[10:39] <GandalftheWizard> seriously - 
[10:39] <GandalftheWizard> I only did it thrice
[10:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> that's soe stupid keps
[10:39] <Ked830> ..keps geez
[10:39] <AmazingPythor>
[10:39] <Son of Elrond> bnr no ;P 
[10:39] <Keplers> i know, im soe horrible
[10:39] <Son of Elrond> agh
[10:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol ap
[10:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i am mentally trained to love the ping sound because it means someone wants to talk to me
[10:40] <Bioniclefan1> Are you soe tired of pings yet 
[10:40] <RoboticBrick28> I'm not
[10:40] <RoboticBrick28> brb pings me
[10:40] <Ked830> brave <3
[10:40] <Ked830> hai pac
[10:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> ily
[10:40] <Keplers> i just saw your latest entry in the selfie blog bnr
[10:40] <Keplers> soe cute
[10:40] <Pacman87> ked you changed your avatar
[10:40] <RoboticBrick28> I get pinged when people abandon me (derp4) 
[10:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol keps
[10:40] <Ked830> ily too brave
[10:40] <Pacman87> ig uess this means i should change mine
[10:40] <Ked830> why
[10:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked is a trendsetter
[10:41] <Pacman87> because you changed yours
[10:41] <Ked830> .. mkayyyyyyy
[10:41] <Pacman87> i dont wanna feel old
[10:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> change it to ked's avatar
[10:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> but upsidedown
[10:41] <RoboticBrick28> eip eituc
[10:41] <Bioniclefan1> Everything is better upsidedown
[10:41] <Pacman87> THERES NO STTOPING ME NOW
[10:41] <Ked830> omg pac
[10:41] <Ked830> why
[10:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> heh
[10:41] <Ked830> nooooo
[10:41] <Ked830> brave
[10:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> ?
[10:42] <Ked830> my child why have you betrayed meeeee
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> because 
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> its fun
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp4) 
[10:42] <AmazingPythor>
[10:42] <Roddy15> you can tell when bf1 beta goes to hell, about now around dinner time in america...
[10:42] <Ked830> at least pac's not on often >.>
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> ""
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap (ale) 
[10:42] <Roddy15> all the campers, one shot "pros" come out to play
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> >wwi game
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> >complaining about campers
[10:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[10:42] <Roddy15> you haven't played the game
[10:42] <Pacman87> I'm on often
[10:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah ik
[10:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's nothing like wwi
[10:43] <Roddy15> there was someone underneath a train just sat there...
[10:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> with a vicker's gun?
[10:43] <Roddy15> snipers then from like 1km away doing one shots
[10:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[10:43] <Roddy15> the game is good if the players are playing properly
[10:43] <Ked830> hey mister
[10:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is just further proof we need a real wwi game
[10:44] <MisterXenomorph> hi
[10:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats a cute pupper pac
[10:44] <Ked830> omg pac
[10:44] <Pacman87> (derp) 
[10:44] <Ked830> cute puppy
[10:44] <Keplers> to be fair bnr wwi did have campers
[10:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> tbh i thought about changing my avatar yesterday
[10:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> (yds) keps
[10:44] <Pacman87> change it to keds
[10:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[10:44] <Roddy15> it's not campers though as in trenches or anything though
[10:44] <Pacman87> but a raspberry pie
[10:44] <Roddy15> the map literally has no trenches
[10:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you want me to just like
[10:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> photoshop it
[10:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> >wwi
[10:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> >no trenches
[10:45] <Majolo9050> gandy
[10:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> sorry is this the EAST AFRICAN THEATRE?
[10:45] <Roddy15> it's just a village in the middle of the desert
[10:45] <Majolo9050> boo
[10:45] <AmazingPythor> Lol high schoolers trying to have a political debate on Facebook
[10:46] <AmazingPythor> cute
[10:46] <Roddy15> the genuine snipers i don't mind but i came across one person just somehow killing people with single shots
[10:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> i mean
[10:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats how it is irl
[10:46] <Roddy15> from a distance that is really just not going to get you a kill
[10:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> one shot youre either dead or going to be dead
[10:46] <Roddy15> it's the distance though
[10:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> what about it
[10:46] <Roddy15> it wasn't even headshots
[10:46] <Keplers> 
[10:46] <Keplers> 5:45 BraveNewRoyalty sorry is this the EAST AFRICAN THEATRE?
[10:46] <Keplers> 5:45 Roddy15 it's just a village in the middle of the desert 
[10:46] <Keplers> >yes
[10:46] <Keplers> >yes it is
[10:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> rod the k98 had an effective range of 500 m
[10:47] <Roddy15> over 1km i'd say
[10:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> ah
[10:47] <Keplers> >not even headshot how am i dead
[10:47] <Keplers> >liver, kidney, heart, lung, just about anywhere that's not a limb
[10:47] <Roddy15> i've seen other snipers in the same spot and they never get close to hitting you
[10:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> well the guy is just good
[10:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> the lee enfield had a technical range of 2700 m
[10:48] <Roddy15> i doubt it honestly
[10:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[10:48] <Roddy15> and there was another case about the same distance and i wasn't even at a window and the guy shot me...
[10:48] <Roddy15> so there must be some numpties going around
[10:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> aka cheaters?
[10:49] <Roddy15> i wouldn't be surprised
[10:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> eh
[10:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> maybe
[10:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> arent all bf games buggy in beta
[10:50] <Roddy15> watching a video of a hack...
[10:50] <Roddy15> it's a sad world we live in when people need to hack these kind of games
[10:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats why i play red orchestra (derp) 
[10:52] <Pacman87> red like my blood
[10:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah i'll make you bleed, you commie
[10:52] <Roddy15> warning of the comments section:
[10:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> the only commies i like are the ones i can make blush the shade of the communist manifesto
[10:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[10:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> wow this game really sucks
[10:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> whats the point of having a bolt action rifle if the entire thing is semi auto
[10:53] <Roddy15> the map is basically battlefront imo
[10:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont even see how these are cheats
[10:53] <Roddy15> when i was recording i said countless times i would have preferred a trench map
[10:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> like these look like normal shots
[10:54] <Roddy15> this guy is just got hitboxes up
[10:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[10:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> also wth
[10:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> these tanks are bad
[10:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> they look like chi-has
[10:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[10:54] <Roddy15> you can see though in the video it makes him able to see basically everyone 
[10:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah ic
[10:55] <Roddy15> the train on the map is just op too
[10:55] <Roddy15> basically gives you ultimate control over like 3 flags
[10:55] <Skully Of House Lannister> chat is dull 
[10:55] <Ked830> heyo skulo
[10:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> rodd
[10:55] <Roddy15> takes a ton of firepower to take it down
[10:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> is there a tank that looks like this
[10:55] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[10:56] <Roddy15> yeah i saw one like that a few times
[10:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[10:56] <Roddy15> i tend to avoid tanks
[10:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> well the one i just saw looked like a mid wwii tank
[10:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> it had a turret too (ale) 
[10:57] <MisterXenomorph> I have a tank in my backyard
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> a tank o gas
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> same
[10:57] <MisterXenomorph> I need the right fuel though
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> diesel is the most superior tank fuel ever
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> it doesnt blow up
[10:57] <MisterXenomorph> And mine, is an old german tank
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[10:57] <Bioniclefan1> I gotta go now. Little cousin wants me to come to his birthday party. Staying there over the weekend o/ 
[10:57] <Ked830> bai bion
[10:57] <Ked830> have fun
[10:57] <MisterXenomorph> Have fun there, lad
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know the soviets
[10:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> they trained dogs to sniff tank fuel
[10:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> and run towards them
[10:58] <MisterXenomorph> Yep
[10:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> so they strapped bombs on the dogs
[10:58] <Bioniclefan1> I will try but he's like 8 years old (derp4) 
[10:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> but it didnt work cause the germans used gasoline while the soviets used diesel 
[10:58] <MisterXenomorph> And the dogs get scared and run away
[10:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> so what happened was the dogs blew themselves up under their own tanks
[10:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> that too
[10:59] <MisterXenomorph> They made a puke gun
[10:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol wth
[10:59] <MisterXenomorph> Lemme go look for a link
[10:59] <Ked830> ey wilf
[10:59] <Game Wolf> kaosroolz has had lots of files taken down 
[10:59] <Game Wolf> shame since the ones that are down are the most illegal and fun ones 
[10:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[11:00] <Game Wolf> Yep
[11:00] <MisterXenomorph> The LED Recapciator 
[11:00] <MisterXenomorph>
[11:00] <Game Wolf> but I found out how to make thermite which is cool 
[11:00] <MisterXenomorph> Special lights
[11:01] <Game Wolf> And pipe bombs 
[11:01] <Game Wolf> and 'C'
[11:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> christ gw
[11:01] <Game Wolf> and smoke grenades 
[11:01] <MisterXenomorph> Dude. The guys that were targeted didn't get sick at all lol
[11:02] <MisterXenomorph> Sticky bombs are a horrible idea too
[11:02] <Game Wolf> but the smoke grenades file doesn't list casings for them
[11:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> kep pm (ale) 
[11:02] <MisterXenomorph>
[11:02] <MisterXenomorph> ugh
[11:02] <Game Wolf> but given the recipe I should be abled to use empty soda cans so there's a perfect casing 
[11:02] <Game Wolf> I'm totes going to make some thermite and test it out 
[11:03] <Game Wolf> I just need to think of a place to test it 
[11:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[11:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> gw
[11:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is really dangerous
[11:03] <Game Wolf> ik
[11:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> gw is insane dont even try bnr 
[11:04] <MisterXenomorph> Roddy
[11:04] <Game Wolf> but thermite is a bit hard to light and requires magnesium wicks to make it light easily 
[11:04] <MisterXenomorph> are you staying or not lol
[11:05] <Game Wolf> so I'll just take a small bit and use a long magnesium wick so I can get a few feet away before lighting it 
[11:05] <Roddy15> again...
[11:06] <Game Wolf> I don't know if I'll try out the pipe bombs tho
[11:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah probably not
[11:06] <Ked830> hai uac
[11:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> you dont need to be on the terror watchlist
[11:06] <Ked830> guac
[11:06] <GuacamoleCCXR> why is everything on asio4all automatically quieter 
[11:06] <Game Wolf> but it might be easier to make smoke grenades that purchase them 
[11:06] <Game Wolf> *than
[11:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[11:06] <GuacamoleCCXR> does it turn the input to the soundcard down so it doesn't clip or something
[11:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> dude what if you set one off in school
[11:06] <Game Wolf> *cheaper not easier 
[11:07] <Game Wolf> Why would I bein one to school?
[11:07] <Game Wolf> *bring
[11:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause its fun
[11:07] <Game Wolf> thats stupid 
[11:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> fun AND stupid
[11:07] <Game Wolf> YES
[11:08] <Game Wolf> HOW FUN
[11:08] <Game Wolf> GOOD RIDDANCE WR
[11:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[11:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> honestly the fake smoke grenades arent that bad
[11:09] <Game Wolf> oh the ones my little brother bought from target once, are pretty bad 
[11:09] <Game Wolf> we lit then in the back yard and it burned two foot wide hole in the ground 
[11:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol what
[11:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> these arent supposed to be flammable
[11:10] <Game Wolf> my brother thought they were just supposed to make a little noise when you pulled the pin 
[11:10] <Game Wolf> so he tried to set one of in the car 
[11:10] <Game Wolf> but he's a wimp 
[11:11] <Game Wolf> so he couldn't pull out the pin 
[11:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> (bb) 
[11:11] <Game Wolf> I like to think of it as him almost killing himself and his little brother with him 
[11:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> nice
[11:12] <Game Wolf> I would have survived if he pulled it, because we were in a van and I was upfront (derp) 
[11:13] <Alemas2005> Well, gotta go.
[11:13] <Alemas2005> Bye.
[11:13] <Ked830> bai Ale
[11:13] <Ked830> take care
[11:14] <Game Wolf> bai ked
[11:14] <Game Wolf> take care
[11:14] <Ked830> im not leaving buster
[11:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> buster
[11:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> why is this funny to me
[11:14] <Game Wolf> "buster"
[11:15] <Game Wolf> i had a dog named buster 
[11:15] <Ked830> had
[11:15] <Ked830> rip
[11:15] <Game Wolf> I also had a ked once :| 
[11:15] <Game Wolf> but it ran away (ud) 
[11:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> alright buster
[11:15] <Ked830> technically I was taken away but kay
[11:16] <Game Wolf> WHO TOOK U AWAY
[11:16] <Ked830> MC (derp) 
[11:16] <Ked830> and maj c:
[11:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> youre gonna burn mc alive
[11:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> ouch
[11:16] <Majolo9050> mc gave me ked
[11:16] <Majolo9050> i aint the issue
[11:16] <Game Wolf> KED WASNT MCS TO GIVE 
[11:17] <Majolo9050> well she's mine now :c
[11:17] <Game Wolf> *grabs ked and runs away, holding ked above head*
[11:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> ...
[11:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> do we stop him?
[11:17] <Game Wolf> TOO LATE 
[11:17] <Majolo9050> *smacks you and grabs ked*
[11:17] <GandalftheWizard> *shoots gw*
[11:17] <Majolo9050> mine
[11:17] <Ked830> brave you'll be stuck with keps if you don't stop him so like
[11:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh right
[11:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[11:17] <Majolo9050> help me bnr
[11:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think its fine
[11:18] <Game Wolf> *is wearing body armor that I shall soon own irl, so it doesn't work gand*
[11:18] <Ked830> lemme rephrase that
[11:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> *snipes gw in the foot*
[11:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> good luck
[11:18] <Ked830> keps will be stuck with you
[11:18] <Game Wolf> wot part of body armor don't u get 
[11:18] <Ked830> but he's not talking rn so
[11:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you have
[11:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> shoe armor
[11:18] <Game Wolf> yes
[11:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> how are you running so fast then
[11:18] <Game Wolf> and hand armor 
[11:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> if your entire body is armored
[11:19] <Majolo9050> *lays down traps for gw*
[11:19] <Game Wolf> *gets jet pack and flies down to grab ked*
[11:19] <Ked830> gah nu
[11:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> *shoots jetpack*
[11:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[11:19] <Ked830> idec at this point
[11:20] <Game Wolf> *lox ked away into a very very high tower where no one can reach it*
[11:20] <Game Wolf> win
[11:20] <Majolo9050> *shoots gw down with a missle*
[11:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok rapunzle 
[11:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> let down ur hair
[11:20] <Game Wolf> *govt arrest Maj for use of a missile*
[11:20] <Ked830> my hair's getting long but not THAT long >:c
[11:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[11:20] <Majolo9050> well
[11:20] <Majolo9050> what about a rope
[11:20] <Game Wolf> how long?
[11:21] <Ked830> it's two inches past my shoulders
[11:21] <Game Wolf> pfft
[11:21] <Game Wolf> thats not that long 
[11:21] <Ked830> this is long for me kay
[11:21] <Majolo9050> my hair used to be 2 ft long
[11:21] <Ked830> i've had my hair cut into a bob for the past three years every summer >.>
[11:22] <Game Wolf> *throws Maj into a whole*
[11:22] <Game Wolf> wats his email?
[11:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> every time someone talks about a bob haircut
[11:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think about bob ross's hair
[11:22] <Game Wolf> top kek
[11:22] <Ked830> ye know brave
[11:22] <Ked830> srry to disappoint
[11:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> what
[11:23] <Ked830> i don't have nor ever have had bob ross hair
[11:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[11:23] <Game Wolf> What about bob Ross face hair?
[11:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> bob ross hair was just a budget cut
[11:24] <Ked830> don't have a beard either wilf
[11:24] <Ked830> srry
[11:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[11:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> kep
[11:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[11:24] <Ked830> same
[11:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> w-we were supposed to play vidya together
[11:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> ;-;
[11:25] <Ked830> aw ;-;
[11:27] <Game Wolf> Dang ked
[11:27] <Ked830> what
[11:27] <Game Wolf> beards are ossum
[11:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> not on girls
[11:27] <Ked830> ye ik
[11:27] <Ked830> per brave
[11:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> i'll photoshop a beard onto ked
[11:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> rn
[11:28] <Ked830> ... thx brave
[11:28] <Ked830> i wanted to see that before I died
[11:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> yw
[11:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> nah i'll just draw facial hair
[11:29] <Ked830> mkay
[11:29] <Ked830> idc (derp) 
[11:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> your hair is naturally brown right
[11:29] <Ked830> yes
[11:29] <Ked830> dark brown tho
[11:30] <Son of Elrond> what's the code to add music to a page?
[11:30] <Game Wolf> How dark?
[11:31] <Impossibubbles> ello poppets 
[11:31] <Ked830> decently dark wilf
[11:31] <Ked830> hey bubbles
[11:31] <Son of Elrond> nvm i'll just steal it from mum's pave
[11:31] <Son of Elrond> page
[11:31] <Impossibubbles> I taught you well
[11:32] <Impossibubbles> I'm gonna draw now
[11:33] <Ked830> ayyy Starro
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> here you go
[11:33] <Ked830> gosh
[11:33] <Ked830> how creative
[11:33] <Ked830> thx
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> yw
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> i made it a reply on your blog comment
[11:33] <GandalftheWizard> Looks like a French moustache
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> now everyone gets to see
[11:33] <GandalftheWizard> well done
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> it is gand
[11:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> thx
[11:34] <Ked830> thx
[11:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> im glad i remembered to delete it immediately
[11:34] <Ked830> ur such a great son
[11:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> my dad would be confused why i have pretty girls with mustaches on my pc
[11:34] <Ked830> hah XD
[11:36] <Ked830> hey slushy
[11:36] <Son of Elrond> new page c:
[11:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg my volume was too high for that
[11:37] <Ked830> rip brave's ears
[11:37] <Ked830> ;-;
[11:37] <Son of Elrond> (derp) 
[11:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> its like listening to 1812 overture for the first time
[11:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> and hearing the cannons
[11:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> soe does this song get any more exciting 
[11:38] <Ked830> boom BOOM
[11:38] <Son of Elrond> yes
[11:38] <Ked830> oh shoot i stopped listening
[11:38] <Pacman87> hola soe
[11:38] <Son of Elrond> does anyone even know what his is
[11:38] <Son of Elrond> :P 
[11:38] <Son of Elrond> hi pac
[11:38] <Son of Elrond> this
[11:38] <Son of Elrond> *
[11:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> its the planet of of the apes thing
[11:39] <Son of Elrond> yes (sie) 
[11:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol i just peeked into your profile's source
[11:39] <Son of Elrond> cheater :{P 
[11:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i didnt actually know
[11:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> that reminds me that im already sick with my new music
[11:39] <Ked830> tbh i was about to do that
[11:40] <Ked830> im just not gonna put music on my profile
[11:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> good idea
[11:41] <Son of Elrond> i want to watch planet of the apes now
[11:41] <Pacman87> planet of the rise of the fall of the awakening of the apes
[11:41] <GandalftheWizard> Are you going through a planet of the apes phase, Soe???
[11:41] <Son of Elrond> long titles ftw
[11:41] <GandalftheWizard> Because "bright eyes"
[11:41] <Son of Elrond> My life is that phase, gand
[11:42] <GandalftheWizard> Hmm, I never knew that
[11:42] <Son of Elrond> now you do
[11:42] <GandalftheWizard> and my life is better because of it
[11:42] <Son of Elrond> War 2017, can't wait (y) 
[11:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know 
[11:42] <Son of Elrond> Gand have you seen the old movies :P 
[11:43] <GandalftheWizard> I've seen the first :P 
[11:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> sixth graders are required to learn how to play a song from a final fantasy game
[11:43] <GandalftheWizard> that ending...
