• I live in a hobbit hole
  • My occupation is music, art, writing, technology and any combination of those
  • I am your friend?...hopefully? :3

Dr Who rockout

Hi! Im Goggles99!



♬ ♫ ♪✧°•:* d^▽^b
Waterflame - Velocity Wings

Waterflame - Velocity Wings

d^-^b *:・゚✧♪ ♫ ♬

Favorite Quotes

Jdude420: "I'm listening to mindless music for no reason. Tongue Smiley-1 "

Obi The Lego fan: "I shall be the first president with facial hair since William Howard Taft!"

Jdude420: "Father who knows nothing about electronics takes advice from brother who also knows nothing about electronics, bad bad bad...."

Jdude420: "He's so furry thoughm he's like a big fat baby large pile of cute fuzzyness. "

Brickmaster7946: "Me and Rose miiight be togeva. (SIE) "

Jdude420: "Gotta upload kitten pics, brb. :3"


Nehpets700 (after I questioned his art style Tongue Smiley-1) "What are you, some sort of neck racist? :|"

Riolu777 "Ugh. I'm under a blanket right now and I just tooted. #tireddontcare"

LEGOMessProductions1 "All I do nowadays is blast hardstyle and go through 9gag and the like. ._. "

Chipika123 "This is LMBW, dearie, common sense doesn't exist here. 3: "

The Zapster "list of america's problems: government, obeseity, suckish new yorkers that are mean (DErp)"

IndyAJD "Once again, I find myself wishing my sister and I were twins so her friends would be older."

Alemas2005 (On his birthday) "No need to spam party-themed emotes, guys. :P Just continue as if nothing happened. :P"

Bgirlabby "I was wearing this boyish tank top a while ago and I almost mistook myself for a guy"

Jdude420 "UG, dern neck hair. #toomuchfacialhair"

LegoFrodo12 "I listen to lyrics with words most of the time. :P"

ToneTyphoon "Hey, I forgot I was eating this piece of bread.", "Well, I just kinda left it sitting behind me :P"

Satoshi2 (To Squash & Cody) "When I get good at drawing manga, I might draw you two kissing each other Kawaii"

ToneTyphoon "so I woke up to find a banana on my desk. just kinda sittin' there", "I got it last night and forgot to eat it"

Paulinekovaleva "I bet there's a dude under the window who collects everything Mish throws out in case there's something valuable"

Cool Music

Epic Pirate Adventure Music - Myths And Adventures

Epic Pirate Adventure Music - Myths And Adventures

~*Funny Videos*~

"REDNECK AVENGERS TULSA NIGHTS" — A Bad Lip Reading of Marvel's The Avengers

"REDNECK AVENGERS TULSA NIGHTS" — A Bad Lip Reading of Marvel's The Avengers

Literally the best thing ever

Nyan Viking

Nyan Viking

Meanwhile, in Norway, a viking and his friends discover Nyan Cat...

Taking the hobbits to isengard

Taking the hobbits to isengard

Legolas seems to be trying to say something...



Idk why, but this makes me laugh every time XD

Funny Pictures

Pictures I Made

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  • Jdudes leg and head have combined into a final boss selfie
  • Christmas special
  • What color is this ale?
  • THIS....IS...LMBW!!
  • (co-created by FortressOfNight)
  • U betta beleev it! ;D

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So I do some preeetty crazy stuff with my page sometimes. Glad to see you survived it! Go ahead and leave your feedback or comments here :D

there's this big thing right and when you click on it it take you to another thing please fix D: but other then that cool but i do not appreciate little alein thingy licking my screen at the begining SquashBrain (talk) 07:26, December 11, 2014 (UTC)

u should add more quotes Lilac Neko (talk) 15:14, April 28, 2015 (UTC)

nice page u got there mr goggles sir Luke McSwagger 17:10, June 30, 2015 (UTC)

heil ~ Fort 21:36, June 30, 2015 (UTC)

Welp, I'm cracking up right it! :D My parents are probably wondering why I'm trying to stifle my laughter... XP ~ Han

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