Lilac Neko

aka JCF

Chat Moderator
  • I live in the woods
  • I was born on May 21
  • I am an avid birdwatcher

Hello there, <insert name here>! I'm Lilac Neko, also known as JesusChristFollower on the Lego Message Boards. 

Some of my interests include swimming, art, narrative webcomics (long comics that tell a story), and cartoons such as Steven Universe, MLP, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time, and Miraculous.

Some of the webcomics I'm reading right now:

  • Alice and the Nightmare
  • Ava's Demon
  • Beyond the Canopy
  • Camp Weedonwantcha
  • Clique Refresh
  • Cucumber Quest
  • Gunnerkrigg Court
  • Harpy Gee
  • Hark! Vagrant
  • Helvetica
  • Kiwi Blitz
  • Miamaska, Monsterkind, Monster Pulse, My Cardboard Life, Namesake, Paranatural, and Skin Deep.

I like doing artsy things but asking me for drawings may not be such a smart idea due to inactivity and the fact that I am always late upon getting them back to the requesters. Tongue Smiley-1

Oh and this is a cool site.


Lilac Mutie

Crap fan art and mspaint^

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