[11:43] <Son of Elrond> gand
[11:43] <Son of Elrond> see the others :P 
[11:43] <GandalftheWizard> I will, I will...someday :P 
[11:43] <Son of Elrond> even through they're crap, see them :P 
[11:43] <Son of Elrond> and the makeup just gets worse 
[11:43] <Son of Elrond> but that's what makes it awesome :P 
[11:44] <GandalftheWizard> I haven't seen the new ones either :P 
[11:44] <Son of Elrond> what
[11:44] <Son of Elrond> gand
[11:44] <Son of Elrond> go watch em :P 
[11:44] <GandalftheWizard> I wiiiiiilll :P 
[11:44] <GandalftheWizard> someday
[11:44] <Son of Elrond> like now
[11:44] <GandalftheWizard> no
[11:44] <GandalftheWizard> later
[11:44] <Pacman87> wiill
[11:45] <Son of Elrond> andy serkis is da bomb
[11:45] <GandalftheWizard> rn I don't have time
[11:45] <Son of Elrond> make the timeee
[11:45] <Ked830> patience ely >.>
[11:45] <GandalftheWizard> Yes, patience, as ked said
[11:46] <Ked830> hoi AP
[11:46] <Son of Elrond> (mm) 
[11:46] <AmazingPythor> (mm) \o 
[11:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> hurrah new profile music
[11:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> hopefully this one stays (derp) 
[11:47] <GandalftheWizard> (mm) + (derp6) = (derp9)
[11:47] <Ked830> mkay ping if needed im making dinner
[11:48] <GandalftheWizard> ok, have fun
[11:48] <Son of Elrond> mmmm food
[11:48] <Son of Elrond> i could go for some food about now
[11:48] <GandalftheWizard> *eats soe*
[11:48] <Son of Elrond> k3d make me food
[11:48] <GandalftheWizard> so could I
[11:48] <Son of Elrond> gand what no
[11:49] <GandalftheWizard> cannibalism is the latest trend
[11:49] <Ked830> wait someone ping me plz
[11:49] <Son of Elrond> (um) 
[11:49] <Son of Elrond> ked
[11:49] <GandalftheWizard> ked
[11:49] <Ked830> also im making nachos
[11:49] <Ked830> kay kay
[11:49] <Ked830> it works
[11:49] <Ked830> thx
[11:49] <Son of Elrond> nachos yey
[11:49] <GandalftheWizard> o.0 nachhhhhhos
[11:49] <Ked830> mkay back to ping if needed
[11:49] <Ked830> or if u love me
[11:49] <Ked830> either is fine
[11:50] <GandalftheWizard> ked
[11:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked :^)
[11:50] <Ked830> <33333333
[11:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> a base for what
[11:55] <GandalftheWizard> an acid
[11:55] <Impossibubbles> my cupcakes
[11:55] <Son of Elrond> mum
[11:55] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[11:56] <Impossibubbles> yes son?
[11:56] <Son of Elrond> can i be a cupcake 
[11:57] <Impossibubbles> sign up on the blog I made and yep
[11:57] <Son of Elrond> agh fine
[11:58] <Pacman87> kk bye
[11:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> man
[11:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> im too obsessed with final fantasy music
[12:00] <Ked830> it's okay I still luv u
[12:00] <Ked830> hey mipollooo
[12:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> what does liking ff music change about me? (derp) 
[12:01] <Ked830> clearly you must think something is wrong with it cuz you said you are /too/ obsessed
[12:01] <Majolo9050> gandthe, pm >.>
[12:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[12:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> i mean
[12:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> for someone who hasnt legitimately played through an entire ff game
[12:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> it feels bad
[12:02] <Ked830> *shrug8
[12:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh crap
[12:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> that's what i should have done this summer
[12:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> not join neo nazi groups
[12:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> mgmg
[12:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> but playing touhou was justified
[12:07] <Ked830> ay mister
[12:08] <Ked830> or not
[12:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[12:11] <GandalftheWizard> I gtg
[12:11] <GandalftheWizard> bye o/ 
[12:11] <Ked830> aw bai
[12:11] <Ked830> take caaaaaare
[12:11] <GandalftheWizard> Ked, I'll work on my humor and make what I say funny next time :P 
[12:11] <Majolo9050> bai gandyeeeeee
[12:11] <Ked830> okay XD
[12:12] <GandalftheWizard> Have a great loooong weekend! XD
[12:12] <Ked830> it wasn't as funny cuz i didn't get the context
[12:12] <Ked830> you too bro (derp) 
[12:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh god
[12:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is my last weekend
[12:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> before school
[12:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> <span class="me-username">* <span>BraveNewRoyalty</span></span> breathes
[12:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> aaaaa
[12:13] <Ked830> ;~;
[12:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[12:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps is alive
[12:19] <Ked830> good to hear (Derp) 
[12:25] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[12:25] <Brick425> o/ 
[12:26] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[12:26] <Ked830> wew
[12:26] <Ked830> hey brick
[12:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> >wew
[12:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> damn you for using my language
[12:26] <Brick425> A bear can be a corporal but I'm forever stuck as a PFC #triggered
[12:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> lel
[12:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> in hoi4 theres an event that makes him a general
[12:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> gg
[12:27] <Brick425> although to be fair, /polish/ army
[12:27] <Ked830> excuuuuuuuuuuuse me brave
[12:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> at least its not the french
[12:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> what ked
[12:27] <Ked830> i'll go back to wuw
[12:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah sure
[12:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> it will always remind me of uwu tho
[12:27] <Ked830> and I can't help that
[12:30] <Brick425> Have you played the BF1 beta, BNR?
[12:32] <Brick425> lolwut
[12:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> ive seen gameplay
[12:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> and it looks bad
[12:32] <AmazingPythor> brb
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> (also my pc cant run it)
[12:33] <Brick425> I'm playing on PS4
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[12:33] <Brick425> But what do you think looks bad about it? :P 
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> well considering how
[12:33] <Brick425> no ak47s?
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> the bolt action rifles are semi automatic
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> ???
[12:33] <Brick425> (yk) 
[12:33] <Brick425> Those are two classes of weapons
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah ik
[12:33] <Brick425> Medics have semi autos, snipers have bolt rifles
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> but ive seen a lee enfield in semi auto
[12:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> wth
[12:34] <Brick425> No, it was most likely either a placeholder (Trailer?) or the fact most rifles look a lot alike
[12:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> either way 
[12:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> the semi autos make me mad
[12:34] <Brick425> How
[12:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> it's not accurate
[12:35] <Brick425> There were a surprising amount back then
[12:35] <Brick425> They just weren't common
[12:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> the garand was the first semi auto to be generally used
[12:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[12:35] <Brick425> I know
[12:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> it just looks really dumb to see a bolt action mechanism on the model
[12:35] <Brick425> But if they only included the guns that were common, there would be around 20 at most
[12:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> and have it not be used
[12:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[12:36] <Brick425> There is no bolt mechanism. They have big cocking handles because it's the turn of the century and "cumbersome" will not be added to the dictionary until the 1940s
[12:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[12:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> please just look at this
[12:36] <BraveNewRoyalty>
[12:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> clearly a lee enfield this guy is using
[12:37] <Ked830> Hey div and web
[12:37] <Brick425> ...No, it's not...
[12:37] <RoboticBrick28> Hello webby o/ 
[12:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> wth
[12:37] <Brick425> It's a Cei Rigotti
[12:37] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:37] <Brick425> The first automatic rifle ever
[12:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> damn italians
[12:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> "rate of fire: 900 rpm
[12:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> christ
[12:37] <Brick425> Heh, that's not in the game :P 
[12:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> welp
[12:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> idk then
[12:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> how many bolt actions are there in the game
[12:38] <Brick425> In the Beta there's around 4, with two variants of each, but there'll be more in the full game
[12:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[12:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> i'll stick to verdun
[12:39] <Brick425> Dude the full game comes out in October
[12:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i c
[12:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> either way if i like it or not im not playing it
[12:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[12:40] <Brick425> "if i like it or not im not playing it" lolwut m8
[12:40] <MisterXenomorph> u wot
[12:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> i lit
[12:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> cannot run it
[12:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> my pc would blue screen
[12:40] <MisterXenomorph> I will rek u cheeky cnt
[12:40] <MisterXenomorph> :P 
[12:40] <Brick425> Oh, I forgot you play on PC @BNR :P 
[12:40] <Brick425> NVM :P 
[12:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[12:41] <Brick425> Xen, don't censor or shorten words
[12:41] <MisterXenomorph> llright mte
[12:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> wait omg
[12:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> star is here
[12:41] <Brick425> Read the chat policy that it links you when you /first join/ lol
[12:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> i know ive seen them before cause i had their pms blocked (derp) 
[12:41] <MisterXenomorph> he chat policy is the same everywhere
[12:42] <AmazingPythor> back
[12:42] <Brick425> Xen, no...
[12:42] <Brick425> Different wikis have different rules
[12:42] <AmazingPythor> Mister you've already been informed of this (yk) 
[12:42] <Brick425> ^
[12:42] <MisterXenomorph> I know, bro
[12:42] <Brick425> Then don't do it anymore
[12:42] <MisterXenomorph> No need tog get triggered
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> >tog
[12:43] <Brick425> You break the rules and then when we tell you not to, we're "triggered"
[12:43] <Brick425> lol
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> *flashbacks to Der Krieg*
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> nooo
[12:43] <Brick425> o dam bnr
[12:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> NOT THE TOG II
[12:43] <MisterXenomorph> The mating call of a landwhale as it submerges from the patriarchy.
[12:43] <MisterXenomorph> Person 1: "Look at that landwhale, what is she going on about?" 
[12:43] <MisterXenomorph> Person 2: "She is triggered"
[12:43] <Brick425> I know what triggered means
[12:43] <Brick425> You're breaking the rules and I'm telling you not to. That's not what triggered is
[12:43] <Brick425> Being triggered is getting pissed off for no reason
[12:43] <Brick425> I'm not pissed off
[12:43] <Brick425> Nor am I telling you to not do something for no reason
[12:44] <Brick425> Either use memes properly or stop using them
[12:44] <Brick425> lol
[12:44] <MisterXenomorph> You are not staff tho
[12:44] <MisterXenomorph> y you always lying
[12:45] <AmazingPythor> What he says is correct, I can verify.
[12:45] <Brick425> You think it takes staff to not tell you to break local wiki rules?
[12:45] <Brick425> Are you kidding me?
[12:45] <MisterXenomorph> Damn. Aren't we a little snarky today
[12:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> (wo) 
[12:45] <AmazingPythor> (yk) 
[12:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> brick4cm 2016
[12:46] <MisterXenomorph> get rekt.
[12:46] <Brick425> ayyy thanks bnr
[12:46] <Brick425> Let's make LMBW great again
[12:46] <Brick425> yeah i just got rekt
[12:46] <KnightoftheLight> Brick is simply trying to help out our CMs/Admins who have other things to do besides stalk chat 24/7. :P 
[12:46] <Ked830> Allo bubbles
[12:46] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[12:47] <RoboticBrick28> Hello bubbles o/ 
[12:47] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[12:47] <AmazingPythor> Yeah sorry I missed it, I was shaving
[12:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> btw brick
[12:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> [[User blog:BraveNewRoyalty/Faith is for the Transient People]]
[12:47] <MisterXenomorph> You know what Mitt Romeny money is? 
[12:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> super pacs?
[12:47] <MisterXenomorph> One that has money beyond that of a normal baller yet pays less taxes than a street pharmaceutical rep or an illegal immigrant.
[12:47] <MisterXenomorph> Look dat new lex he be drivin. He must got dat Mitt Romney Money.
[12:48] <Legoanimals750> There's a fish called the Obama. :p 
[12:48] <KnightoftheLight> And Donald Trump money. (Derp) 
[12:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> theres a clan in japan called obama
[12:48] <Legoanimals750>
[12:48] <KnightoftheLight> Because clearly Trump isn't paying all his taxes, otherwise he'd release his tax returns. :P 
[12:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> "im being oudited"
[12:49] <Brick425> Knight, you're implying people don't have a right to privacy
[12:49] <KnightoftheLight> He does.
[12:49] <Brick425> I'm not saying he either is or isn't paying taxes
[12:49] <Brick425> But that's for the government to decide
[12:50] <MisterXenomorph> Trump is the prickest
[12:50] <MisterXenomorph> get rekt
[12:50] <KnightoftheLight> But when you've criticized people for not releasing tax returns in the past, it's a little hypocritical. :P 
[12:50] <MisterXenomorph> She got fattized
[12:50] <Brick425> Xen, please
[12:50] <Brick425> You've already been told twice
[12:50] <MisterXenomorph> y
[12:50] <Brick425> True Knight
[12:50] <Brick425> True
[12:51] <KnightoftheLight> Where on Earth is there any female in this convo? :P 
[12:52] <KnightoftheLight> Hmm Brick, I feel like you have the potential to be a good CM. 
[12:52] <Brick425> No, no I don't :P 
[12:53] <KnightoftheLight> You seemed to be handling things pretty well a few minutes ago. :P 
[12:53] <Ked830> hoi keps
[12:53] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[12:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> KEPS
[12:53] <Brick425> Well, I'm not sure a few minutes make up for 4 years of mixed behavior. :P 
[12:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> you fool
[12:53] <Keplers> Ohey a Katydid
[12:53] <Brick425> But thanks for the compliment, Knight. I appreciate it. :P 
[12:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> did you download and extract the zippy
[12:53] <KnightoftheLight> You're welcome. :P 
[12:53] <Keplers> Brick is a dirtbag
[12:53] <Ked830> .. hai keps (Derp) 
[12:53] <KnightoftheLight> And meh, plenty of CMs have done questionable things in the past. :P 
[12:54] <Keplers> Also I can't download your zippy without permission from you, you dummkopf
[12:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> i already gave you permission
[12:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> like 40 minutes ago
[12:54] <Keplers> Which is warum ich bin hier
[12:54] <Keplers> Oh, ich sehen
[12:54] <Keplers> Walp
[12:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> ja
[12:54] <Keplers> well this is awkward
[12:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> download it
[12:57] <Keplers> shut up mom
[12:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> do it (evil) 
[12:58] <Keplers> i am, <span style="font-style:italic;">mom</span>
[12:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> gut
[12:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> youre also gonna need a lan program
[12:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> get this too (derp) 
[01:00] <Ked830> *hears something that sounds like a saw*
[01:00] <Ked830> */it's the gerbils/*
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh god
[01:01] <KnightoftheLight> Keps, how close are you to 35,000 posts? :P 
[01:01] <Ked830> GOOD GRIEF those creatures are loud
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> knight
[01:01] <KnightoftheLight> o/ Gideon
[01:01] <Keplers> because i totally have nothing else to do today, ulrich
[01:01] <GideonF210> o/ 
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> that's 3,600 posts
[01:01] <GideonF210> It's been a while
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> well i mean keps
[01:01] <Ked830> it sounds like a mix between a saw and our printer
[01:01] <Ked830> and it is confusing
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> in advanced 
[01:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> for when you do have time
[01:01] <KnightoftheLight> I just realized I haven't checked PAI in ages! :O 
[01:01] <Keplers> I have 34556
[01:01] <GideonF210> Did you "forget"? :p 
[01:02] <KnightoftheLight> Maybe... (Derp) 
[01:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> o wait
[01:02] <Legoanimals750> oh wow it's Gideon, o/ 
[01:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> i forgot the lmb is a thing
[01:02] <GideonF210> #Oh, what a glorious day!!!
[01:02] <GideonF210> o/ 
[01:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps did you play war thunder today
[01:02] <KnightoftheLight> Maybe you'll get Cowboy before Dumble ranks up, and then I'll be alone on my rank again! :'D 
[01:02] <Keplers> "would you like to filter adult language from all chat channels"
[01:02] <Keplers> how old am i four
[01:02] <Keplers> >no don't filter
[01:02] <KnightoftheLight> Wait... Did I eat the berries? 0_O
[01:02] <Keplers> I have WT open right now, Ulrich
[01:02] <GideonF210> No, I don't think you did
[01:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> are they doing a ship thing
[01:03] <Keplers> I'm sitting in a squad waiting for a friend to join
[01:03] <GideonF210> you became a security guard tho
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> i read it yesterday
[01:03] <Keplers> They have the ship thing in beta rn
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> o
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> can i use
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> a ship
[01:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> y/n
[01:03] <Ked830> omg gerbils why
[01:03] <KnightoftheLight> Me. A security guard? Oh gosh... :P 
[01:04] <Keplers> wth, people still play empire earth
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked why do they sound like that
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> YES KEPS
[01:04] <Keplers> you can't use a ship yey
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> damn
[01:04] <Ked830> /they are teething/
[01:04] <Keplers> they come out 2017
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> t e e t h ing
[01:04] <Keplers> *yet
[01:04] <GideonF210>
[01:04] <Keplers> I loved Empire Earth
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> nobody is playing dh rn
[01:04] <GideonF210> The 2nd to last post
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> smh
[01:04] <Keplers> I used to play it from 2005-2012 or so
[01:04] <Keplers> Then computers started getting too advanced to care about EE
[01:04] <Keplers> So I can't play it anymore
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[01:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> there's probably some fix
[01:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> made by a neckbeard
[01:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> anyways
[01:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> when can i <span style="text-decoration:line-through;">kill</span> teach you about dh
[01:05] <GideonF210> Does anybody here play Wargaming games?
[01:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> i used to play wot
[01:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> and wow
[01:05] <GideonF210> ok, when? :D 
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[01:06] <GideonF210> :p 
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> last year
[01:06] <Keplers> probably this monday
[01:06] <Brick425> /wargaming games/ redundant games
[01:06] <Brick425> war games
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> and like last june
[01:06] <KnightoftheLight> 1,125 new posts in PAI... (Fp) 
[01:06] <Brick425> I like playing FPS shooters
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok keps
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> cool
[01:06] <Keplers> my dad is here on weekends and he's going to make us work like krakow until we've fully moved into the new house
[01:06] <Brick425> And RPG games
[01:06] <GideonF210> MAR
[01:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[01:06] <GideonF210> :P :P :P 
[01:06] <KnightoftheLight> Well, I have a long weekend. :P I'll just scroll through and look for the chapters. :P 
[01:07] <GideonF210> Did you see the link to the archive just now?
[01:07] <KnightoftheLight> Only 197 on the archive though. XD
[01:07] <GideonF210> :p 
[01:07] <GideonF210> oh ok
[01:07] <GideonF210> read the archive
[01:08] <Brick425> GTG o/ 
[01:08] <RoboticBrick28> Ok, bai o/ 
[01:08] <GideonF210> o/ 
[01:08] <KnightoftheLight> Let's see if I can find the old MB story I wrote like 5 chapters of... :P 
[01:08] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[01:08] <BlizardBrick> o/ 
[01:08] <Legoanimals750> *Lost track of what's going on in chat* :P 
[01:08] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[01:09] <Impossibubbles> Back
[01:09] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:09] <Impossibubbles> hallo ppl
[01:09] <RoboticBrick28> Hello bubbles o/ 
[01:09] <BlizardBrick> someone help me this algrebra is killing meeee
[01:09] <GideonF210> o/ 
[01:09] <Ked830> Blizzyyyyy
[01:09] <KnightoftheLight> [[LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Requests for Rights/Chat Moderator#Legoanimals750]] Webby, Rom, and Izzy have RfRs if you missed it. :P 
[01:09] <Ked830> how can i help?
[01:10] <BlizardBrick> Ehh, it's just all confusing really. XD
[01:10] <GideonF210> Oh my, not algebra
[01:10] <Impossibubbles> sam
[01:10] <BlizardBrick> I'm more just venting or whatever. ;p 
[01:10] <Impossibubbles> they can see perfectly fine on the site
[01:10] <KnightoftheLight> Algebra is fun. Geometry is evil. :P 
[01:10] <Impossibubbles> It's best not to spam links
[01:10] <KnightoftheLight> Ok. :P 
[01:11] <Ked830> well if you do need help I can try
[01:11] <AmazingPythor> Tbf tons of people seem to just not check their notifications
[01:11] <BlizardBrick> Heh, okie, thank ya.
[01:11] <AmazingPythor> And that hardly qualifies as "spamming," first time I've seen him link it in main
[01:12] <KnightoftheLight> Wtb is this. :P 
[01:13] <Ked830> a tale of friendship power and betrayal apparently
[01:13] <GideonF210> What the Mr. Hemlockvistoamachi. . . 
