones for you. They follow the orders of the current 1ic, but they are truly loyal to their master, MichaelYoda.

As a warning, never give them anything with high caffeine. Coffee, soda, etcetera. Anything like that will give them a large boost of energy for an extended period of time. Then, they become completely uncontrollable for a LONG time. Once the caffeine (eventually) wears off, they're back to their cute and cuddly selves.

Chapter 7:  The Pink Daleks

As one might imagine, the NERDIS is a heavily-guarded facility. The ability to traverse through time and space is certainly no small feat, and the NERDIS does so gracefully (haha, not really). Due to its great potential, however, there is also great risk of attack. To counter this, the NERDIS is armed with powerful Nerd Laser Cannons and Pink Daleks. The Nerd Laser Cannons are self-explanatory; the Pink Daleks, on the other hand, are not.

The Pink Daleks look just like one would imagine; a typical pink Dalek exterior covers them. When they are released, they cry "REFRIGERATE!" They can also hover, like normal Daleks. That is where the similarities end, however. Our Pink Daleks are not aggressive in nature, yet will defend the NERDIS with their Nerd lasers when prompted to. They strictly follow the commands of MO, Andybrick95, or anyone else explicitly given authority over them by MO; the only commands they will follow that are given by others are those that pertain to the general wellbeing of the NERDIS.

Chapter 8:  SPAM


Essentially, SPAM is bad. It is our greatest, most notable enemy. SPAM is to us what Daleks are to the Doctor. Whether it be lunch meat or meaningless lunacy, we don’t do that here.

Chapter 9: List of Nerds/Keepers/Retired Users, Active and Inactive

This is the official list of Nerds and Keepers, in alphabetical order (not including members):

[Note: this list has been moved to the beginning of this page on the LMBW.]


  • The previous 2ic was RenegadeRanger.  If he is found active, please alert the current 1ic immediately.
  • The_MadPoet is MO's father.  Whatever he says, goes.  Don't question it.
  • TolkienNerds is an Elf-Ninja-Hobbit-Dwarf-Chicken-Human-Timelord.  Don't mess with her.
  • TolkienNerds' Sonic Cabbage is also a Timelord.  Don't mess with it. him.
  • jahchildren has Ponyphobia — Keep her away from those equestrians!
  • The NERDIS is constantly changing, so don't be surprised that this will probably get outdated pretty soon.

*Surprisingly, there are more pages, but they are all blank. Perhaps it means the book is still being edited? Anyway, you're not getting any more information out of it anytime soon. You thank the user, give him the book back, and start exploring the NERDIS on your own...*


  • The Nerd Refrigerator is also known as "NERDIS" (based off of the TARDIS from Doctor Who), which stands for "Nerds Eating Real Desserts in Spaceship."


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