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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. c: I am BusyCityGirl👱, the sister of Eagleeyedan👨, BusyCityGuy👦, and Whitepumpkin2👧.

...Contrary to popular belief, I am actually not the youngest. xD EED is my older brother and BCG is mah little bro. Just thought I'd clear that up for anyone who spends 6 minutes and 12 seconds of their life to actually read my page.  ...That's how long it takes me anyway. ⏱Maybe you should time yourself and prove me wrong.   :3

Now, before you ask, no, I am not a user on

Though it is rather cool, I have actually never really been a huge LEGO fan. Whenever I used to get LEGO as a gift or something, I'd usually build the set then give it to my brothers since they loved LEGO. The first set I got was a little rover and assistant from the Life on Mars theme. It is still sitting around getting dusty on a long table in our LEGO city we built when we were little. However, I was on a FIRST LEGO League team for years so I did do quite a bit with LEGO Mindstorms.🤖

Okay so if I'm not from the message boards, and I don't find LEGO all that exciting, how did I find my way to this wiki? 

Well in short, I guess it's NancyDrew4ever's fault. EED and BCG had joined early on in 2011 and one day BCG introduced me to Nancy who was really nice and all. We talked for a while and yeah, she's a cool girl. Gave me a less boring impression of this place. I chatted more often and made more friends using BCG's account. Because of that, Bud1955, Legocat4611, Legocat2, Man.city1, CaptainBrickmaster, and a couple others started calling me BCGirl and it stuck. 

Eventually BCG tired of me using his account and having people confused as to which BCG they were talking with and stuff. So he made me this account! Ever since I have been known as BusyCityGirl. (Sometimes I wonder what I would have named my account...) I made my first edit on October 25th, 2011. Everyone congratulated me on getting my own account and you've all continued to be so friendly to me. So thanks for that. You guys are amazing. *-* 

Oh, and in case you wondered, the name "BusyCity" has nothing to do with being a busy person living in a city.  xD  See, BCG's first LEGO set he got was from the Busy City LEGO theme and it came with a minifig which he promptly named the "Busy City Guy" (I mean come on, he was only like six or something). So yep, he used that as a username and since I used his account for so long, people here knew me as BusyCityGirl instead of Guy and yeah, I think you get the idea.  :P 

Some things I like:

  • Acting, particularly in plays and radio dramas🎬👸
  • Books. 📚I know, that sounds boring. But it's true! 📖There're some really good stories out there, people!  >:3 
  • Building awesome forts, both outdoors and indoors. 🏰 It's just fun. xP 
  • CATS!  :D  😺 I adore cats. 'Nuff said. 🐈  c:
  • Drawing✏ - I guess I'm pretty good, but on some random days I'm simply terrible at it and I have no idea why. :P
  • Music.🎶 I love playing it (mostly guitar🎸 and piano🎹), singing it🎤, listening to it 🎧, and yeah. I like it. I like pretty much any and all kinds of music too. (...Except sometimes I pretend to dislike Marcel77799's favorites just because he has the best sense of humor and I can't resist a good tease now and then) But yeah, I literally have something playing 24/7. 🎵🕩📻 For real.  xP
  • Purple!!! ...though green is pretty cool too 🎨
  • Quotes. I especially love deep and meaningful, or clever and funny quotes. I have a collection of like 200 of my favorites. =P
  • Telling stories - especially taking a dull one and dragging it out dramatically with too much suspense  xD
  • The eerie lighting just before a storm 🌤⛈ ...doesn't it give you chills when everything is perfectly calm and mystifying right before a torrential downpour? ⛆ :3  (Oh and of course the dew and rainbows afterward!) ⛅🌈
  • Writing 📝...though I have to be in the right mood. Sometimes I really don't like writing.

Some things I dislike:

  • Trudging across the room in the morning to shut off my sister's alarm which she never hears
  • Looking out the window to find the world sparkling with a fresh two feet of snow... then realizing I have to go shovel it all  :P ...actually I don't really mind shoveling all that much. Snow is awesome.  :3 
  • When I can hear a bug buzzing somewhere nearby but can't quite pinpoint its location. Isn't that annoying?!
  • When someone makes delicious smelling brownies or pumpkin pie, or cinnamon toast in the middle of the night's just not fair  :P
  • When the best climbing trees get cut down  D:
  • Tomatoes, stuffed peppers, brussel sprouts, or meatloaf. *shudder* Blegh, I think I might prefer bread and water.  :P 
  • Hugs. Yes, I know, I'm strange. I just get too many hugs. Like seriously, I get them all the time, even from complete strangers...  O.o


Most people call me BCGirl, but you can call me by whatever name strikes your fancy. (...unless BCG is around, in which case you had better not let him catch you calling me BCG or you will suffer the consequences)  Tongue Smiley-1.gif

Oh, and that is pronounced BC-girl, not BCG-girl as some would say it. But hey, I'm not fussy. If it makes you happy to say it a certain way, go for it. I won't complain. ;)

I've been known by way too many nicknames to list them all, but here are some that are kind of unique and have sort of stuck and I hear a lot.