[01:14] <KnightoftheLight> I remember working soooooooo hard on this. :=
[01:14] <KnightoftheLight> * :=
[01:14] <KnightoftheLight> * :P 
[01:15] <GideonF210> it's scary
[01:16] <Impossibubbles> I've seen it several times, AP >.>
[01:17] <Legoanimals750> It's the first time I saw it 
[01:17] <AmazingPythor> Oh, well if that's the case then yeah that's annoying. :P 
[01:17] <Impossibubbles> I wish I had paint
[01:17] <Impossibubbles> instead I'm having to learn how to use gimp
[01:17] <Impossibubbles> and my lines are choppy
[01:18] <Impossibubbles> But I'm kinda too lazy to fix it
[01:20] <Impossibubbles> So my eraser was making huge black marks on my page >.>
[01:20] <Impossibubbles> and apparently
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> ape 
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> home 
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> was awesome
[01:20] <Impossibubbles> there's an "anti erase" option
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> but my mother covered her eyes for most of it 
[01:20] <AmazingPythor> Yes skul
[01:20] <Legoanimals750> Hi Skul o/ 
[01:20] <AmazingPythor> lol
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> dude it was so brutal though 
[01:20] <Impossibubbles> like....isn't that just the pen? >.>
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> the dead babies didnt bother me 
[01:20] <AmazingPythor> Probably my favorite in the series
[01:20] <KnightoftheLight> This is why I miss Coco. :P 
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> but when they go into that womans room 
[01:20] <AmazingPythor> Except maybe Ice
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> and smash her husband to pieces in front of her 
[01:20] <Skully Of House Lannister> i was like "Wth no" 
[01:21] <Skully Of House Lannister> and then when they flipped the bed my entire family looked away 
[01:21] <AmazingPythor> Yeah it's easily the most brutal episode
[01:21] <Skully Of House Lannister> but dude
[01:21] <AmazingPythor> There's another one in season 4 but it's just lazy slasher horror so has less effect
[01:21] <Skully Of House Lannister> they keep their mother, who only has one limb, tied up under a bed 
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> and procreate with her 
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> thats 
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> so 
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> screwed up 
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> thats almost freakier than the necrophile episode 
[01:22] <AmazingPythor> The necrophile guy was at least likable tho
[01:22] <AmazingPythor> In a really weird way
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> what
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> nio 
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> he was creepy as hell 
[01:22] <Impossibubbles> What are you talking about
[01:22] <AmazingPythor> Or am I thinking of someone else
[01:22] <Skully Of House Lannister> X Files 
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> Idk I watched this a while ago
[01:23] <Skully Of House Lannister> Necrophile was the creep who like
[01:23] <Skully Of House Lannister> just stared at women 
[01:23] <Skully Of House Lannister> and spoke really strangely 
[01:23] <Skully Of House Lannister> and like killed them but kept their fingernails or something 
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> Yeah I'm thinking of a different
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> one
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> That episode was cool though
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> He comes back in like some crappy season 7 episode
[01:23] <AmazingPythor> And ofc they shoehorn religion into it
[01:24] <Skully Of House Lannister> dude 
[01:25] <Skully Of House Lannister> the end of home 
[01:25] <Skully Of House Lannister> he gets out of the trunk of the car where hes been lying with his amputee deformed mother and shes like "we'll have more children, its alright" or some crap 
[01:25] <Skully Of House Lannister> my mom walked away and got a scotch 
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> lol
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> Iirc it's implied they're screwed anyways though
[01:25] <AmazingPythor> No wait they drive into the forest or some crap
[01:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> yes 
[01:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> they do 
[01:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> but like they way they spoke 
[01:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> "this is our home, this is how we do things" 
[01:26] <Skully Of House Lannister> that was 
[01:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> what did i just walk into
[01:26] <AmazingPythor> X Files Discussion
[01:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh thank god
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> Another one of my favorite episodes is Drive
[01:27] <AmazingPythor> It's in like season 6 and has some Breaking Bad actor or smth
[01:27] <Ked830> these gerbils do not understand that they can't be in the wheel together or it won't work
[01:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know what 
[01:28] <Ked830> and that's what's making all the noise
[01:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> im sad
[01:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> i havent heard an ice cream truck
[01:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> this summer
[01:28] <Ked830> them scratching at it trying to get it to move
[01:28] <Ked830>
[01:28] <Ked830> brave
[01:28] <Ked830> hai romeyyyyy
[01:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> thanks
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> this makes me happy
[01:29] <RoboticBrick28> hello rom o/ 
[01:29] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:29] <Ked830> you're welcommmmmme
[01:29] <RoboticBrick28> ...and sam o/ 
[01:29] <RoboticBrick28> Maj! o/ 
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> what song is it even
[01:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> like ive heard this in animaniacs
[01:29] <Romaniandude12> o/ 
[01:29] <Majolo9050> peoples o/ 
[01:30] <Ked830> i can't rememberrrrrrr
[01:30] <Ked830> majolololo hoi
[01:30] <RoboticBrick28> I'm having cheese pizza and tilapia for dinner...
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh god
[01:30] <KnightoftheLight> Tilapia? Mmmmm... :P 
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i found
[01:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i found the original song
[01:30] <Ked830> those are two separate meals friend
[01:30] <RoboticBrick28> There is one fish that I don't mind eating.
[01:30] <RoboticBrick28> Its not tilapia
[01:31] <Majolo9050> ew tilapia
[01:31] <RoboticBrick28> So I'll just eat the pizza
[01:31] <Majolo9050> tilapia is ew 
[01:31] <RoboticBrick28> tilapia is ew
[01:31] <AmazingPythor> TilAPia (UD) 
[01:31] <GideonF210> I've never had tilapia
[01:31] <Legoanimals750> It's good
[01:31] <GideonF210> Mixed reviews here. . . 
[01:31] <Majolo9050> seafood period is ew
[01:31] <RoboticBrick28> pretty much, maj
[01:32] <GideonF210> what about fish and chips
[01:32] <Majolo9050> no
[01:32] <KnightoftheLight> Fish and chips is great IMO. :P 
[01:32] <Legoanimals750> Per Sam
[01:32] <GideonF210> Yeah, come to NZ for the best fush and chups
[01:33] <Legoanimals750> Skul, did you see what I said? 
[01:33] <KnightoftheLight> Some of the coastal towns in America have great ones, but I'm sure the NZ ones are better. :P 
[01:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> inb4 ap comes in with his "clam chowder"
[01:34] <GideonF210> Yeah, I'm sure you guys have great ones
[01:34] <GideonF210> Fish fingers, anyone?
[01:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> fish have fins
[01:35] <Majolo9050> actually, that is the one thing i can stand
[01:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> (ale) 
[01:35] <GideonF210> fish fingers?
[01:35] <Legoanimals750> Well, i gtg bye o/ 
[01:35] <Majolo9050> mhm
[01:35] <GideonF210> o/ 
[01:35] <RoboticBrick28> bye webby o/ 
[01:35] <Majolo9050> baiii
[01:35] <GideonF210> I saw some fish jerky in a store the other day
[01:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> whoa what
[01:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom is here
[01:39] <Romaniandude12> aye
[01:39] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[01:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> ayyyyy
[01:40] <Romaniandude12> need something?
[01:40] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[01:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[01:40] <Romaniandude12> awesome
[01:40] <Ked830> hoi rio
[01:40] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[01:40] <Riolu777> hola
[01:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> last month i decided to start trying to remember we didnt start the fire
[01:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i only have two verses down (derp) 
[01:41] <Majolo9050> det, i told space what you needed
[01:41] <Romaniandude12> lol
[01:41] <Ked830> proress brave (y) 
[01:42] <Romaniandude12> that would take ages to memorze
[01:42] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[01:42] <RoboticBrick28> thx maj
[01:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah but the thing is rom
[01:42] <Majolo9050> *says it in main because my computer is lagging horribly*
[01:42] <Majolo9050> mhm
[01:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> i know all the things in the song already
[01:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> minus for the pop culture
[01:42] <Romaniandude12> lol
[01:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> so if i ever forget
[01:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> i can just think about actual history
[01:43] <Romaniandude12> lol
[01:43] <Romaniandude12> i only remember a few
[01:43] <Impossibubbles> I have been obsessively listening to bizarre love triangle help (derp4) 
[01:43] <Romaniandude12> havent heard it in ages
[01:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just wanna have it as a party trick
[01:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> tbh
[01:43] <Romaniandude12> xD
[01:43] <Ked830> how can we help Bubbles
[01:44] <Romaniandude12> just like rap it or something at parties?
[01:44] <Riolu777> who here just ate six slices of pizza and has no more energy aside from that devoted to digestion
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok scratch that
[01:44] <Riolu777> meeeee
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> just a trick
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> cause i dont go to parties
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[01:44] <Romaniandude12> xD
[01:44] <Ked830> what kind of pizza rio
[01:44] <Romaniandude12> just go up to girls on the street
[01:44] <Romaniandude12> and start rapping it
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol rom
[01:44] <Riolu777> dominos
[01:44] <Romaniandude12> best trick ever
[01:44] <Ked830> supah swupey hoiii
[01:44] <Ked830> noice
[01:44] <Riolu777> sausage green peppers and spinach
[01:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think they'd leave before the hear the chorus
[01:44] <Romaniandude12> xD
[01:45] <Assassin Swipe> Howders :P 
[01:45] <Romaniandude12> probably :{P 
[01:45] <Romaniandude12> ohai swipe
[01:45] <Romaniandude12> (derp) 
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> mostly i am also annoyed that i listen to it like every year for history class
[01:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> tfw one year they gave us a sheet of the lyrics
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> "circle everything you recognize"
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> again, i had everything but the pop culture circled
[01:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> "stop lying"
[01:46] <Romaniandude12> xD
[01:47] <Romaniandude12> i dont know many of the names
[01:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats because ur not a nerd
[01:48] <Romaniandude12> i'm a nerd on other matters
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> like what
[01:48] <Riolu777> dragonair takes forever to evolve (derp2) 
[01:48] <Romaniandude12> star wars
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes rio
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> level 56
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> iirc
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just evolved one in pokemon crystal last month (derp) 
[01:48] <Skully Of House Lannister> im bored
[01:48] <Skully Of House Lannister> entertain me 
[01:48] <Skully Of House Lannister> dance monkeys dance
[01:48] <Romaniandude12> hi bored
[01:48] <Riolu777> doing that in diamond right now
[01:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> >im dad
[01:48] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[01:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> doesnt diamond have
[01:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> better grinding spots
[01:49] <Romaniandude12> i'm rom
[01:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> pre e4
[01:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> so you dont fight like level 30 wilds
[01:49] <Romaniandude12> oi my internet did a die
[01:49] <Riolu777> yes there's a place with three Vs seeker trainers with level 60s
[01:50] <Riolu777> that's all I do for leveling up after ev training
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> amazing
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> do they have like
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> re battle cooldowns
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> also >ev training
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> jeez youre hardcore
[01:51] <Romaniandude12> what are you guys talking 'bout?
[01:51] <Riolu777> no you just have to run 100 steps and then you can see if they're ready to rematch
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> pokemans
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[01:51] <Romaniandude12> ah
[01:51] <Riolu777> yes I am lol
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> i never special train
[01:51] <Riolu777> I hatch from eggs until I get a good nature and decent IV yield
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just pick pokemans that are cool/cute
[01:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> and use them
[01:51] <Riolu777> and then I ev train to level 5 or so
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> we
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> w
[01:52] <Riolu777> and then it's fully boosted from that point on
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know one thing ive always wondered
[01:52] <Riolu777> a lot of work for no competitive battling but oh well (shrug) 
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> is how people get johto pokemon in gen 3
[01:52] <Riolu777> transferring?
[01:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> do they trade from hgss to gen 3?
[01:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> or was there something for the gbc
[01:53] <RoboticBrick28> Well, Imma run off and eat a foods. bai all o/ 
[01:53] <Riolu777> you just put a gen 3 cartridge in a DS Lite 
[01:53] <Riolu777> and play hgss
[01:54] <Riolu777> and then I think you can transfer pokemon
[01:54] <EtherealSpirit> meow
[01:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> ah
[01:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> that means that 
[01:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> gamefreak had it all planned out
[01:54] <Ked830> hai ether
[01:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> because they had capacity for johto pokemon in r/s/e
[01:54] <EtherealSpirit> Keddy o/ 
[01:55] <Impossibubbles> and I lost the pen to my tablet >.>
[01:55] <Riolu777> probably
[01:55] <Impossibubbles> I literally just had it
[01:55] <Romaniandude12> varrrn
[01:55] <EtherealSpirit> Roooomeo
[01:55] <Riolu777> anyway afk
[01:56] <EtherealSpirit> I want a huggie.
[01:56] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh boy
[01:56] <Romaniandude12> *hug*
[01:56] <EtherealSpirit> Yay. *Hugs back*
[01:57] <Ked830> rom no my varn
[01:57] <Ked830> *pushes rom away and hugs ether*
[01:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> wew
[01:57] <EtherealSpirit> *hugs both of you*
[01:57] <Romaniandude12> oh (derp2) 
[01:57] <Romaniandude12> at the same time, varn?
[01:58] <Romaniandude12> (derp) 
[01:58] <EtherealSpirit> Yo, imma spirit.
[01:58] <Ked830> brave do you want to join in our group hug
[01:58] <EtherealSpirit> *yup
[01:58] <EtherealSpirit> *Pulls brave in too*
[01:58] <Ked830> yes
[01:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> <span class="me-username">* <span>BraveNewRoyalty</span></span> is happy
[01:58] <EtherealSpirit> Yay. Huggie.
[01:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you all wanna talk about Levée en masse
[01:59] <EtherealSpirit> If we ever did one IRL, I'd be on my toes... I'm so short.
[01:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> why
[01:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom
[01:59] <Ked830> it's okay eth i am too
[01:59] <Romaniandude12> because
[01:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> because y
[01:59] <Romaniandude12> because reasons
[01:59] <Ked830> .. i mean im an inch taller than you but es kay
[01:59] <EtherealSpirit> 2 inches
[01:59] <Romaniandude12> ^
[01:59] <Ked830> we could just let them smoosh us (derp) 
[01:59] <Ked830> oh okay
[02:00] <Romaniandude12> ked, you're 5'5 and eth is 5'3
[02:00] <Romaniandude12> i mean what
[02:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom why do you memorize this
[02:00] <Romaniandude12> shhh
[02:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> how tall am I? (ale) 
[02:00] <EtherealSpirit> XD
[02:00] <Ked830> did i grow or did u shrink eth
[02:00] <AmazingPythor> tfw 6'2
[02:00] <Ked830> BRAVE IS 5'10???
[02:00] <Ked830> I THINK
[02:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> n o
[02:00] <Ked830> OR 5'8
[02:00] <EtherealSpirit> You grew ;~;
[02:00] <Romaniandude12> uhhhhh
[02:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[02:00] <Ked830> YES
[02:00] <Ked830> FIRST TRY
[02:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> *second
[02:00] <Romaniandude12> i was gonna guess either 7 or 8
[02:00] <EtherealSpirit> I'm just so short ._.
[02:00] <Ked830> first try >:c
[02:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> second.
[02:00] <Ked830> im batman
[02:00] <Romaniandude12> no u aent
[02:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[02:00] <Ked830> FIRST TRY
[02:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> nobody else wanted to talk about Levée en masse
[02:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> rip
[02:01] <EtherealSpirit> *batked 
[02:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> nope
[02:01] <Romaniandude12> i am, ked
[02:01] <Ked830> okay good rom
[02:01] <Romaniandude12> i understand u ked
[02:01] <Ked830> u do don't u
[02:01] <Romaniandude12> u have been understood
[02:01] <Ked830> yey
[02:01] <EtherealSpirit> The LEGO movie
[02:01] <Ked830> brb
[02:02] <Skully Of House Lannister> im bored
[02:03] <Skully Of House Lannister> ape 
[02:03] <Skully Of House Lannister> dance for me 
[02:03] <Skully Of House Lannister> ill become a snake charmer
[02:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> let's talk about Levée en masse skull
[02:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> (kappa) 
[02:03] <AmazingPythor> nah
[02:03] <Skully Of House Lannister> u will be my dancing snake 
[02:03] <Romaniandude12> skul, what am i
[02:03] <Ked830> kay back
[02:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> why is americana so cool
[02:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wish i had old people to talk to 
[02:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> rome 
[02:04] <Game Wolf> Man
[02:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> ur the ugly deformed snake in the corner
[02:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> that we kick on the way in 
[02:04] <Game Wolf> i had the most tripped out dream 
[02:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> for good luck 
[02:04] <Ked830> what brave?
[02:04] <Skully Of House Lannister> are you sure you werent just tripped out 
[02:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> ked do you know what americana is
[02:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> y/n
[02:04] <Ked830> can i google it
[02:04] <Ked830> n
[02:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> sure
[02:04] <Ked830> ;-;
[02:04] <Romaniandude12> yay I'm good luck
[02:04] <Romaniandude12> x3
[02:04] <Game Wolf> thete was a guy who was comeon dinosaurs 
[02:04] <Game Wolf> *cloning 
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> basically ked
[02:05] <Game Wolf> mans he looked like Sam Jackson 
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> its american cultural stuff
[02:05] <Ked830> huh
[02:05] <Ked830> interesting
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> in today's language it refers a lot to the '50s
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> like ROUTE 66 signs
[02:05] <Romaniandude12> per brave
[02:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> and coca cola
[02:05] <Game Wolf> mans the dinosaurs got out and ate all the people who posed the cloning of the dinosaurs 
[02:05] <Ked830> wilf are you on mobile
[02:06] <Game Wolf> but he befriended me and two other people who didn't loose it 
[02:06] <Game Wolf> yes ked 
[02:06] <Ked830> mkay
[02:06] <Ked830> i feel you
[02:06] <Ked830> with and autocorrecting
[02:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wanna buy like
[02:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> those metal posters
[02:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> that have coca cola ads on them
[02:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the "WE CAN DO IT" girl from wwii
[02:06] <Game Wolf> I give up telling my dream 
[02:06] <BraveNewRoyalty> because theyre nice
[02:06] <Game Wolf> spellcheck isn't being nice 
[02:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> america has a nice a e s t h e t i c
[02:07] <Game Wolf> No I have a nice a e s t h e t i c
[02:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> i like american a e s t h e t i c more
[02:09] <Romaniandude12> my eyes
[02:09] <Romaniandude12> D:
[02:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> mine eyes
[02:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> have seen the glory
[02:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> of the coming of the lord
[02:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> i wish i lived in the '50s
[02:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> that would sound nice
[02:13] <Ked830> so i walk into the room where my sisters are all hanging out
[02:13] <Ked830> and my 5 year old sis
[02:13] <Ked830> is standing on a bench
[02:13] <Ked830> pointing a pencil at my sisters
[02:14] <Ked830> and i do not know
[02:14] <Ked830> if she is impersonating Donald Trump
[02:14] <Ked830> or recruiting for WW1
[02:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is she saying
[02:14] <Ked830> she said something about going to mexico
[02:14] <Ked830> and now she's yelling about everybody doing what she says to
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> well i mean
[02:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> i see the confusion
[02:16] <Romaniandude12> ask her
[02:16] <Ked830> ask her what
[02:16] <Romaniandude12> what she is doing
[02:16] <Ked830> oh now she's casting spells
[02:16] <Romaniandude12> ohhh
[02:16] <Romaniandude12> so she was impersonating trump after all
[02:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> "buildia wallika!"
[02:16] <Romaniandude12> i know trump casts a spell on everyone he sees
[02:17] <Ked830> so i asked her what she was doing
[02:17] <Ked830> and she said she was telling people what to do
[02:18] <Ked830> and she's back at it again
[02:18] <Ked830> oh and now everyone's going to china
[02:18] <Ked830> and she's pointing to Antarctica
[02:18] <I'mDivergent> what?
[02:18] <Ked830> hey div
[02:18] <Romaniandude12> she knows geogaphy well dont her
[02:18] <Ked830> my 5 year old sister is pretty much pretendin to be trump
[02:18] <Ked830> she does
[02:18] <I'mDivergent> oh
[02:18] <I'mDivergent> make america great again also
[02:19] <I'mDivergent> (Sin) 
[02:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh god
[02:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> your sister is gonna be like me if this goes any further
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> idek what clinton's slogan is
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> lol
[02:19] <I'mDivergent> ah tell her to stop ked
[02:19] <Ked830> she's gonna kill everyone who is dangerous
[02:19] <I'mDivergent> im with her, rome
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> you are?
[02:19] <Romaniandude12> ask her what her slogan is
[02:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> please be ironic
[02:20] <I'mDivergent> hardy har har 
[02:20] <I'mDivergent> let me go remove that rfr sUPPORT
[02:20] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:20] <Romaniandude12> for one bad pun?
