aka Monocle Man

Super Mod Commander Administrator
  • I live in The 5th Dimension
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is Resource Consumption
  • I am the only thing proven to exist


"Leisure without literature is death."
- Seneca the Younger
AwesomePythor - Old Timer

Me on the old mbs


Me now. =P Credit goes to Ben.

My name is AmazingPythor (as you may have been able to ascertain) and I am currently a new administrator on this wiki. I am AwesomePythor on the mbs and am on chat fairly actively nowadays. I am a senior in high school and hail from the lower regions of New England, Massachusetts to be more specific. I am usually modding on chat from 8 to 10 PM EST, and if I am needed either ping me or leave a message on my wall. Some of my friends refer to me as "AP," "Pyt" or "Monocle Man."

For some reason I elect to remain reasonably active despite probably having less spare time than you.

About Monocle Man

  • He wears a monocle.
    • He also looks 12 in pictures, which is rather unfortunate (the hair at the time didn't help).
  • He is a film fanatic, his favorite works of art in the field being 12 Angry Men, Rear Window and Citizen Kane. If you like classic films, you will get along well with him.
  • He has a man crush on Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson is among his favorite historical figures.
  • His favorite genres of music are classical and rock, though he can tolerate almost all of them except for pop, dubstep, screamo, electronic and most country.
  • He is a fan of Rod Serling's television series "The Twilight Zone."
  • He often stays up stupidly late watching silent films.
  • He owns consoles from before you were born.
  • He enjoys Latin, history, physics, calculus, and literature. He also dabbles in psychology.
  • He also enjoys classical literature, his favorite novels being The Magic Mountain and Moby Dick.
  • He has a ludicrous amount of posts on the message boards, and to this day has no idea why the hell he spent so much time there.
  • Perchance one day he will grasp a basic understanding of fundamental coding.

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