If you have a nickname for me, go ahead and add it!  :)

◇ ~ - From CJC95 (For all you who get confused when CJC is on chat, now you know who he is talking to. See, wasn't it worth reading my page after all? ;) I answered that mystery for you.)
◇ ABC - From 15legoskull
◇ B-girl - (or sometimes BCG-irl) From Man.city1
◇ BCBeef - From Apple123356
◇ BBQ - From Rose Rainheart
◇ BCG - From Birdbot4444 (use at your own risk if BCG is nearby xP)
◇ BCg - From RePeat (this one is risky too :P)
◇ BCGal or BCGallimimus - From Legoanimals750
◇ BCG(insert stuff here) Anything involving the letters in my name and combinations with all other letters and symbols a keyboards can make, idek... - From Brickmaster7946
◇ BCGerl - From ClutchTheGreat
◇ BCGirl™ - From HyperFlash Studios
◇ BCGrill - From Brickmaster7946 and Chipika123 (used by many)
◇ BCGurl - From Madkatmaximus96 :P and Avalair  (used by just about everyone... xD)
◇ BCJirl - From Skull5657 (adopted by Brickmaster7946, TwistedAlpha, FortressOfNight, Evie Dark, or EveryOpenEye, who also has a million other nicknames... He's a master of names. x3)
◇ BCRail - From Legostudios34
◇ BritCityGirl - From Codyn329
◇ Bro - From RusMan
◇ BuCuGu - From Riolu777
◇ Busy - From GordonHenryandJamesfan1992
◇ CiCi - From ToneTyphoon
◇ Cirl - From Arya Elf
◇ Fellow Sane Person - From Aok or Aokpize
◇ GiCiBu - From PinguBonScott (Originally from LEGOMessProductions1)
◇ Grill - From Harold89
◇ Gurl - From Seaside98
◇ Laggy - From Bgirlabby
◇ Literally or Lighter or Light - From Goggles99 (Goggles has a few, so I don't even know  which to list =P)
◇ Mia - From Agenti
◇ Tygi - From Paulinekovaleva

. . .Hopefully everyone's pages are linked correctly. I'm not so good at keeping up to date with username changes. . .  Joking.png


As I'm sure you can see, a few sweet users selected me as a recipient of their special awards. I think they're pretty neat and am totally honored they chose to give them to me. So thanks you guys, I really appreciate your kindness!  ^-^ 

If you wish to add a little something of your own, please feel free to edit my page and add one. Surprise me! It's always fun to find little things like that unexpectedly.  c: 

Congrats!!! You have just won a PepsiCap award given to you by Pepsicola112 (a.k.a. The Vinnie) For a special reason! It's not likely to be won by too many people. Joking.png Good Job and keep up the good work! to add to your userpage, select this code and copy-paste to your userpage. That's all there is to it!!!! CONGRATS Party (New).png!!!

Pepsi added the following comment: For doing good to the wiki and being my Keyboard Buddy's sister!


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...More... Stuff... 'cause exercise is good for your eyes and I'm sure you're totally not tired of this yet ...right?... :P

There, you made it through. See, it wasn't so bad was it? Nice going. I'm proud of you! It's not every day someone reads over my entire page. ^_^  

...Wait you did read it all, right?  xD  You didn't just skip to this part? (...I saw you zoning out, checking your watch, glancing at the remaining distance of the scroll bar at the edge of the screen and rolling your eyes...) Some might call that cheating you know. Not that I wouldn't do it myself, I'm just saying.  :3

Well, dear reader (...or cheater, hehe ;) ), what do you think, should I stop typing and just end things here without giving you any sort of recognition for being a cool person and stopping by and visiting? That seems almost sad. But a plain old guest book sounds rather dull too. Hmm...

Tell you what, I'll put a guest book thingy on my page if you promise to not make it boring. Okay? This could be interesting...  :P

Guest Book Thingy

Remember now, be imaginative... So, please do sign your name, and do something fun too!  :D 

Here, I'll even list suggestions:

  • Describe me in one to three words. 
  • Relate your earliest and/or fondest memory of me. 
  • Jot down something about yourself. 
  • Write a short story, poem, quote, tongue twister, riddle, fact, math problem, or something random. 
  • Tell me something cool and/or uncool about this page or me or something or someone else. 
  • Record the time it took you to read my absurdly long page.  ^-^ 
  • Go all out and set up some awesome scavenger hunt or something and leave a clue here.  xD 
  • Do something completely different! 
  • Write everything in rainbow colors or unique font or something. 
  • Be that mysterious person who leaves a vague message with subtle hints using an anonymous wikia contributor account. 
  • Simply sign your name and skip the creative stuff. Someone is bound to do that anyway. xP 
  • Do all of the above...  O.o 


Sign Here:

Ha! I was the first!  c: 
❀´¯`*•.¸¸✿ βυรץÇίтץĢίгl ✿´¯`*•.¸¸❀

  • I wonder why no one else has signed this yet. Oh well c: ~Hype (Message me)
  • so, I read it all. Do I get a price now? No? Ok Tongue Smiley-1.gif disc the scary Scarecrow (talk) 13:04, July 17, 2016 (UTC)
  • We have a lot in common interest wise :) ~The Purple Brick --Chat with me! 20:27, November 28, 2016 (UTC)
  • Busy. City. Girl. Described you in three words. :3 :P ~Chiwi Shek
  • Signing because you're cool and a great person to talk to. Oh, also because I meant to a while ago and never got around to. :P LegoWebby101
  • Ok here I go. Describe in three words? Awesome (and super nice). Fondest memory? Just chatting with you! I like pizza (should count for something random and something about myself right? If you want me to write you a poem I'll do it). Coolness on this page? All those emojis! They rock!🤘🎸🎧 I didn't time my reading, but it was definitely less than 6 minutes Joking.png. Your clue: 81340. So vague. ~Anonymous Contributor. Actually scratch all that creative stuff: ~Seaside98 There I did it.
  • I feel like it's been a long while since anyone's signed here... Tongue Smiley-1.gif Kingwja3.png(My Wall) 01:56, August 1, 2017 (UTC)
  • Hi 🅱️CGirl -LFY (talk) 04:18, August 2, 2017 (UTC)

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