[02:20] <I'mDivergent> yes
[02:20] <Ked830> why not
[02:20] <I'mDivergent> you're on thin ice (derp) 
[02:21] <I'mDivergent> hi chip
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> i see
[02:21] <Ked830> hey potato chip
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> hey nart
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> o/ 
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> guys
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> does anyone remember the early 2000s
[02:21] <Nart L. Chipikal> o/ 
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> bnr
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> because i cant
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> im too young
[02:21] <Ked830> i hope you don't brave
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> you werent alive then
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes i was
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was born in 2002
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> screw you
[02:21] <Ked830> i was born 2001 hehehehe
[02:21] <Ked830> <3
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> there's just a lot of crap i saw
[02:21] <Nart L. Chipikal> i was born in 1999
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> on the back end of the 2000's
[02:21] <Romaniandude12> i was born before both of you
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> and i remember stuff
[02:21] <Nart L. Chipikal> i remember having a dream about a giant flower eating my bed
[02:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i cant remember it good enough
[02:22] <I'mDivergent> only 90's kids remember the early 2000's
[02:22] <Starrocks923> I had a dream where my bed ate a giant flower once. :3
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> god
[02:22] <Nart L. Chipikal> fun o:
[02:22] <Romaniandude12> the furthest I can remember is like 2005 or something
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> theres just so much early 2000s crap that got rehashed in late 2000s due to the bad economy
[02:22] <Ked830> my bed is boring
[02:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i know some of it
[02:23] <Ked830> it's never done anything
[02:23] <Starrocks923> There's something awkward about playing SWTOR on a laptop while everyone else in the room is celebrating a birthday. But I promised online people. 
[02:23] <Romaniandude12> the early 2000's were boring
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> you should try some bedtop games then, ked
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> (kappa) 
[02:23] <I'mDivergent> I remember going to Walmart and getting a candy cane from Santa when I was like three 
[02:23] <Romaniandude12> except for good movie developement
[02:23] <I'mDivergent> and 9/11
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> well i mean like
[02:23] <Nart L. Chipikal> i remember being a very energetic child
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> pop culture in the 2000s
[02:23] <Nart L. Chipikal> i ran all over the place very fast
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> like was avril lavergine or whatever her name was
[02:23] <I'mDivergent> Horrible fashion, half good half awful music,m
[02:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> was she the elvis of the 2000s
[02:24] <I'mDivergent> She's still popular, bnr
[02:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> but her peak was the mid 2000s
[02:24] <I'mDivergent> Oh
[02:24] <I'mDivergent> she peaked in like 2007 
[02:24] <I'mDivergent> yeah
[02:25] <I'mDivergent> And 2002/2003
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> like the 2000s was this weird revival of punk music
[02:25] <I'mDivergent> hey hey you you i don't like ur girlfriend 
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes div
[02:25] <I'mDivergent> no way no way 
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> YES DIV
[02:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> I KNOW
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> Gotta go do dishes >.>
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[02:26] <Ked830> bai bubbles
[02:26] <Ked830> hey maj
[02:26] <Romaniandude12> oh didnt see you there bubbles
[02:26] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:26] <I'mDivergent> bye bubbles hi maj
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> people only remember the cartoons from the 2000s
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> smh
[02:26] <Majolo9050> bai bubbly
[02:26] <Majolo9050> and ai guys
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> I've been busy, rom (derp4a0
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> wait not the cartoons
[02:26] <Impossibubbles> (derp4) 
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> the live action shows
[02:26] <Romaniandude12> lol
[02:26] <AmazingPythor> The music from that period was hardly stellar tbf bnr
[02:26] <AmazingPythor> Or the film industry
[02:26] <I'mDivergent> eh
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> i guess
[02:26] <AmazingPythor> Or most things really
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> the last 2 years of the 2000s 
[02:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> nothing was made
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> quite literally
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> and thats when i achieved consciousness 
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i remember a lot of that
[02:27] <Romaniandude12> LOTR came out of the early 2000's
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> right
[02:27] <I'mDivergent> (OMG) 
[02:27] <I'mDivergent> test
[02:27] <Ked830> pass
[02:27] <AmazingPythor> A few good movies don;t make a whole time period not terrible :{P 
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> theres just so much stuff i want to remember
[02:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> but cant
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh god you know what
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> the biggest memory of the 2000s for me
[02:28] <I'mDivergent> I only remember the music/shows I liked from the 2000's tbh
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> was watching dubbed naruto
[02:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> on toonami
[02:29] <I'mDivergent> ive got dat boom boom pow 
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> man
[02:29] <Pacman87> furgie
[02:29] <I'mDivergent> dese chicks be jackin my style
[02:29] <Pacman87> ?
[02:29] <I'mDivergent> black eyed peas but basically fergie
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> how are we going to remember the '00s, '10s 
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> like
[02:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> 40 years from now
[02:29] <Pacman87> i went to one of their concerts like 100 years ago
[02:29] <AmazingPythor> Will people even remember them
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> people remember the '50s so yeah
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[02:30] <I'mDivergent> They just put out a song a few days ago but it's awful, ap
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> By that I mean those decades don't have as massive of an identity
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> Or, should I say
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> I doubt they will 
[02:30] <Pacman87> theyre still going?
[02:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i guess
[02:30] <AmazingPythor> ew div
[02:30] <I'mDivergent> well if trump is president it will be remembered 
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> the '00s was like
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> True.
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> a crap version of the '90s
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> people will remember 2008 at least
[02:31] <AmazingPythor> What even are the 2010s
[02:31] <I'mDivergent> What happened 2008 besides Obama? 
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> stock market crash
[02:31] <I'mDivergent> Oh
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> for the '10s
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> uhh
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> stop kony 2012
[02:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> LOL
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> we never stopped kony
[02:32] <I'mDivergent> #Kanye2020 
[02:32] <I'mDivergent> iconic 
[02:32] <AmazingPythor> (obviously it's a good thing the 2010s aren't as tumultuous as say the 40s)
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> for some reason i keep forgetting the 2010's are a thing
[02:32] <Romaniandude12> even though we're living it
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> wasnt there something that happened in '11
[02:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[02:32] <I'mDivergent> That's probably why rome
[02:32] <AmazingPythor> But like, I highly doubt this decade will have the identity in 2046 that the 80s have today
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> but trump
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> and movie reboots
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> ugh
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> and uhhhhh
[02:33] <I'mDivergent> Kim K will keep the 10's Alice 
[02:33] <Romaniandude12> isis
[02:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> will the '10s really be know as the rip off decade
[02:33] <I'mDivergent> *alive
[02:33] <AmazingPythor> Well yeah this may be remembered as the low point in cinematic history
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> if clinton is elected then the '10s will be boring and worthless
[02:34] <Romaniandude12> which is weird, div
[02:34] <AmazingPythor> A few of them, sure
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> i really cant name one movie that i liked that wasnt from post 2000
[02:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[02:34] <AmazingPythor> But I doubt as many as in the 50s
[02:34] <AmazingPythor> Or 40s
[02:35] <AmazingPythor> Christopher Nolan will be remembered fondly I'm sure
[02:35] <AmazingPythor> And uh
[02:35] <Romaniandude12> the MCU has sure made it's impact on cinematic history
[02:35] <AmazingPythor> hm
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh yeah
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> the batman reboot was good
[02:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> i forgot
[02:35] <Romaniandude12> but that was mostly pre2010
[02:35] <I'mDivergent> suicide squad best movie of the 2010's 
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> whoa
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> nolan is making a movie called dunkirk
[02:36] <AmazingPythor> Interstellar and Inception are cool movies
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> wwas inception like 2007
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> or something
[02:36] <AmazingPythor> Was it
[02:36] <AmazingPythor> I thought it was 2010
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[02:36] <Romaniandude12> oh it was
[02:36] <BraveNewRoyalty> i gotta watch dunkirk
[02:37] <AmazingPythor> Anyways in fifty years the 2010s will hardly be regarded as a second cinematic golden age (derp) 
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> well 
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats good (derp) 
[02:37] <Romaniandude12> the marvel universe came out of the 2010's. 
[02:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah those too
[02:37] <Romaniandude12> thats at least historic
[02:37] <AmazingPythor> Marvel and Star Trek hardly make up for the rest
[02:38] <Game Wolf> The 80's were a cinematic golden age. 
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> Nah GW
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> '10s will be 
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> the franchise decade
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> 40s and 50s
[02:38] <Romaniandude12> cinematic universes were born in the 2000's and 2010's
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> what even is a good movie in the '40s
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> ....
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> That's a joke
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> right
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> i can name one from the '50s
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[02:38] <Game Wolf> 80's gave us dozens of classic amazing films. 
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> Um
[02:38] <I'mDivergent> A soup commercial, bnr lol
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> Casablanca
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh right
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> Citizen Kane
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> i forget
[02:38] <Game Wolf> Terminator
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> What the hell
[02:38] <AmazingPythor> :P 
[02:38] <Game Wolf> Nightmare on elm street 
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> i always think of casablanca as a documentary 
[02:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[02:38] <Game Wolf> Die hard 
[02:38] <Romaniandude12> bnr :{P 
[02:38] <Romaniandude12> pls
[02:38] <Game Wolf> ET
[02:39] <AmazingPythor> Where the hell do I begin with the 40s
[02:39] <Game Wolf> Robocop 
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> 1940
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> (Derp) 
[02:39] <Game Wolf> pretty much every big film from the 80's
[02:39] <Ked830> brb\
[02:39] <Pacman87> "brb"
[02:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> legitimately i think the only movies ive heard from the '40s are casablanca and the great dictator
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> ked
[02:39] <Game Wolf> Trrminator 2 = best action film tho
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> where have you even been
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:39] <Pacman87> rom scared ked away'
[02:39] <I'mDivergent> And the 80's had two Star Wars movies iirc
[02:39] <Romaniandude12> nuu
[02:40] <I'mDivergent> or one idk
[02:40] <Pacman87> ked has been spying on us
[02:40] <AmazingPythor> Two Div
[02:40] <Game Wolf> I think it had two 
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> div pls
[02:40] <Game Wolf> it had the best one 
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> it had two
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> and indiana jones
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> :^)
[02:40] <AmazingPythor> Star Wars is great but not at the same level as Citizen Kane or 12 Angry Men
[02:40] <Game Wolf> And Aliens 
[02:40] <Romaniandude12> AP (yk) 
[02:40] <I'mDivergent> Sorry I knew the first one came out in 1977 and wasn't sure when the second one did 
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> the only movies i know from the '50s
[02:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[02:41] <Game Wolf> second one was 81 I think 
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> bridge on the river kwai and the day the earth stood still
[02:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> i only saw bridge
[02:41] <Game Wolf> The Thing 
[02:41] <I'mDivergent> I thought you said Angry Birds, AP
[02:41] <AmazingPythor> Second was '80 I thought
[02:41] <AmazingPythor> ...
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> 1980 was empire
[02:41] <Game Wolf> ah
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> and last was '83
[02:41] <I'mDivergent> They're making an Angry Birds sequel btw
[02:41] <Game Wolf> Evil Dead 
[02:41] <Romaniandude12> of the originals
[02:41] <AmazingPythor> How did the original not bomb
[02:42] <Romaniandude12> then prequels were '99, '02, and '05
[02:42] <I'mDivergent> self libk
[02:42] <Game Wolf> the 2010s will become known as that decade where movies studios became greedy morons and over saturated the market, eventually resulting in a crash amongst the big genres 
[02:43] <AmazingPythor> I feel like the Matrix was what made the film industry what it is in its current state
[02:43] <AmazingPythor> Which btw
[02:43] <I'mDivergent> Angry Birds made $347M wth
[02:43] <AmazingPythor> Isn't a good thing
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> people are running out of ideas
[02:43] <Game Wolf> No, it was Avengers that made it what it is today. 
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> studios trying to outdo each other
[02:43] <Romaniandude12> instead of focusing on a good movie
[02:43] <AmazingPythor> I mean in terms of CGI-packed action blockbusters
[02:43] <I'mDivergent> and we have book to movie adaptatations 
[02:44] <I'mDivergent> Like 50SOG (y) 
[02:44] <AmazingPythor> Tbf
[02:44] <Game Wolf> There is nothing original. Today all we have is sequels, reboots, remakes, and adaptions. 
[02:44] <AmazingPythor> Book to movie adaptations have always been a thing
[02:44] <Romaniandude12> ^
[02:44] <AmazingPythor> In fact some of the best movies of all time are based off of books
[02:44] <I'mDivergent> Yeah but not of like teen books 
[02:44] <AmazingPythor> Oh
[02:44] <Romaniandude12> eh
[02:44] <AmazingPythor> Young adult fiction
[02:44] <AmazingPythor> *gags*
[02:44] <Romaniandude12> lol
[02:44] <Game Wolf> Clockwork orange 
[02:44] <I'mDivergent> hunger games, divergent, maze rhnner
[02:44] <I'mDivergent> *runner
[02:45] <I'mDivergent> Etc
[02:45] <Game Wolf> divergent franchise failed and they ain't doing a 4rth 
[02:45] <Game Wolf> lel
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> hunger games was mostly good tbh
[02:45] <Game Wolf> ^
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> the last one was meh
[02:45] <Romaniandude12> but still
[02:45] <I'mDivergent> They are, wolf
[02:45] <AmazingPythor> Hunger Games was pretty tolerable
[02:45] <I'mDivergent> It'll just be a TV movie probably 
[02:45] <AmazingPythor> The acting in the original was pretty subpar though
[02:45] <Game Wolf> I really enjoyed the scene in the sewers from the last hunger games 
[02:45] <Game Wolf> it made me crave more 
[02:46] <I'mDivergent> wb maj
[02:46] <Majolo9050> danke
[02:46] <Romaniandude12> eh GW
[02:46] <Game Wolf> Studios need to make well crafted movies instead of rushing them out tho
[02:46] <Game Wolf> like Deadpool 
[02:46] <AmazingPythor> Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather were adaptations
[02:46] <Game Wolf> Deadpool was a passion product 
[02:47] <AmazingPythor> And IMO were pretty solid films overall (derp3) 
[02:47] <Game Wolf> the studio didn't even want to do it 
[02:47] <I'mDivergent> Did you like Ant-Man, GW?
[02:47] <Game Wolf> until the test footage was leaked 
[02:47] <I'mDivergent> because that movie took years :P 
[02:47] <Game Wolf> I liked ant man because it wasn't about saving the world. 
[02:47] <AmazingPythor> I may end up watching Deadpool
[02:47] <I'mDivergent> Hi Ked and NXT
[02:47] <Majolo9050> nxt, kede
[02:47] <Majolo9050> ai
[02:47] <Romaniandude12> kedd
[02:47] <NXTein1996> Hello :P 
[02:47] <Romaniandude12> nxt o/ 
[02:47] <AmazingPythor> Superhero movies I find pretty underwhelming
[02:47] <AmazingPythor> But I've heard it's good
[02:47] <Game Wolf> To many superhero movies are about saving the world. It's gotten boring now. 
[02:48] <NXTein1996> Lol GW
[02:48] <I'mDivergent> I like most Superhero movies 
[02:48] <I'mDivergent> Civil War was a letdown though 
[02:48] <NXTein1996> I like some superhero movies
[02:48] <AmazingPythor> Obviously the Dark Knight films are great
[02:48] <NXTein1996> Yes AP
[02:48] <AmazingPythor> Other than that there isn't much for me
[02:48] <Game Wolf> Civil War showed that marvel had no balls
[02:48] <Game Wolf> AP go watch Watchmen 
[02:48] <NXTein1996> I really enjoyed Winter Soldier
[02:48] <Romaniandude12> same nxt
[02:48] <I'mDivergent> Civil War could have been amazing if they followed the comic 
[02:48] <NXTein1996> ^
[02:49] <I'mDivergent> Winter Solider is my favorite Marvel movie 
[02:49] <AmazingPythor> Avengers was pretty decent
[02:49] <Romaniandude12> winter soldier was amaze
[02:49] <I'mDivergent> I preferred Avengers 2 over Avengers 
[02:49] <AmazingPythor> I also kind of enjoyed the 2000s Spiderman films
[02:49] <AmazingPythor> But I was younger
[02:49] <Romaniandude12> same ap
[02:49] <I'mDivergent> Oh yeah the new superman is horrible 
[02:49] <Ked830> Elloo
[02:49] <I'mDivergent> D:
[02:49] <Romaniandude12> tbh i didnt hate the third spiderman
[02:49] <AmazingPythor> Man of Steel you mean?
[02:49] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[02:50] <I'mDivergent> *spiderman 
[02:50] <AmazingPythor> Oh, lol
[02:50] <Game Wolf> Marvel has three main movies that are good to watch. Iron-Man, Avengers, and GoTG
[02:50] <AmazingPythor> Yeah Rom
[02:50] <Game Wolf> I like DC better than marvel now because they aren't afraid to kill characters 
[02:50] <I'mDivergent> The best superhero movie 
[02:50] <Game Wolf> which makes their movies more intense 
[02:50] <I'mDivergent> is green lantern
[02:50] <AmazingPythor> And didn't they hire a disney channel actress for Spiderman Homecoming
[02:50] <I'mDivergent> (derp) 
[02:50] <AmazingPythor> No Div
[02:50] <AmazingPythor> Superman IV
[02:50] <AmazingPythor> The Quest for Peace
[02:51] <Game Wolf> When I walked into BvS I never expected to see Superman die. 
[02:51] <I'mDivergent> Marvel killed Pietro :( 
[02:51] <Romaniandude12> what gw
[02:51] <Romaniandude12> superman dies?
[02:51] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:51] <I'mDivergent> woah spoilers gw
[02:51] <Game Wolf> I never expected multiple Squad members die in Suicide Squad. 
[02:51] <Pacman87> superman doesnt die
[02:51] <AmazingPythor> GW srs
[02:51] <Pacman87> At the last second the dirt rises
[02:51] <Romaniandude12> lol
[02:51] <I'mDivergent> I hope they make an M Day movie just so Pietro comes back 
[02:52] <Game Wolf> But he didn't come back immediately after that 
[02:52] <Game Wolf> He was still dead as of suicide squad 
[02:52] <AmazingPythor> The sad thing about Suicide Squad
[02:52] <AmazingPythor> Is apparently Will Smith was the best part
[02:52] <AmazingPythor> You know, the casting choice no one understood
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> lol ap
[02:52] <Game Wolf> Suicide Squad isn't as bad as critics say 
[02:52] <Game Wolf> It's an enjoyable movie. 
[02:52] <Romaniandude12> i probably wont end up seeing suicide squad
[02:53] <I'mDivergent> Everyone from Suicide Squad hated Jared Leto
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> if i do, it'll be a while
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> i feel bad for leto that he didnt get all his scenes in the film
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> he put so much heart into his role
[02:53] <AmazingPythor> Apparently Leto sucked
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:53] <Romaniandude12> oh?
[02:53] <AmazingPythor> Like, not just compared to Ledger
[02:53] <AmazingPythor> He was bad /in general/
[02:53] <I'mDivergent> I heard Margot Robbie did good 
[02:54] <Romaniandude12> i heard otherwise @ap
[02:54] <AmazingPythor> *Well but yeah
[02:54] <I'mDivergent> she wasn't a fan of something with the movie though 
[02:54] <AmazingPythor> I need to see Deadpool at some point in time
[02:54] <Game Wolf> It's a great movie. 
[02:54] <AmazingPythor> Idk if it sounds like my thing though
[02:54] <I'mDivergent> I'm gonna watch it when I'm 18 :P 
[02:55] <AmazingPythor> I'm not too far from 17 and have seen worse films so
[02:55] <Game Wolf> There are quite a few people who say that the story is stupid, but I think the whole save the girl story is a good change of pace from the save the world superhero movies that are a dime a dozen. 
[02:55] <I'mDivergent> Wait Seaside was here? 
[02:55] <Game Wolf> The Colossus CGI is okay. 
[02:56] <Ked830> ..yes
[02:56] <AmazingPythor> ... Whoa
[02:56] <Ked830> for a while
[02:56] <Pacman87> lol
[02:56] <Ked830> was I the only one who noticed???
[02:56] <Pacman87> he just randomly came online to apologize to me
[02:56] <AmazingPythor> Anyways it's not as violent as, say
[02:56] <AmazingPythor> Saving Private Ryan
[02:56] <AmazingPythor> I assume
[02:56] <Pacman87> no ked he pmed me
[02:56] <Ked830> Ah mkay
[02:56] <Romaniandude12> you guys know what sequel was terrible? night at the museum 3
[02:56] <Game Wolf> But the choreography in the opening fight scene is amazing. 
[02:56] <Game Wolf> It might be more violent than SPR actually. 
[02:56] <I'mDivergent> That's not a sequel, Rom (derp) 
[02:56] <AmazingPythor> Even more violent than the D-Day scene? 
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> (derp) 
[02:57] <Game Wolf> Probabaly. 
[02:57] <Game Wolf> Equal or more. 
[02:57] <AmazingPythor> ... Oh. :P 
[02:57] <I'mDivergent> The best sequel was Alvin and the Chupmunks: The Squeakuel 
[02:57] <I'mDivergent> and Chipwrecked
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> div pls 
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> xD
[02:57] <I'mDivergent> and Road Chip
[02:57] <I'mDivergent> -/g
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> stopppp
[02:57] <I'mDivergent> (as) 
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> didnt even the original alvin movie suck
[02:57] <I'mDivergent> I've seen all those movies I'm proud to say :p 
[02:57] <Romaniandude12> and yet they made three sequels or more
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> i'm sorry
[02:58] <Game Wolf> There is a scene where Deadpool jams his sword through an expendable henchmens chest and jumps on the sword hand to split the henchman in half. 
[02:58] <AmazingPythor> Oddly enough the second most violent film I've seen is probably from like 1924
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> *sueakuels 
[02:58] <AmazingPythor> Sounds idiotic, GW. :P 
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> ....bah typo
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> whatever
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> GW, thats just like
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> nasty
[02:58] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[02:58] <Game Wolf> It has a nice call back to Monty Python and the Holy Grail in it. :P 
[02:59] <I'mDivergent> Hannah Montana The Movie 
[02:59] <I'mDivergent> amazing work of art
[02:59] <Romaniandude12> that was a thing div?
[02:59] <Game Wolf> You have to watch Deadpool, look up a complete in depth list of the pop culture references in it, and then watch Deadpool a second time to fully enjoy it. 
[02:59] <I'mDivergent> Film industry at its finest 
[02:59] <I'mDivergent> yes rome
[02:59] <Ked830> Oooo
[02:59] <Ked830> i watched that
[02:59] <Romaniandude12> is there going to be a sequel called "Miley Cyrus the movie"
[02:59] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[03:00] <I'mDivergent> shoop shoop gw
[03:00] <Game Wolf> I saw the film 1 time for each month it was in theaters. And when Deadpool came out on Blu ray, they were still doing screenings at one of my local theaters. 
[03:00] <I'mDivergent> It came out on dvd really quickly 
[03:01] <Game Wolf> But if you want a really deep superhero movie, then Watchmen is your cup of tea. The film is highly underrated, but if it were made today then it would be lauded with praise. 
[03:02] <Game Wolf> But if you want a great read, then get the book. The book is amazing. 
[03:02] <Ked830> Do you even drink tea wilf
[03:02] <Romaniandude12> ..xD
[03:02] <Romaniandude12> leave it to ked
[03:02] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[03:03] <Game Wolf> I mean, the film does a good job of taking the basic philosophical elements and the storyline, but the book is spectacular. 
[03:03] <Game Wolf> You can pick it up on Amazon for $12. 
[03:03] <Romaniandude12> watchmen had a book?
[03:03] <Game Wolf> Its like 500 pages thick. 
[03:03] <Game Wolf> Yeah. 
[03:03] <Romaniandude12> comics turned movies turned book
[03:03] <Romaniandude12> lovely
[03:03] <Pacman87> omg 500 so much
[03:03] <Worldracer99> toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly
[03:03] <Romaniandude12> wr no
[03:03] <Romaniandude12> spam
[03:03] <Game Wolf> There are some college courses that mandate the reading of the book. 
[03:03] <Pacman87> Language, worldracer
[03:03] <Game Wolf> No, the comic is considered a book. 
[03:04] <Worldracer99> toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly
[03:04] <Romaniandude12> AP
[03:04] <Romaniandude12> AP get here
[03:04] <Worldracer99> toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly toodly boodly
[03:04] <Romaniandude12> thank goodness
[03:04] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[03:04] <Ked830> rip
[03:04] <Game Wolf> It was in Time Magazines list of 100 best English language novels since 1823
[03:04] <Game Wolf> +1923
[03:04] <Game Wolf> **
[03:05] <Game Wolf> Its considered the holy grail of comic books. 
[03:05] <Romaniandude12> whats with drace?
[03:05] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[03:05] <Game Wolf> The miniseries about the characters were pretty underwhelming tho
[03:05] <Game Wolf> but the Nite Owl miniseries was a worthy successor. 
[03:06] <Ked830> Toodly boodly, rom?
[03:06] <Romaniandude12> spamming isnt his style
[03:06] <Game Wolf> ^
[03:06] <Romaniandude12> hes very trolly but never spams per se
[03:06] <Game Wolf> Ive never seen him behave lite that. 
[03:06] <Ked830> *shrug* I really only know what anime he likes soooooo
[03:07] <Game Wolf> Orly?
[03:07] <Romaniandude12> lol
[03:07] <Game Wolf> Well how's life up in that tower?
[03:07] <Ked830> beg your pardon
[03:07] <Pacman87> Maybe worldracer
[03:07] <Pacman87> fell into a well
[03:07] <Game Wolf> you know damn well (ud) 
[03:07] <Pacman87> and his only way out was to spam
[03:07] <Majolo9050> uh excuz me wilf
[03:08] <Majolo9050> i broke her out
[03:08] <Ked830> what
[03:08] <Game Wolf> u can't break her out of my tower 
[03:08] <Ked830> oooooooo
[03:08] <Ked830> i get it now
[03:08] <Majolo9050> yus i can
[03:08] <Game Wolf> the police arested you Maj (ud) 
[03:08] <Ked830> i did not understand what you meant at first wilf XD
[03:08] <Majolo9050> i can do what i damn well please
[03:08] <Ked830> im like what
[03:08] <Majolo9050> i got away from them (as) 
[03:08] <Game Wolf> nooooooooooooo
[03:09] <Majolo9050> yus
[03:09] <Ked830> Maj do you have chickens
[03:09] <Ked830> i think I recall you saying something about chickens 
[03:09] <Game Wolf> *puts ked in a rocket and sends her out to space so that when she returns only a few years will have passed for her but a lot of time will have passed for earth because that's something that can actually happen*
[03:09] <Romaniandude12> rude
[03:10] <Majolo9050> i had chickens
[03:10] <Ked830> mme ir wilf??
[03:10] <Ked830> or
[03:10] <Ked830> ah
[03:10] <Majolo9050> and then they were all killed
[03:10] <Majolo9050> why?
[03:10] <Game Wolf> bai u?
[03:10] <Ked830> I was gonna say you loosed your chickens about the police that wilf sent after you 
[03:10] <Majolo9050> god my internet is laggin so bad
[03:11] <Majolo9050> i have a cat tho
[03:11] <Ked830> to be dramatic ya know
[03:11] <Majolo9050> very ferocious
[03:11] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[03:11] <Game Wolf> those poor officers 
[03:11] <AmazingPythor> Now that I think about it
[03:12] <Game Wolf> they was just doing there job 
[03:12] <AmazingPythor> SPR was mainly hard to watch because of the psychological aspect
[03:12] <AmazingPythor> And Deadpool sounds too stupid to have that effect
[03:12] <Game Wolf> Yeah, Deadpool is just irreverent humor. :P 
[03:12] <Game Wolf> You have to know your movies to catch the movies references. :P 
[03:12] <Game Wolf> and the one reference they made a mistake about XD
[03:13] <Romaniandude12> i heard it was loaded with green lanturn references
[03:13] <Game Wolf> They reference every Ryan Reynolds comic franchise 
[03:13] <AmazingPythor> What kind of movie refereces
[03:13] <AmazingPythor> Are they at least cultured ones
[03:13] <Game Wolf> Taken, Weird Science, ect. 
[03:13] <AmazingPythor> ... Oh :P 
[03:13] <Romaniandude12> so mostly new movies
[03:13] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[03:14] <AmazingPythor> I was hoping for a "yO aDRIAN" or something but nah
[03:14] <Romaniandude12> ....xD
[03:14] <Game Wolf> They reference Blade II, which is supposed to be a reference to the one that RR was in, but he wasn't in Blade II he was in blade III
[03:14] <Game Wolf> and no
[03:14] <Game Wolf> there are lots of old movie references 
[03:14] <Game Wolf> for ones from the 80's and 90's 
[03:15] <Game Wolf> the deleted scenes are boss tho
[03:15] <Game Wolf> And the Dead Pool board has lots of references 
[03:15] <Game Wolf> like M Night Shyamalan
[03:15] <AmazingPythor> God why
[03:16] <Romaniandude12> who would willingly reference JB
[03:16] <Game Wolf> and S Labeouf
[03:16] <Romaniandude12> hey GW
[03:16] <Game Wolf> si?
[03:16] <Romaniandude12> i feel like somebody was like "we should do an S Labeouf reference"
[03:16] <Game Wolf> your emit about to ask me to marry you are you?
[03:16] <Game Wolf> oh
[03:16] <Romaniandude12> and somebody was like "yeah, just do it."
[03:17] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[03:17] <Ked830> ..rommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[03:17] <Game Wolf> he is n actual cannibal 
[03:18] <Game Wolf> Smash Mouth is playing on pandora 
[03:18] <Game Wolf> I shall watch Blade tonight 
[03:19] <Romaniandude12> shouldnt you get onto that, GW?
[03:19] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[03:20] <Ked830> also rom its the weekend
[03:20] <Romaniandude12> xD
[03:20] <Romaniandude12> shhh
[03:20] <Ked830> time means nothing 
[03:20] <Romaniandude12> people still need sleep
[03:20] <Ked830> sure
[03:20] <Pacman87> sleep?
[03:20] <Pacman87> como estas?
[03:20] <Ked830> but they can sleep /in/
[03:21] <Ked830> hai Slushy
[03:21] <Game Wolf> Nah
[03:21] <Slicer Vorzakh> hey
[03:21] <Ked830> How are ya?
[03:21] <Game Wolf> I think instead of ape in my own money on a bullet proof shit 
[03:21] <Romaniandude12> ...
[03:21] <Game Wolf> *suit
[03:21] <AmazingPythor> oh
[03:21] <AmazingPythor> crap
[03:21] <Romaniandude12> xD
[03:21] <AmazingPythor> Lag, sorry
[03:21] <Game Wolf> It's okay. :P 
[03:22] <Romaniandude12> nah AP good job
[03:22] <Game Wolf> I would never intentionally swear this early. :P 
[03:22] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[03:22] <Game Wolf> APE
[03:22] <AmazingPythor> Eh?
[03:23] <Game Wolf> u pinball 
[03:23] <Ked830> I believe it's pronounced polandball
[03:23] <Game Wolf> GIT REKT
[03:23] <Romaniandude12> wowww ked
[03:23] <Romaniandude12> just wow
[03:23] <AmazingPythor> >pinball
[03:23] <Ked830> ..what did I do
[03:24] <Romaniandude12> you know
[03:24] <Ked830> I don't 
[03:24] <Ked830> what did I do ;-;
[03:24] <Ked830> i can't fix it if you don't tell me 
[03:24] <Romaniandude12> you made a bad pun
[03:24] <Ked830> hoi ely
[03:24] <Ked830> oh
[03:24] <Ked830> right
[03:24] <RoboticBrick28> hello soe o/ 
[03:24] <Ked830> okay
[03:25] <Ked830> im soe sorry
[03:25] <Pacman87> bad ked
[03:25] <Romaniandude12> scrubbles o/ 
[03:25] <Ked830> And this is why I get off at 10
[03:25] <RoboticBrick28> Hello bubbles o/ 
[03:25] <Ked830> hey bubbles
[03:25] <Impossibubbles> ello chillins
[03:25] <Pacman87> bad ked
[03:25] <Pacman87> baked
[03:25] <Pacman87> baked kedlings
[03:25] <Ked830> baked what
[03:25] <Ked830> oh
[03:25] <Ked830> no
[03:25] <Ked830> sad
[03:25] <Pacman87> get the grill
[03:26] <Game Wolf> Kedlings :| 
[03:26] <RoboticBrick28> pacman wat :| 
[03:26] <Pacman87> keddyboos
[03:26] <Ked830> Pretty sure you don't bake stuff on a grill
[03:26] <Ked830> you grill stuff on a grill
[03:26] <Game Wolf> (ud) 
[03:26] <Pacman87> i wouldnt know
[03:26] <Ked830> you wouldn't would you
[03:26] <Game Wolf> pac I illiterate monster 
[03:27] <Game Wolf> *u
[03:27] <Romaniandude12> ked
[03:27] <Romaniandude12> pac is allowed to bake on the grill if he wants to
[03:27] <Ked830> Yuss?
[03:27] <Romaniandude12> dont deprive him of dreaming
[03:27] <Ked830> oh okay
[03:28] <Ked830> sorry
[03:28] <Ked830> ;-;
[03:28] <Pacman87> i asm totes smart
[03:28] <Ked830> <span style="font-size:7pt;">but that's not how it worksss</span>
[03:28] <Romaniandude12> ked
[03:28] <Romaniandude12> pls
[03:28] <Ked830> Pax is toast smart
[03:28] <Romaniandude12>
[03:29] <Majolo9050> i actually have baked on a grill before
[03:29] <Ked830> Omg you can make cookies on a grill
[03:29] <Romaniandude12> xD
[03:29] <Pacman87> <span style="font-weight:bold;"> baked keds now for sale</span>
[03:30] <Ked830> No please
[03:30] <Majolo9050> why would you bake shoes
[03:30] <Pacman87> <span style="color:purple;"><span style="font-weight:bold;"> only 5.99</span></span>
[03:30] <Majolo9050> uh
[03:30] <Majolo9050> not really
[03:30] <Majolo9050> but thanks anyways xD
[03:31] <Ked830> Mkay
[03:31] <Son of Elrond> oh right i opened chat
[03:31] <Son of Elrond> hi chat
[03:31] <Majolo9050> hi soe
[03:31] <Ked830> Hi Ely
[03:31] <AmazingPythor> brb
[03:31] <Son of Elrond> there's an insane ping pong tournament going on rn so probs afk
[03:32] <Ked830> Ping pong XD
[03:32] <Son of Elrond> why is that funny
[03:32] <Son of Elrond> :P 
[03:32] <Ked830> Idk
[03:32] <Son of Elrond> Table Tennis is a serious sport :| 
[03:33] <Romaniandude12> lol
[03:33] <Ked830> You are right
[03:33] <Pacman87> PING PONG
[03:33] <Son of Elrond> pING PONGGG (gah) 
[03:33] <Ked830> but ping pong isn't 
[03:33] <Son of Elrond> hYA (gah) 
[03:33] <Son of Elrond> 
[03:33] <Ked830> Table tennis and ping pong are totally different things 
[03:33] <Impossibubbles> >.>
[03:33] <Son of Elrond> no ked
[03:33] <RoboticBrick28> Table tennis would require a very large table...
[03:33] <Ked830> yes
[03:34] <Son of Elrond> merely a difference in name so people can feel dignified playing it in the olympics 
[03:34] <Romaniandude12> ...xD
[03:34] <Ked830> Wxactly
[03:34] <Ked830> exactly
[03:34] <Impossibubbles> table tennis and ping pong are exactly the same. Ping pong just sounds stupid (derp4) 
[03:34] <Romaniandude12> idk I would play ping pong befoe table tennis
[03:34] <RoboticBrick28> ^
[03:34] <Son of Elrond> is bliz on the sidebar
[03:34] <Romaniandude12> ye soe
[03:35] <Son of Elrond> Blizadbrick ping you derp
[03:35] <Romaniandude12>
[03:35] <Son of Elrond> ...
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> guys...
[03:35] <Son of Elrond> *Blizardbrick
[03:35] <Romaniandude12> ye brave?
[03:35] <Pacman87> ked is a nonbeliever
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> theres a wasp nesting in my ceiling/walls
[03:35] <RoboticBrick28> o my
[03:35] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think i wanna set fire to my house
[03:35] <Pacman87> we will ping and pong all we like
[03:36] <RoboticBrick28> BNR, torching one's own house still counts as arson
[03:36] <Son of Elrond> blizahd (ud) 
[03:37] <Ked830> rip Brave
[03:37] <Ked830> it was nice knowing you
[03:38] <Romaniandude12> no it wasnt
[03:38] <Romaniandude12> but rip anyways
[03:38] <Ked830> Rom shh
[03:38] <Romaniandude12> rest in pain that is
[03:38] <Romaniandude12> (kappa) 
[03:38] <Romaniandude12> jk
[03:38] <Romaniandude12> bnr isnt that bad
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> GUYS
[03:39] <RoboticBrick28> Requiescat in pace
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> OH MY GOD
[03:39] <Romaniandude12> ? :{P 
[03:39] <Ked830> Brave at least you can die knowing you brought (kappa) back into the light
[03:39] <RoboticBrick28> did it eat you?
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> OG M Y G O D
[03:39] <Ked830> what
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> the wasp is stuck between my blinds and window
[03:39] <AmazingPythor>
[03:39] <Ked830> Brave get off your phone and kill it
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i saw a big ol leggy bug
[03:39] <Ked830> ewwwwww
[03:39] <Ked830> nuuuuuu
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> idk if it was a wasp
[03:39] <Romaniandude12> ap :{P 
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> but it might have been those sorta mosquitos
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> so uh
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think im gonna die
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant kill it
[03:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> if i open my blinds
[03:40] <Romaniandude12> animal cruelty
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> itll fly out
[03:40] <Romaniandude12> (yk) 
[03:40] <Ked830> break the window so it can be free
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> ill just let it starve
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> it deserves it
[03:40] <Romaniandude12> r00d
[03:40] <RoboticBrick28> rom
[03:40] <RoboticBrick28> its a wasp
[03:40] <RoboticBrick28> its invading hsi house
[03:40] <RoboticBrick28> his*
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> i must hold my ground
[03:40] <RoboticBrick28> it has no sense of private property
[03:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> by moving to another room
[03:40] <RoboticBrick28> retreat!
[03:40] <RoboticBrick28> 
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was legit scary
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> since i heard it make sounds
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> it was like from alien
[03:41] <RoboticBrick28> bzz
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> and aliens
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> and alien 3
[03:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> can someone tell me its gonna be ok
[03:42] <RoboticBrick28> Is there anyone else in the house?
[03:42] <Ked830> It's gonna be okay darling
[03:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[03:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> aw thanks ked
[03:43] <RoboticBrick28> Perhaps they could kill it for you?
[03:43] <Ked830> And with that I'm afraid I must leave you
[03:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> no they cant
[03:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh no
[03:43] <Ked830> night all, take caaaaare
[03:43] <RoboticBrick28> Aw, bye Ked o/ 
[03:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> bye
[03:43] <Ked830> good luck brave
[03:43] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[03:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> thanks
[03:43] <Majolo9050> bai kedeee
[03:43] <RoboticBrick28> BNR - I doubt it will escape from the blinds...
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> dude you dont understand
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> the blinds are like half open
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> and theyre big blinds
[03:44] <RoboticBrick28> oh.
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> and i dont have the twisty thing to close them
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i tried to push the blinds down
[03:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> it didnt work well
[03:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is why i need a Gun
[03:45] <RoboticBrick28> That might be overkill
[03:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is why i need Gas
[03:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> gw come here
[03:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> and use the termite on my house
[03:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> thx
[03:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> thermite*
[03:46] <Game Wolf> *uses thermite on bnrs haus*
[03:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> my house isnt on fire
[03:46] <Romaniandude12> bnr
[03:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> was
[03:46] <Romaniandude12> ill send some pesticides to your house 
[03:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> thanks
[03:46] <Game Wolf> Pfft
[03:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> pm me and ill give you my address
[03:47] <Game Wolf> Thermite is the ultimate pesticide 
[03:47] <Romaniandude12> OKAy!!!111!1!!
[03:47] <Game Wolf> put it in your walls and light it and it is garunteed to get rind of the bugs 
[03:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i have
[03:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> a 4 year old can of Off
[03:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> i can spray it...
[03:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> but itll be everywhere
[03:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> goddammit
[03:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> I need kep's gas mask
[03:48] <Romaniandude12> bnr
[03:48] <Slicer Vorzakh> off is for mosquitos 
[03:48] <Romaniandude12> just call 911
[03:49] <RoboticBrick28> Use a mega ultra large exploding anvil
[03:49] <Romaniandude12> oooooh bnr
[03:49] <Romaniandude12> make a gas bob
[03:49] <Romaniandude12> *bomb
[03:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> guys
[03:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> i think i got it
[03:52] <RoboticBrick28> :O 
[03:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> I ran in with goggles and a scarf
[03:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> with a can of bug spray
[03:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> "FUR DAS VATERLAND"
[03:53] <RoboticBrick28> Is it dead?
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> ITS STILL ALIVE AAAAA
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> its on my light bulb
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> ive quarantined the area
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok time to spray everywhere
[03:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> wish me luck
[03:53] <RoboticBrick28> Good luck!
[03:53] <RoboticBrick28> Is this a bedroom?
[03:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[03:54] <RoboticBrick28> Your bedroom?
[03:55] <AmazingPythor>
[03:55] <Pacman87> im back gfurl
[03:55] <Romaniandude12> .....ap
[03:55] <Romaniandude12> xD
[03:56] <Romaniandude12> i love those things
[03:57] <BraveNewRoyalty> target lost
[03:58] <RoboticBrick28> darn
[03:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> Found target
[03:58] <BraveNewRoyalty> shooting it with nerf
[03:58] <RoboticBrick28> wat
[03:58] <Romaniandude12> go bnr
[03:59] <Romaniandude12> woo
[03:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> Spray out of range
[03:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> crap
[04:00] <BraveNewRoyalty> gonna have to bring out the bigger nerf gun
[04:00] <Romaniandude12> or throw grenades of vinegar and baking soda 
[04:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> target lost 
[04:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant find it..
[04:07] <RoboticBrick28> Hmm
[04:08] <RoboticBrick28> Did you find it yet?
[04:09] <RoboticBrick28> ooh
[04:09] <RoboticBrick28> I googled it
[04:09] <RoboticBrick28> Kill the wasps with soapy water.
[04:09] <RoboticBrick28> Add 2 to 4 Tbsp (30 to 60 ml) of liquid dish soap to 2 cups (500 ml) of water in a spray bottle. Spray directly on wasps and on developing nests.
[04:12] <Starrocks923> Probably not, but I am. Watching Stranger Things with seniors. :P 
[04:13] <RoboticBrick28> Is it fun?
[04:15] <RoboticBrick28> chat ded
[04:15] <RoboticBrick28> rip chat
[04:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> I think i got it
[04:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i cant find the corpse
[04:18] <RoboticBrick28> I'm unsure of what to say
[04:18] <RoboticBrick28> a missing corpse is a serious thing
[04:19] <RoboticBrick28> Especially for a deadly enemy
[04:19] <RoboticBrick28> ello maj o/ 
[04:19] <Majolo9050> ey det o/ 
[04:19] <RoboticBrick28> Chat is kinda dead, jsyk
[04:20] <RoboticBrick28> Just me and BNR trying to kill a wasp
[04:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> itsnot a wasp
[04:20] <Majolo9050> fun\
[04:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> just a long legged flier
[04:20] <RoboticBrick28> wat
[04:20] <RoboticBrick28> long legged flier
[04:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah those big ol guys who look like mosquitos
[04:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> my god i cant find the corpse
[04:22] <RoboticBrick28> Do you have carpet?
[04:22] <RoboticBrick28> or tile, or wood?
[04:22] <RoboticBrick28> 
[04:23] <RoboticBrick28> AP o/ 
[04:23] <Romaniandude12> ap o/ 
[04:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> carpet
[04:23] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[04:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> my room is gassed enough i can tell
[04:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> it makes my eyes water
[04:23] <BraveNewRoyalty> lit cannot find his corpse
[04:24] <RoboticBrick28> I thought you were wearing goggles?
[04:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> I was
[04:25] <BraveNewRoyalty> but it makes things foggy
[04:26] <RoboticBrick28> afk 1 sec
[04:27] <AmazingPythor> >tfw can't find silent film on Youtube
[04:28] <RoboticBrick28> back
[04:29] <RoboticBrick28> Have you found it yet, BNR?
[04:29] <AmazingPythor> The Great White Silence
[04:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[04:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i havent
[04:30] <AmazingPythor> Color film from like 1924
[04:30] <RoboticBrick28> But you are pretty sure its dead?
[04:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> but tonight when im sleeping
[04:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> ill be prepared just in case
[04:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> two nerf guns
[04:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> (wo) 
[04:30] <RoboticBrick28> spray gun?
[04:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i have none
[04:30] <Romaniandude12>
[04:30] <Romaniandude12> this not it?
[04:30] <Romaniandude12> @ap
[04:30] <RoboticBrick28> any fly swatter?
[04:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> have none
[04:31] <Romaniandude12> is this just a documentary about it
[04:31] <AmazingPythor> No, the film is a documentary
[04:31] <Romaniandude12> oh
[04:31] <AmazingPythor> And this isn't actually the film (derp) 
[04:31] <Romaniandude12> lol
[04:31] <Romaniandude12> i dont have earphones
[04:31] <AmazingPythor> Just a video with a link to some shady website in the description
[04:31] <Romaniandude12> ah
[04:31] <AmazingPythor> I scoured YT, found nothing
[04:31] <RoboticBrick28> Well then I guess nerf guns are your best defense...
[04:31] <AmazingPythor> Am now watching a different silent film
[04:32] <Romaniandude12> who legit would try to scam using a film from 1924??
[04:32] <Romaniandude12> xP
[04:32] <AmazingPythor> No idea, apparently it's still protected by copyright 
[04:32] <Romaniandude12> odd
[04:33] <RoboticBrick28> And I will be taking my leave now. Fare thee well, all. o/ 
[04:33] <Romaniandude12> o/ 
[04:35] <Romaniandude12> everyones leaving
[04:35] <Romaniandude12> here comes night chat
[04:37] <BraveNewRoyalty> great
[04:39] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[04:39] <Romaniandude12> so how are you brave?
[04:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> terrified
[04:39] <Romaniandude12> the wasp still fighting back?
[04:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[04:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> it dead
[04:39] <Romaniandude12> and the nest?
[04:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> still there
[04:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> Id like to thank years of exp with nerf for this victory
[04:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> someone should document this
[04:41] <Romaniandude12> battle of ulrich's room sounds better
[04:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom do you have the entire chat from when this started
[04:41] <Romaniandude12> think so
[04:41] <Romaniandude12> idk
[04:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> check
[04:42] <Romaniandude12> i have back to 11:@4
[04:42] <Romaniandude12> *24
[04:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> what was my last message
[04:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> or first (derp) 
[04:43] <Romaniandude12> 11:35
[04:43] <Romaniandude12> "guys i have a wasp nest in my house"
[04:44] <Romaniandude12> BraveNewRoyalty
[04:44] <Romaniandude12> theres a wasp nesting in my ceiling/walls
[04:44] <Romaniandude12> specifically ^
[04:45] <Romaniandude12> keps
[04:45] <Romaniandude12> you missed a mighty battle
[04:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> ok rom
[04:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> do you care to make a screenshot story out of it (derp) 
[04:47] <Romaniandude12> will u give mesomethin
[04:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[04:47] <BraveNewRoyalty> a rfr support
[04:48] <Romaniandude12> lol
[04:48] <Romaniandude12> i think thats bribery 
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> nah
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was gonna do it 
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> but i got lazy
[04:48] <Romaniandude12> oh okay
[04:48] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[04:48] <Romaniandude12> either way sure i will
[04:48] <Romaniandude12> doyou have a hangout?
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> cool dude
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> er
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[04:48] <Romaniandude12> ugh
[04:48] <BraveNewRoyalty> i meant like make a blog post out of it
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> so its cemented here
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> for all to witness
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> "ulrich fights a bug"
[04:49] <Romaniandude12> yeah but easier to quickly copy paste stuff somewhere
[04:49] <Romaniandude12> ill figure out something
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> cool 
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> thx
[04:49] <Romaniandude12> ....found an old abondoned group hangout
[04:49] <Romaniandude12> (derp) 
[04:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[04:49] <Romaniandude12>
[04:50] <Romaniandude12> like that good?
[04:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> ye
[04:50] <Romaniandude12> kk
[04:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> but you know with everything (derp) 
[04:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> AOmg
[04:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> THERES A GIANT SPIDER NOW
[04:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> BRB
[04:58] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[04:58] <Romaniandude12> finally done
[04:58] <Impossibubbles> almost done with the first cupcake
[04:58] <Impossibubbles> yey
[04:59] <Romaniandude12> yay
[04:59] <Romaniandude12> bnr this is way too freakin many screenshots
[04:59] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[04:59] <AmazingPythor> You seem to have your work cut out for you in your cupcake endeavors.
[04:59] <Impossibubbles> Quite >.>
[05:00] <AmazingPythor> And you have to make, what, ten more
[05:00] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[05:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> never take more requests than you can handle
[05:00] <Game Wolf> Man of Steel is on FX
[05:00] <Nart L. Chipikal> you will burn out in a fiery blaze of fire and tired
[05:01] <Nart L. Chipikal> like fired
[05:01] <AmazingPythor> Chip is wise.
[05:01] <Nart L. Chipikal> or tire
[05:01] <Nart L. Chipikal> like a tire that gets fired for not running a car
[05:01] <Game Wolf> "You're tired." - Donald Trump When His Kids Need To Go To Bed
[05:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh guys
[05:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> i am the exterminator
[05:06] <Sonnyb123> The 20th anniversary Homestar concert ended a couple of hours ago
[05:07] <Sonnyb123> I didn't go, but I probably could have made the trip to Atlanta happen with all the money I spent on shirts.
[05:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> what is homestar
[05:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[05:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> i found the corpse
[05:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> yessssss
[05:13] <Romaniandude12> .
[05:13] <Romaniandude12> bnr
[05:13] <Romaniandude12> i got all the screenshots
[05:13] <Romaniandude12> but there are so many :{P 
[05:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> nice
[05:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> meanwhile i killed a giant spider and found the corpse
[05:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> thats what i wanted in the first place :P 
[05:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> brb im gonna have a toast to good hunting
[05:17] <Majolo9050> me "oh hey look i might as well do some school stuff that i need to get caught up on that's scheduled for tomorrow (Derp) "
[05:17] <Majolo9050> *looks at clock*
[05:17] <Majolo9050> "goddamnit it's not tomorrow anymore"
[05:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[05:20] <Romaniandude12> FINALLY
[05:20] <Romaniandude12> bah
[05:20] <Romaniandude12> 21 images
[05:20] <Majolo9050> dear god
[05:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> woo
[05:21] <Impossibubbles> wanna know the worst part about this show
[05:22] <Romaniandude12> [[User blog:Romaniandude12/An important question]]
[05:22] <Romaniandude12> ,,,xD
[05:22] <Romaniandude12> the outcome of this tho
[05:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> im sleeping in a pesticided bed
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> one of the characters has a son named "Baelfire" 
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> And he calls him "bae" for short
[05:22] <Impossibubbles> >.>
[05:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[05:23] <AmazingPythor> Is it pronounced the same 
[05:24] <Romaniandude12> .
[05:26] <Romaniandude12> how do I upload 21 photos at a time into a post
[05:26] <Romaniandude12> >.<
[05:27] <Romaniandude12> scrubbles pingg
[05:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> use gallery? (derp) 
[05:27] <AmazingPythor> Uh am I going insane
[05:27] <AmazingPythor> [[User:AmazingPythor]]
[05:28] <AmazingPythor> Does the autoplay here work for you chaps
[05:28] <Romaniandude12> you mean the musicplaying?
[05:28] <AmazingPythor> Do you hear music, I should say :{P 
[05:28] <Nart L. Chipikal> i like the music
[05:28] <Nart L. Chipikal> it is nice
[05:29] <AmazingPythor> It's mainly there to annoy skul
[05:29] <Romaniandude12> yeah
[05:29] <Romaniandude12> i hear it
[05:29] <AmazingPythor> Huh, not working for me for some reason
[05:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> usually if the code isnt at the top of the page, it takes a while to play
[05:30] <AmazingPythor> Huh, it was working just fine before but okay
[05:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> because it loads from top to bottom yeah
[05:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> and if you use youtube then it has to buffer
[05:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> and crap
[05:31] <AmazingPythor> Well that makes sense but it was virtually instantaneous until now
[05:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> eh
[05:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> it never works consistently
[05:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[05:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> become a true hero and put music on your message wall (kappa) 
[05:33] <AmazingPythor> I should put a different guilty pleasure song there
[05:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> whats on your profile
[05:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> I'm on mobile
[05:33] <AmazingPythor> Invisible Touch by Genesis (derp) 
[05:33] <BraveNewRoyalty> wew
[05:34] <Romaniandude12> done bnr
[05:34] <Romaniandude12> [[User blog:Romaniandude12/The Great Battle of Ulrich%27s Bedroom|User blog:Romaniandude12/The Great Battle of Ulrich's Bedroom]]
[05:34] <Romaniandude12> :{P 
[05:34] <BraveNewRoyalty> thanks rom
[05:34] <Romaniandude12> welcome
[05:35] <AmazingPythor> Catchy but ludicrously cheesy, hence "guilty pleasure." :{P 
[05:35] <Romaniandude12> lol
[05:37] <Romaniandude12> yawn
[05:38] <BraveNewRoyalty> same
[05:38] <Romaniandude12> did i ever tell you about the first time I got rick rolled
[05:38] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[05:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> how
[05:39] <AmazingPythor> I don't believe so.
[05:39] <Romaniandude12> it was from tone
[05:39] <Romaniandude12> i hadnt been able to sleep and it was late at night
[05:39] <Romaniandude12> i had a miserable headache
[05:39] <Romaniandude12> so I came on chat and asked for a song that might help relax my brain
[05:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> ...
[05:39] <BraveNewRoyalty> how old were you
[05:40] <Romaniandude12> tone linked rick astley
[05:40] <AmazingPythor> Toooooone
[05:40] <Romaniandude12> and it actually did help my headache
[05:40] <AmazingPythor> Miss that chap.
[05:40] <Romaniandude12> believe it or not
[05:40] <Romaniandude12> idk it was like january 2015 or something
[05:40] <Romaniandude12> so....
[05:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> what the hell
[05:40] <Romaniandude12> 13?
[05:40] <BraveNewRoyalty> i had my first in like 2007
[05:40] <Romaniandude12> lol
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> also my bed is sticky
[05:41] <AmazingPythor> I like didn't use the Internet until 2011
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> (bb) 
[05:41] <Romaniandude12> same pretty much ap
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> its from the bug spray
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[05:41] <AmazingPythor> Actually make that 2010
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> my usual loud neighbors
[05:41] <BraveNewRoyalty> have a girl over
[05:41] <AmazingPythor> I just looked at Mario wiki a ton until I was 12 or so
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> ughhhh
[05:42] <AmazingPythor> I made current me look like a thrill ride
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol ap
[05:42] <Romaniandude12> lol
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> i did that with db wiki
[05:42] <Romaniandude12> huh
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> When i was 8
[05:42] <Romaniandude12> what did i do when i found the internet....
[05:42] <Romaniandude12> idek
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> you know what (bb) 
[05:42] <Romaniandude12> i think i played games on
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg same
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> i played a lot of flash games
[05:42] <BraveNewRoyalty> a loooooot
[05:43] <Romaniandude12> games were actually really fun
[05:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> guys
[05:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> if i die
[05:43] <Romaniandude12> we can only hope
[05:43] <Romaniandude12> (as) 
[05:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> let it be known i die from pesticide inhalation
[05:43] <Game Wolf> If u die
[05:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> or consumption
[05:43] <Game Wolf> ill kill u first 
[05:43] <BraveNewRoyalty> you are all my witnesses
[05:43] <Game Wolf> if I die
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> when you die...
[05:44] <Game Wolf> its from a a government conspiracy 
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> you die! (gasp) 
[05:44] <Game Wolf> (gasp2) 
[05:44] <Romaniandude12> (gasp3)
[05:44] <AmazingPythor> "princess diana was alive hours before she died"
[05:44] <Romaniandude12> (Derp2) 
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> people die when they are killed
[05:44] <Game Wolf> (youdontsay)
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> (yds) 
[05:44] <Game Wolf> (yds) 
[05:44] <BraveNewRoyalty> ftfy
[05:45] <Romaniandude12> (dwi) 
[05:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> this dying thing doesnt seem all that bad
[05:45] <Game Wolf> When you are killed
[05:45] <Romaniandude12> except for the death part
[05:45] <Game Wolf> you die. 
[05:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> death seems nice
[05:45] <Romaniandude12> unless it isnt
[05:45] <BraveNewRoyalty> its like infinite sleep
[05:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> good deal
[05:46] <Game Wolf> Unless there really is a hell. 
[05:46] <BraveNewRoyalty> i guess
[05:46] <Romaniandude12> per gw
[05:46] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[05:46] <Game Wolf> I wonder how Superman shaves. 
[05:47] <Romaniandude12> i looked it up
[05:47] <Romaniandude12> and found an article about bill nye explaining it
[05:47] <Romaniandude12> i;m done
[05:47] <Game Wolf> top kek
[05:48] <Romaniandude12>,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/180xvslul32pgpng.png
[05:49] <Game Wolf> Huh
[05:49] <Game Wolf> well I'll be damned 
[05:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> I cant
[05:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom
[05:49] <BraveNewRoyalty> no
[05:49] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[05:50] <Impossibubbles> finished
[05:50] <Romaniandude12> finished what
[05:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> with what
[05:50] <Romaniandude12> OH
[05:50] <Romaniandude12> the cupcake
[05:50] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[05:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> ooo
[05:50] <BraveNewRoyalty> link
[05:50] <Impossibubbles> I'm going to post them in another blog as I finish them
[05:51] <AmazingPythor> Is this your second
[05:51] <BraveNewRoyalty> ap
[05:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> (ale) 
[05:52] <Romaniandude12> bnr
[05:52] <Game Wolf> *ale
[05:52] <Impossibubbles> [[User blog:Impossibubbles/Everyone As Cupcakes]]
[05:52] <Game Wolf> *ape
[05:52] <Romaniandude12> what does ti mean when i read that as charlie chaplin
[05:52] <AmazingPythor> Yeah bnr
[05:52] <Game Wolf> r u Mexican?
[05:52] <AmazingPythor> Only fifteen more to go Bubbles
[05:52] <AmazingPythor> No gw
[05:52] <Impossibubbles> yep >.>
[05:52] <Romaniandude12> ap isnt mexican? (gasp) 
[05:52] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg ap
[05:53] <Romaniandude12> (gasp2) 
[05:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> harry chapin is quite tge man
[05:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> my old 5th grade teacher played him in class
[05:53] <AmazingPythor> Admittedly I haven't listen to a ton, he's cool though. :P 
[05:53] <Impossibubbles> So. What do you guys think >:3
[05:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> and i rediscovered him like a few months ago
[05:53] <Romaniandude12> its
[05:53] <Romaniandude12> amazing
[05:53] <Impossibubbles> It took me all day (derp) 
[05:53] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[05:53] <BraveNewRoyalty> bubbles these are so good theyre scary
[05:53] <Impossibubbles> Thank you xD
[05:54] <Romaniandude12> do you have a system now, bubbles?
[05:54] <Majolo9050> very nice, bib xD
[05:54] <BraveNewRoyalty> i cant wait for me (derp) 
[05:54] <Impossibubbles> Well, now I have templates for the cheeks, those triangle things, and the bottom lineart
[05:54] <Impossibubbles> so that will save me some time
[05:55] <Impossibubbles> I like to change up the frosting sometimes, but i'll probably reuse this one
[05:55] <Romaniandude12> is it to late to request one bub
[05:55] <Impossibubbles> Nope
[05:55] <Romaniandude12> aw
[05:55] <Impossibubbles> just go to the blog and add your request
[05:55] <Impossibubbles> I'll get to them all eventually
[05:56] <Romaniandude12> i feel like just having you convert my avatar into a cupcake or something
[05:56] <Romaniandude12> (Derp) 
[05:56] <AmazingPythor> Oh, Bubbles
[05:56] <Impossibubbles> [[User blog:Impossibubbles/Drawing everyone as cupcakes!]]
[05:56] <Impossibubbles> Yes, ap? :P 
[05:56] <AmazingPythor> Two William Shatners punching each other is my new favorite thing
[05:56] <Impossibubbles> omg yes xDD
[05:57] <AmazingPythor> Also Sulu as a musketeer
[05:57] <AmazingPythor> And Spock's random emotional outburst
[05:57] <Kingwja> *poof*
[05:57] <Impossibubbles> I feel so bad for spock when that happens :P 
[05:58] <AmazingPythor> The whole episode perplexed me
[05:58] <AmazingPythor> It was cool though
[05:58] <Majolo9050> ey kingeh
[05:58] <Kingwja> Hey Majjy
[05:58] <Impossibubbles> basically 
[05:58] <AmazingPythor> Scottie might be my favorite so far
[05:58] <AmazingPythor> It's kinda early to tell tho
[05:58] <Impossibubbles> they're all drunk
[05:58] <Impossibubbles> xDDD
[05:58] <AmazingPythor> In essence.
[05:58] <Impossibubbles> Scottie is awesome tho
[05:58] <Romaniandude12> i should go probably
[05:59] <Kingwja> Bnr o/ 
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> king have you seen
[05:59] <AmazingPythor> Cya Rome
[05:59] <Kingwja> I just read your 
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> The battle of my bedroom
[05:59] <Kingwja> YES
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[05:59] <Kingwja> lol
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> and after that i fought a bigger spider
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[05:59] <AmazingPythor> Spock may be a close second
[05:59] <Romaniandude12> >rom gets no respect for the blog
[05:59] <Romaniandude12> cri
[05:59] <Impossibubbles> Spock is my favorite, but bones is a close second for me
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> rom is a good dude
[05:59] <Impossibubbles> I love bones :P 
[05:59] <BraveNewRoyalty> he took them screenshots
[06:00] <Kingwja> Ik
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> Do people generally call him Bones or McCoy
[06:00] <Kingwja> He documented the battle
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> It alternates 
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> kirk usually calls him McCoy when he's angry or something xD
[06:00] <Majolo9050> well, now i'm off to bed
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> I usually say McCoy, so I was confused at first (derp) 
[06:00] <Majolo9050> baiyeeee
[06:00] <Impossibubbles> o/ 
[06:00] <Kingwja> Bai Majjj ;( 
[06:00] <Kingwja> ugh
[06:00] <AmazingPythor> Cya Maj
[06:00] <Kingwja> that emote
[06:01] <Romaniandude12> i had to copy and save 21 photos
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> I get to update my wait list now
[06:01] <Romaniandude12> and then upload them
[06:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes hard work
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> and also add like a ton
[06:01] <Romaniandude12> one at a time into a gallery
[06:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> tedious
[06:01] <Kingwja> Yeah
[06:01] <Kingwja> but
[06:01] <Impossibubbles> I feel accomplished tho (derp4) 
[06:01] <Kingwja> it made a wonderful storyline
[06:01] <Romaniandude12> xD
[06:01] <Kingwja> :P 
[06:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> boss battle: big leggy bug
[06:01] <AmazingPythor> Not sure if that was an accomplishment or an immense waste of energy
[06:01] <AmazingPythor> Maybe both
[06:01] <BraveNewRoyalty> my eyes have been sprayed with bug spray though
[06:02] <Kingwja> I like the part about nerf experience. :ap
[06:02] <Kingwja> * :P 
[06:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> so im probably gonna go blind or die
[06:02] <Impossibubbles> I created art (ud) 
[06:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> also i ate some of it on accident
[06:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> yup im dead
[06:02] <Kingwja> Eww
[06:02] <Kingwja> bye bnr
[06:02] <Kingwja> cya on the other side
[06:02] <AmazingPythor> ... Perhaps now is not the time for my snarkiness. :{P 
[06:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> i was leaving anyways (derp) 
[06:02] <Kingwja> ...maybe
[06:02] <Kingwja> jk
[06:02] <BraveNewRoyalty> keps
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> >.>
[06:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just Auschwitz'd a bug
[06:03] <Romaniandude12> keps go to bed
[06:03] <Keplers> Jawohl?
[06:03] <Keplers> lol
[06:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> theres a screenshot story
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> brave is next up
[06:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> on rom's blogs
[06:03] <Keplers> Rom, I'm old
[06:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeee
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> no idea what I'm gonna do yet xD
[06:03] <Keplers> Yay, but I'm going to bbs
[06:03] <Impossibubbles> I'll have to sketch up some stuff later
[06:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> edgy swastikas
[06:03] <BraveNewRoyalty> (kappa) 
[06:03] <Romaniandude12> make it red and black with sw--
[06:03] <Romaniandude12> aw
[06:03] <Romaniandude12> bnr beat me to it
[06:03] <Romaniandude12> >.>
[06:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> sw-aw-stik-a
[06:04] <Romaniandude12> sw = star wars
[06:04] <Brick425> o/ 
[06:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> brick
[06:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> i had a battle
[06:04] <Romaniandude12> aw = sadness
[06:04] <Kingwja> Hey brick
[06:04] <Brick425> With who?
[06:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> go check out rom's latest blog
[06:04] <Romaniandude12> stik = brutality
[06:04] <BraveNewRoyalty> a bug i had to auschwitz
[06:04] <Romaniandude12> it all makes sense now...
[06:04] <Romaniandude12> anakin killing the tuskins is a representation of Nazi germany
[06:05] <Romaniandude12> (gasp) 
[06:05] <Kingwja> Yes rom, Star Wars = Sad brutality
[06:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> "too accurate for sand people"
[06:05] <Kingwja> What about that quote :ap
[06:05] <Kingwja> * :P 
[06:05] <BraveNewRoyalty> its the best
[06:05] <Kingwja> oh
[06:05] <Romaniandude12> [[User blog:Romaniandude12/The Great Battle of Ulrich%27s Bedroom|User blog:Romaniandude12/The Great Battle of Ulrich's Bedroom]] this is because keps is lazy
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> 22 requests to go xD
[06:06] <Romaniandude12> woo you go girl
[06:06] <Kingwja> 2-? :o 
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> I wonder how people would react if I made this my avatar:
[06:06] <Kingwja> * 22
[06:06] <Game Wolf> Just do it
[06:06] <Romaniandude12> ap
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> nu ap
[06:06] <Romaniandude12> just why
[06:06] <Romaniandude12> :P 
[06:06] <Kingwja> Who is it
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> yes
[06:06] <Impossibubbles> I like your avatar
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> Karl Marx rocking some shades
[06:06] <Game Wolf> let your dreams be dreams 
[06:06] <Kingwja> Ooo
[06:06] <Romaniandude12> isnt that marx
[06:06] <Game Wolf> because deep down you know 
[06:06] <Kingwja> do it
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> But Bubbles
[06:06] <Brick425> "Sand people" is a really dated and derogatory term for Tusken Raiders. I wish Obi Wan would stop using it.
[06:06] <AmazingPythor> It's Karl Marx
[06:07] <Game Wolf> you will never get the gurl
[06:07] <AmazingPythor> /with sunglasses/
[06:07] <Brick425> I mean, I know back in his day it was more acceptable
[06:07] <Romaniandude12> AP, thats the wrong marx brother though
[06:07] <Romaniandude12> hes the rejected one
[06:07] <Brick425> But still
[06:07] <Kingwja> Yes brick
[06:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> didnt john lennon have a friend called marx
[06:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> and the thing was called "lennonism marxism"
[06:07] <Game Wolf> Marx. Carl max. 
[06:07] <Game Wolf> *marx
[06:07] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[06:07] <AmazingPythor> Wasn't Lennon communist
[06:07] <Game Wolf> yes
[06:08] <Brick425> All British people are AP
[06:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> no he was just a hippie
[06:08] <AmazingPythor> True Brick
[06:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> if anything he was an anarchist
[06:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[06:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> "imagine theres no possessions"
[06:08] <Game Wolf> anarchism ftw
[06:08] <Romaniandude12> all British people are AP?
[06:08] <Romaniandude12> that explains alot
[06:08] <Game Wolf> the joker was right 
[06:08] <BraveNewRoyalty> "imagine theres no countries"
[06:08] <Kingwja> Why
[06:09] <Game Wolf> pfft
[06:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> because lennon
[06:09] <Romaniandude12> nationstates
[06:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> he said so
[06:09] <Kingwja> ik
[06:09] <Kingwja> but why
[06:09] <Game Wolf> New World Order glitch 
[06:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> nwo
[06:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> is
[06:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> such a bad conspiracy
[06:09] <BraveNewRoyalty> except for the airport thing
[06:09] <Kingwja> xD
[06:10] <Romaniandude12> does anybody else want to find out if the illuminati is real and how on earth people join it?
[06:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> bad conspiracies are conspiracies themselves as it makes conspiracists look like nuts when they believe in more rational things
[06:10] <Kingwja> No
[06:10] <Romaniandude12> o
[06:10] <Kingwja> :P 
[06:10] <Romaniandude12> (derp0
[06:10] <Impossibubbles> if it is real, we should all be very afraid (derp4) 
[06:10] <Game Wolf> Did you know that the USA actually had plans to incriminate a country, I think Cuba, to rally civilian support of a war against them by killing US officials and staging homeland terror attacks?
[06:10] <Brick425> The illuminati isn't real. Well, not anymore. You can't join it for that reason
[06:10] <Romaniandude12> how do you join an oeganization that isnt proven
[06:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes gw
[06:10] <TheShadowAssassin> o/ 
[06:10] <Brick425> If the US invaded Cuba, I wouldn't mind. They already failed that a first time.
[06:10] <Romaniandude12> do they just like find you
[06:10] <BraveNewRoyalty> there was a plan for if this one space mission failed
[06:10] <Kingwja> Hey shadow
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> Wasn't the Illuminati disbanded like during the French Revolution
[06:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> the cia would blame it on cuba
[06:11] <Brick425> The illuminati was a secret society in the 1700s
[06:11] <Brick425> Yes AP
[06:11] <Game Wolf> Cicada 3301
[06:11] <Romaniandude12> the real illuminati was, AP
[06:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> cicada 3301 is a joke
[06:11] <Game Wolf> its how the illumanateee recruits 
[06:11] <Game Wolf> duh
[06:11] <Brick425> Since it doesn't exist anymore, you neither join, nor are you recruited
[06:11] <Romaniandude12> but there still the modern illuminati which is just a conspiracy theory
[06:11] <Kingwja> Yeh
[06:11] <Brick425> More like a hypothesis
[06:11] <BraveNewRoyalty> i feel bad for legit conspirators
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> I thought only like 10 year olds were interested in the whole Illuminati thing
[06:11] <AmazingPythor> but k
[06:11] <Brick425> ^ :P 
[06:12] <Kingwja> lel
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> "i believe that 9/11 was a staged attack-" 
[06:12] <Romaniandude12> (loomy) 
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> "oh so you believe in chemtrails too?"
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> "no"
[06:12] <Brick425> Chemtrail believers are stupid as hell
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> duh
[06:12] <Kingwja> rome how do you make that wmote again? :P 
[06:12] <Kingwja> *emote
[06:12] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont think we need to debate that
[06:12] <Brick425> Because you can spray stuff thousands of feet in the air and not have it completely dissipate by the time it gets to the ground. :P 
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> dont talk about chemtrailers before ap is all like "theyre so anti science"
[06:13] <Kingwja> No wait I know how
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> brave
[06:13] <Kingwja> (loomy) 
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> what
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> if you joined the military what branch would it be?
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> the navy
[06:13] <Brick425> boooooo
[06:13] <Brick425> booooooooooo
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> haven't i said this before
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> multiple times
[06:13] <Game Wolf> The government is not our friend. 
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> I thought it was navy
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[06:13] <Impossibubbles> But I have a horrible memory :P 
[06:13] <BraveNewRoyalty> also screw you brick
[06:13] <TheShadowAssassin> Air Force <3
[06:13] <Brick425> Bubbles: Just know that the Army is better
[06:13] <Game Wolf> Anyone who says it is our friend is a fool. 
[06:14] <Brick425> haha chair force
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> So I thought it best to ask before I made a whole cupcake around it xD
[06:14] <TheShadowAssassin> Sthu 
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> I would join the air force but i dont have 20/20 vision
[06:14] <TheShadowAssassin> Laser surgery
[06:14] <Kingwja> ^
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> nah
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> that costs money
[06:14] <TheShadowAssassin> Save save save 
[06:14] <Game Wolf> Just become a cop and after a few years join a PMC. :| 
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> tsa!
[06:14] <Kingwja> My mom had laser surgery. (derp) 
[06:14] <Romaniandude12> k night everyone
[06:14] <TheShadowAssassin> !
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> i saved 70 dollars in 14 years
[06:14] <BraveNewRoyalty> cya
[06:14] <Brick425> What do you need to see in the chair force? The navy pilots flying by? :P 
[06:14] <AmazingPythor> Bye rome
[06:14] <Impossibubbles> You like Caravan Palace too? (sie) 
[06:15] <TheShadowAssassin> Yes!!
[06:15] <Kingwja> Gnight rome
[06:15] <TheShadowAssassin> I only recently found them and I am in love
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> brick
[06:15] <Game Wolf> Caravan Palace = CP
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> what does the army even do these days
[06:15] <Game Wolf> (ud) 
[06:15] <Impossibubbles> I've known about them for like a year. They're amazingggg
[06:15] <TheShadowAssassin> Ayee 
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> minus drone stricks
[06:15] <AmazingPythor> drone stricks 
[06:15] <BraveNewRoyalty> strikes
[06:15] <Game Wolf> National Guard. (derp) 
[06:15] <Impossibubbles> Lone Digger is my fave song by them rn
[06:15] <TheShadowAssassin> I'm beginning to take a huge liking to electro swing
[06:15] <TheShadowAssassin> Yeah, same
[06:16] <Impossibubbles> Electro swing is like my second favorite genre :P 
[06:16] <TheShadowAssassin> Of course, I still haven't heard all of their stuff yet
[06:16] <TheShadowAssassin> Oh?
[06:16] <TheShadowAssassin> What's your first?
[06:16] <Game Wolf> The government totally killed David Crowely. 
[06:16] <Impossibubbles> Okay I have a recommendation if you haven't heard it yet
[06:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> "electro" and "swing" sound like two things that shouldnt go together
[06:16] <TheShadowAssassin> Mhm?
[06:16] <Impossibubbles> And my first favorite is orchestral 
[06:16] <TheShadowAssassin> I love orchestral too
[06:16] <Kingwja> Per bnr xD
[06:16] <AmazingPythor> Yes bnr
[06:16] <Game Wolf> "Don't you know?! I'm Electro!"
[06:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> but hey pop punk is a thing
[06:16] <BraveNewRoyalty> so
[06:17] <Impossibubbles> Caravan Palace Pack up the Louie remix
[06:17] <Kingwja> It is?
[06:17] <Kingwja> gg
[06:17] <Brick425> pop punk, jesus...
[06:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[06:17] <Impossibubbles> I love that one
[06:17] <Brick425> For all the 14 year old girls who think they're so edgy
[06:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> brick
[06:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> answer the q
[06:17] <Brick425> Sorry, I missed it. What was it? :P 
[06:17] <TheShadowAssassin> Alright, I'm listening to it now
[06:17] <BraveNewRoyalty> what does the army do these days minus drone strikes
[06:17] <Impossibubbles> :3
[06:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> lol
[06:18] <BraveNewRoyalty> like nobody does real ground combat anymore
[06:18] <Kingwja> Sometimes we get a few squads on the ground in the middle east but that's about it
[06:19] <Brick425> Drone strikes are inaccurate as hell BNR
[06:19] <Kingwja> ^
[06:19] <AmazingPythor> And by "attack" you mean nuke itself by accident after declaring war
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> so predator drones arent a real thing
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> aw
[06:19] <Brick425> They kill civilians and destroy buildings like nobody's business
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> >army
[06:19] <TheShadowAssassin> This is pretty good, Bubbles. I like it a lot [[]]:D
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> >nukes
[06:19] <BraveNewRoyalty> pick one
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> Yey. This is the song that introduced me to caravan palace
[06:20] <Kingwja> No they're real just not as good as we wish they would be
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> I was referring to "North Korea attacking" :{P 
[06:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh
[06:20] <BraveNewRoyalty> oops
[06:20] <TheShadowAssassin> Definitely in my top three favorite songs by them
[06:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> Marc, wazzup?
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> Parov Stelar also has a few songs I really like
[06:20] <Impossibubbles> hello o/ 
[06:20] <Brick425> North Korea declares war about four weeks ago... They're cooking something up
[06:20] <AmazingPythor> Marc is probably asleep.
[06:20] <Slayingthehalcyon> More than likely at this hour
[06:20] <TheShadowAssassin> I've heard of him, but I haven't gotten a chance to give him a listen yet
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> north korea is just asking for more foreign aid
[06:21] <Kingwja> Pretty much
[06:21] <TheShadowAssassin> I've been stuck on Sim Gretina and Caravan Palace lol
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> still been at war since the '50s
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[06:21] <Kingwja> lol
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> the rok has a large army because dprk exists
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> North Korea gets foreign aid
[06:21] <AmazingPythor> lol
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> yeah
[06:21] <Impossibubbles> All Night and Mojo Radio Gang are probably my favorites from him
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> it all goes into kim jung un's mouth
[06:21] <BraveNewRoyalty> (derp) 
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> my neighbors are so loud
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> talking over loud music
[06:22] <TheShadowAssassin> I'll have to check those out as well then
[06:22] <Kingwja> What are they doing
[06:22] <Kingwja> Oh
[06:22] <TheShadowAssassin> Thanks for the recommendations xFinity
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> omg
[06:22] <TheShadowAssassin> *xD 
[06:22] <BraveNewRoyalty> im tempted to tell them to shut up out the window
[06:22] <TheShadowAssassin> thnx autocorrect 
[06:22] <Impossibubbles> xFinity xDD
[06:23] <TheShadowAssassin> idek 
[06:23] <Kingwja> Do it bnr
[06:23] <TheShadowAssassin> xP autocorrects to Xperia too
[06:23] <Kingwja> make enemies. (evil) 
[06:23] <Impossibubbles> Ha xD
[06:23] <TheShadowAssassin> Au revoir o/ 
[06:24] <Impossibubbles> see yaaa o/ 
[06:24] <Kingwja> Bai Shadow o/ 
[06:24] <TheShadowAssassin> Nighty night
[06:24] <Kingwja> Nart o/ 
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh no
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> i just bit my thumbnail
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> and ate more pesticide
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> ripppp
[06:24] <Kingwja> you're fonna die
[06:24] <BraveNewRoyalty> good
[06:24] <Kingwja> *gonna
[06:24] <Kingwja> wth
[06:26] <Impossibubbles> if purple doesn't give me any details I'm just gonna make her a purple cat cupcake, cuz, I really wanna make a cat cupcake xDD
[06:26] <BraveNewRoyalty> kek
[06:26] <Kingwja> Lol xD
[06:26] <Kingwja> I think she likes cats
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> Perfect then :3
[06:27] <Kingwja> but her favorite animal is birds
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> Hmmmm
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> last time i saw a cat
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> Maybe I could do feathers...
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> it walked on my lap
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> I have done a bird cupcake before
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> Well
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> and you know it stepped on my no no square
[06:27] <Impossibubbles> it was a turkey cupcake :P 
[06:27] <Kingwja> ow
[06:27] <BraveNewRoyalty> so i hate cats a bit
[06:27] <Kingwja> oh cool, bubbles xD
[06:28] <Kingwja> Bnr did you go on a cat hunt after that like you did the bug
[06:28] <Kingwja> (derp) 
[06:28] <BraveNewRoyalty> i didnt own the cat so i couldnt kill
[06:28] <Kingwja> aww
[06:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> the biggest animal ive killed
[06:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> was a crow
[06:29] <BraveNewRoyalty> and i regret it
[06:29] <Kingwja> Cool
[06:29] <Kingwja> o
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> crows are my favorite animal
[06:30] <Kingwja> oh really?
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> yes
[06:30] <Kingwja> heh
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> what
[06:30] <Kingwja> how did you kill it?
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> twist neck
[06:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> with fire
[06:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> awww
[06:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> M8
[06:30] <Slayingthehalcyon> should've done it with fire
[06:30] <Kingwja> how did you twist it's neck :ap
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> i dont have a flammenwerfer
[06:30] <BraveNewRoyalty> with my hands
[06:30] <Kingwja> * :P 
[06:30] <Kingwja> What
[06:31] <Impossibubbles>
[06:31] <Kingwja> why
[06:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> i forget
[06:31] <Kingwja> oh cool, bubbles xD
[06:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> m8
[06:31] <Slayingthehalcyon> it werfs flammen
[06:31] <Kingwja> Brb
[06:31] <BraveNewRoyalty> "it throws fire"
[06:31] <Kingwja> Baack
[06:31] <Impossibubbles> where did u go
[06:32] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[06:32] <Kingwja> I refreshed chat :P 
[06:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> oh that
[06:32] <Kingwja> It was lagging
[06:32] <Impossibubbles> oic
[06:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> this is my sturmtiger
[06:32] <BraveNewRoyalty> it sturms tigers
[06:32] <Slayingthehalcyon> STUG III is best STUG
[06:33] <Slayingthehalcyon>
[06:33] <Impossibubbles> be back in a bit
[06:33] <Kingwja> Baii
[06:33] <Impossibubbles> I need pain meds
[06:34] <Impossibubbles> >.>
[06:34] <Kingwja> ow
[06:34] <Kingwja> what did you do
[06:34] <Kingwja> nvmnd then
[06:35] <Kingwja> Well then
[06:37] <Kingwja> Ehh, bye, bbl
[06:41] <Game Wolf> Someone needs to make a Star Wars music video with the song The Saga Begins. 
[06:42] <Game Wolf> Why no one has, we will never know. 
[06:42] <Game Wolf> I know you people are here. 
[06:42] <Game Wolf> There is no excuse to have a dead chat. 
[06:42] <Game Wolf> Only a dead ked. 
[01:22] <Alemas2005> Best option.
[01:22] <Alemas2005> Oh wait.
[01:22] <Alemas2005> "I like this figure"?
[01:22] <Alemas2005> you have it from a set?
[01:23] <Alemas2005> If so, which set?
[01:23] <Alemas2005> ...nevermind then. (derp) 
[01:24] <Roddy15> i think people come here thinking this is like a live support chat
[01:24] <Roddy15> realise lego is hardly ever discussed
[01:24] <Roddy15> leave
[01:25] <Alemas2005> We should plaster a massive disclaimer on our home page...
[01:25] <Alemas2005> "THIS IS NOT A LIVE SUPPORT CHAT"
[01:29] <Alemas2005> Hello again. :P 
[01:30] <Legosonicforeveryay> well i told lego that all superman figs should have boot printing
[01:30] <Legosonicforeveryay> hopefully they'll listen
[01:31] <Alemas2005> From what set did you get your Superman minifig?
[01:31] <Legosonicforeveryay> the small batman vs superman set 
[01:31] <Legosonicforeveryay> with armored batman as well
[01:32] <Alemas2005> Set number?
[01:32] <Alemas2005> (I'm a bit out of the loop for LEGO sets. :P )
[01:33] <Legosonicforeveryay> 76044 Clash of the Heroes
[01:34] <Legosonicforeveryay> oops i exited chat
[01:34] <Legosonicforeveryay> lol
[01:34] <Alemas2005> *Shrugs*
[01:34] <Alemas2005> You got the cheapest set with Superman, you get a cheap Superman.
[01:36] <Legosonicforeveryay> cheap? i barely survived the store. it was the last one and some guy wanted it then said nah u have it. That was nice 
[01:36] <Alemas2005> ...well that's interesting. (derp) 
[01:36] <Alemas2005> But in theory, that's the cheapest set.
[01:36] <Alemas2005> Soooooooooooooooooo... :P 
[01:37] <Legosonicforeveryay> i wish this new 52 superman was in an official set
[01:38] <Legosonicforeveryay> the hair looks like its going in his eyes though
[01:40] <Legosonicforeveryay> Football Superman???
[01:40] <Legosonicforeveryay> since when did Superman play football
[01:40] <Alemas2005> No idea.
[01:41] <Legosonicforeveryay> New character for Lego Dimensions
[01:41] <Legosonicforeveryay> i like showing pics lol
[01:41] <Legosonicforeveryay> Beastboy confirmed
[01:42] <Legosonicforeveryay> have u noticed we are the only ones chatting lol
[01:49] <Alemas2005> often happens... :P 
[01:53] <Skully Of House Lannister> ale why do you put up with that lol 
[01:53] <Majolo9050> ah, there's skul to say what we all wanted to say but wouldn't
[01:55] <Skully Of House Lannister> thats my job 
[01:55] <Majolo9050> mhm
[01:55] <Legoanimals750> o/ 
[01:55] <Majolo9050> ay sam o/ 
[01:56] <KnightoftheLight> Remind me never to watch any video by Pyrocrynical. D=
[01:57] <Majolo9050> never watch any videos by pyrocrynical >.>
[02:01] <Alemas2005> "ale why do you put up with that lol"
[02:01] <Alemas2005> ...?! :P 
[02:02] <Alemas2005> 'cause I'm actually nice? :P 
[02:02] <Alemas2005> 'cause I'm professional? :P 
[02:02] <Alemas2005> 'cause I try to be helpful? :P 
[02:02] <Alemas2005> Is there something bad with all that? :P 
[02:07] <Legosonicforeveryay> Cant wait for Sonic to be in lego dimensions. hence my name
[02:07] <Legosonicforeveryay> have u seen the lego sonic pack
[02:08] <Legosonicforeveryay> its a level pack
[02:08] <Alemas2005> I'm not really interested in LEGO Dimensions. :P 
[02:08] <Alemas2005> Actually, not at all. :{P 
[02:08] <Alemas2005> And let's be honest, few of us are actually interested in LEGO. :P 
[02:09] <Alemas2005> Still interested, I mean.
[02:09] <KnightoftheLight> If you ever see HyperFlash Studios, he's really excited for the pack!
[02:09] <Alemas2005> Wait what. :P 
[02:09] <Alemas2005> He is? :P 
[02:09] <Legosonicforeveryay> lego sonic debut trailer
[02:09] <Legosonicforeveryay> a great trailer
[02:10] <KnightoftheLight> Ya, he's a huge Sonic fan and was fanboying about it once. :P 
[02:10] <Legosonicforeveryay> love the music
[02:10] <KnightoftheLight> Unfortunately my newest gaming device is a Wii, so I can't play. =( :P 
[02:10] <Legosonicforeveryay> im a sonic fan too, hence my name lol
[02:11] <Alemas2005> "Top 10 Signs You're A Nerd"
[02:11] <Alemas2005> WatchMojo, seriously.
[02:11] <Legoanimals750> They are out of ideas
[02:11] <Alemas2005> They'll end up making "Top 10 Movie Farts", I swear...
[02:11] <Legosonicforeveryay> eggman in lego dimensions
[02:12] <Alemas2005> Or "Top 10 Movie Kisses"
[02:12] <Alemas2005> Let's see...
[02:12] <Legosonicforeveryay> Eggman has a bald head piece??????
[02:12] <Alemas2005> "You hate being asked if you like "The Big Bang Theory"".
[02:12] <Alemas2005> (YK) 
[02:13] <Alemas2005> "You have large collections of memorabilia".
[02:13] <Alemas2005> "You know what a D-20 and THACO is".
[02:14] <Alemas2005> "You're oddly formal in your online communications".
[02:14] <Alemas2005> "You think a fedora is a cool fashion accessory".
[02:14] <Alemas2005> ...a Redditor, then?
[02:15] <Alemas2005> "You cringe when people confuse "Star Trek" with "Star Wars""
[02:15] <Alemas2005> Anyone would. (YK) 
[02:15] <Legosonicforeveryay> i found reasons why ur an idiot
[02:15] <Alemas2005> ...insults like that don't go down very well here.
[02:15] <Alemas2005> [[LEGO Message Boards Wiki:Chat Policy]]
[02:15] <Alemas2005> I suggest you read that.
[02:15] <Alemas2005> Next on the list...
[02:16] <Alemas2005> "You enjoy debates about trivial and fictional things"
[02:16] <Legosonicforeveryay> its a site not an insult
[02:16] <Alemas2005> ...a site...?
[02:16] <Alemas2005> Eh?
[02:16] <Legosonicforeveryay> i found a thing thats called 10 reasons why ur an idiot
[02:17] <Alemas2005> ...OH.
[02:17] <Legosonicforeveryay> sorry if it sounded like an insult
[02:17] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[02:17] <Alemas2005> Ok then. (derp) 
[02:17] <Legosonicforeveryay> wawawawaaaa
[02:17] <Alemas2005> "You wear t-shirts that make deep references"
[02:17] <Alemas2005> "You quote lines in fake languages"
[02:18] <Alemas2005> "You're super into extended universes and lore"
[02:18] <Alemas2005> Horrible list, that one.
[02:19] <Legosonicforeveryay> ooh funny excuses for being late
[02:20] <Legoanimals750> "Top 10 Ugliest North American Sports Team Logos"
[02:20] <Legosonicforeveryay> “I won't be in to work today on time. My brain is full.”
[02:20] <Legosonicforeveryay> nice excuse
[02:20] <Legoanimals750> "Top 10 Deep Fried Foods"
[02:20] <Legosonicforeveryay> “I super-glued my eye thinking it was contact solution.”
[02:20] <Legosonicforeveryay> lol
[02:21] <Alemas2005> Oh, got to see that last one, Animals.
[02:21] <Legosonicforeveryay> “I got locked in my trunk by my son.”
[02:21] <Legosonicforeveryay> harsh
[02:21] <Alemas2005> Whether deep-fried Mars are mentioned. :P 
[02:21] <Alemas2005> Mars bars. :P 
[02:22] <Legosonicforeveryay> lol this excuse “The line was too long at Starbucks.”
[02:22] <Legosonicforeveryay> happens everyday
[02:23] <Alemas2005> ...doughnuts?
[02:23] <Alemas2005> Eh?
[02:23] <Legosonicforeveryay> and this simple excuse for being late is....... “I saw Elvis.”
[02:24] <Alemas2005> YES.
[02:24] <Alemas2005> They're mentioned!
[02:24] <Legosonicforeveryay> Im reading top 10 gross foods
[02:25] <Legosonicforeveryay>
[02:25] <Legosonicforeveryay> Maggot Cheese???? ewww
[02:27] <Alemas2005> ...yuck.
[02:27] <Legosonicforeveryay> Of course everyone like ice cream but what about these.......
[02:28] <Legosonicforeveryay> Corn ice cream
[02:30] <Legosonicforeveryay> ok alemas heres the top ten gross ice creams
[02:30] <Legosonicforeveryay> 10. Parmesan Ice Cream
[02:30] <Legosonicforeveryay> 
[02:30] <Legosonicforeveryay> give ur thoughts on each of them
[02:31] <Alemas2005> Ok, I'll give my thoughts with an emote.
[02:31] <Alemas2005> 10. Parmesan Ice Cream: (barf) 
[02:31] <Alemas2005> Ugh.
[02:31] <Alemas2005> 10. Parmesan Ice Cream (barf o) 
[02:32] <Legosonicforeveryay> lol
[02:32] <Legosonicforeveryay> 9. Salad Ice Cream
[02:33] <Alemas2005> (barf o) 
[02:33] <Legosonicforeveryay> 8. Chicken-Fried Steak Ice Cream
[02:34] <Legosonicforeveryay> For those of you who enjoy such ice cream, however, you’re supposed to A) use this ice cream instead of gravy, and then B) gag.
[02:34] <Alemas2005> ... :P 
[02:34] <Alemas2005> Again, I'd barf. :P 
[02:34] <Legoanimals750> "Chicken-Fried Steak Ice Cream" What?
[02:35] <Alemas2005> Top 10 gross ice-creams.
[02:35] <Legosonicforeveryay> its an actual ice cream in different countries
[02:35] <Legoanimals750> oh
[02:35] <Alemas2005> Ice cream.
[02:35] <Alemas2005> Without hyphen.
[02:35] <Alemas2005> (derp) 
[02:36] <Legosonicforeveryay> 7. Ox Tongue Ice Cream
[02:36] <Alemas2005> Oh good God no.
[02:36] <Legosonicforeveryay> 6. Oyster Ice Cream
[02:37] <Legoanimals750> #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner
[02:37] <Legosonicforeveryay> 5. Fish Ice Cream 
[02:37] <Legosonicforeveryay> whod eat this trash
[02:37] <Legoanimals750> Crazy people
[02:37] <Alemas2005> ...Fish doesn't sound too bad, actually...
[02:37] <Alemas2005> But yeah, it'd taste awful.
[02:38] <Legosonicforeveryay> 4. Pit Viper Ice Cream
[02:38] <Legoanimals750> ....
[02:38] <Legosonicforeveryay> bit of venomous reptile anyone?
[02:38] <Alemas2005> ...NO.
[02:38] <Ked830> What did I walk in on exactly??
[02:38] <Alemas2005> :P 
[02:38] <Legoanimals750> ikr
[02:38] <Alemas2005> Top ten gross ice creams, Ked.
[02:38] <Legoanimals750> Awful ice cream flavors 
[02:38] <Ked830> Also yay powers gonna be out for two hours sweeeeeet
[02:38] <Ked830> ah
[02:38] <Ked830> well you didn't have to tell me that
[02:39] <Legoanimals750> Well, you asked. :P 
[02:39] <Legosonicforeveryay> 3. Astronaut Ice Cream. no its not actually astronaut flavored. just anything an astronaut would find
[02:40] <Ked830> No I mean I gathered that from what I read
[02:40] <Alemas2005> ...what.
[02:40] <Ked830> also guyyyyyyys I'm doing a spreaker later todayyyyy (sie) 
[02:40] <Legosonicforeveryay> 2. "Cold Sweat" Ice Cream
[02:40] <Legoanimals750> And I'll probably miss it before Youth group. :p 
[02:40] <Legosonicforeveryay> ewww pit juice
[02:40] <Legoanimals750> because*
[02:41] <Legosonicforeveryay> 1. Raw Horseflesh Ice Cream
[02:41] <Legoanimals750> Ok......
[02:41] <Ked830> eww
[02:41] <Legosonicforeveryay> animalcruelty and belly cruelty
[02:42] <Legosonicforeveryay> cheeseburger ice cream
[02:42] <EtherealSpirit> meow
[02:43] <Legoanimals750> Varn o/ 
[02:43] <Legosonicforeveryay> geez whats this world coming to
[02:43] <Ked830> haiii Ether
[02:43] <EtherealSpirit> \o 
[02:43] <Ked830> but Ye sirry Web
[02:43] <Legosonicforeveryay> ice cream is supposed to be a treat
[02:43] <Ked830> ill be doing it between 7-10 pm central time
[02:43] <Legosonicforeveryay> not a full course lunch
[02:44] <Legoanimals750> oh, I should be able to make it then
[02:44] <Ked830> Yay
[02:44] <Ked830> I'm so excitedddddd
[02:45] <EtherealSpirit> That's awesome.
[02:45] <Ked830> im probably gonna embarrass myself but HEY! it was bound to happen sometime (derp4) 
[02:45] <Legoanimals750> Oh, I'm sure you'll do fine. :P 
[02:45] <Legosonicforeveryay> ew theres bacon ice cream
[02:45] <EtherealSpirit> Exactly what Webby said.
[02:46] <EtherealSpirit> Bacon icecream?
[02:46] <Legosonicforeveryay> yeah ewww
[02:46] <EtherealSpirit> Sounds pretty gross.
[02:46] <Legoanimals750> My mom got me bacon jam, i like bacon but why is that a thing?
[02:46] <Legosonicforeveryay> sounds gross
[02:46] <EtherealSpirit> Mood RN:
[02:46] <EtherealSpirit>
[02:47] <Legosonicforeveryay> anyone heard of lays chips?
[02:47] <EtherealSpirit> Yup.
[02:47] <Legoanimals750> Mhm
[02:47] <Legoanimals750> With the air bags. :P 
[02:48] <Legosonicforeveryay> some people requested the most dumbest flavors ever
[02:48] <EtherealSpirit> I'm turning into a monster. Just like Siri.
[02:48] <Alemas2005> "Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA."
[02:48] <EtherealSpirit> What are they?
[02:48] <EtherealSpirit> Oh.
[02:48] <Ked830> POWERRRRRE
[02:48] <Ked830> HALLELUJAH
[02:48] <EtherealSpirit> :\
[02:48] <Legosonicforeveryay>
[02:48] <Legoanimals750> "Healthy Oreos" the heck? 
[02:48] <Legosonicforeveryay> lol
[02:49] <EtherealSpirit> XD
[02:49] <Legosonicforeveryay> Benedict Cumberbatch flavor
[02:49] <EtherealSpirit> Unicorn meat.
[02:49] <EtherealSpirit> I'd love to try that.
[02:49] <Ked830> NO
[02:49] <Ked830> NOT UNICORN MEAT
[02:49] <Ked830> i cant
[02:49] <Legosonicforeveryay> 1. Haggis and Watermelon
[02:49] <EtherealSpirit> Maybe I could fart rainbows then.
[02:50] <Legoanimals750> What would that taste like? horse and rainbows?
[02:50] <Legosonicforeveryay> 2. Diet Mountain Dew
[02:50] <Ked830> Isn't haggis like Sherpa belly?
[02:50] <Ked830> sheeps
[02:50] <Legosonicforeveryay> eww
[02:50] <EtherealSpirit> I think it would taste like sugar.
[02:50] <Legosonicforeveryay> no its pig brain
[02:50] <EtherealSpirit> Unicorns are sweet.
[02:50] <Ked830> What
[02:50] <Ked830> ew
[02:50] <Legoanimals750> Bacon cream oreos 
[02:50] <Ked830> yuck
[02:50] <Ked830> well Ima play mc with my sister so adios all
[02:51] <EtherealSpirit> At least they didn't make a poop flavour.
[02:51] <EtherealSpirit> Bye Keddy. O/ 
[02:51] <Legoanimals750> Bye Ked o/ 
[02:51] <Legosonicforeveryay> 4. Doritos
[02:51] <Legosonicforeveryay> 5. Eminem's Mother's Spaghetti
[02:51] <Legosonicforeveryay> lol
[02:52] <EtherealSpirit> (y) 
[02:52] <Legoanimals750> brb
[02:52] <EtherealSpirit> Sammy. O/ 
[02:52] <Legosonicforeveryay> 7. Green Juice
[02:52] <KnightoftheLight> O/ 
[02:52] <Legosonicforeveryay> 8. Milk Steak & Jellybeans???? 
[02:53] <EtherealSpirit> Siri has hacked my brain.
[02:53] <EtherealSpirit> These beat drops though.
[02:53] <Legoanimals750> Back 
[02:53] <EtherealSpirit> <3
[02:53] <EtherealSpirit> WB, Webb.
[02:54] <EtherealSpirit> Maj. O/ 
[02:54] <Majolo9050> ethy o/ 
[02:54] <Legosonicforeveryay> 9. Onion and Banana Juice
[02:54] <Legosonicforeveryay> eww 
[02:55] <EtherealSpirit> That sounds delish.
[02:55] <EtherealSpirit> Blizzy. O/ 
[02:55] <BlizardBrick> Hello. o/ 
[02:55] <Legosonicforeveryay> 11. Pickles and Ice Cream
[02:55] <Legoanimals750> O/ 
[02:55] <Majolo9050> blizahd hey o/ 
[02:56] <Legosonicforeveryay> 16. Surprise
[02:56] <Legosonicforeveryay> whats the surprise then lol
[02:57] <Legosonicforeveryay> 18. Toenail Fungus?? imma gonna puke
[02:58] <BlizardBrick> Do you guys think allowing people to pay with Paypal over on DeviantArt for my art would be a good idea? XP
[02:58] <Legoanimals750> No idea
[02:59] <Legosonicforeveryay> 19. Toothpaste and Orange Juice
[03:01] <Legosonicforeveryay> who in their right mind requested these crisp flavors
[03:02] <Legosonicforeveryay> Gas Station Sushi?
[03:02] <EtherealSpirit> I thinking they should make an olive flavour.
[03:03] <Legosonicforeveryay> Honey Flavored Nicholas Cage?
[03:03] <Legosonicforeveryay> ewww
[03:03] <EtherealSpirit> (derp4) 
[03:05] <EtherealSpirit> AP. O/ 
[03:05] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[03:05] <Legosonicforeveryay> Man Meat?
[03:05] <Legosonicforeveryay> strange flavors of crisps
[03:06] <Alemas2005> Ah, Pythor, hi.
[03:06] <Legosonicforeveryay> I saw a fake bag of chips that said Repressed Childhood Memories
[03:06] <AmazingPythor> Hello.
[03:06] <EtherealSpirit> Hi.
[03:06] <Legosonicforeveryay> Hi Pythor
[03:07] <Legosonicforeveryay> lol 1 guy wants to eat a flavor called Grampas Breath
[03:08] <Legosonicforeveryay> Who would eat this trash anyway
[03:09] <AmazingPythor> o/ 
[03:09] <EtherealSpirit> MC. O/ 
[03:10] <Man.city1> Ello ppl 
[03:10] <EtherealSpirit> Whoopsie Daisy.
[03:11] <EtherealSpirit> I gotta leave now.
[03:11] <Man.city1> Cu es
[03:11] <AmazingPythor> \o 
[03:11] <EtherealSpirit> Bye-bye peeps. O/ 
[03:12] <Majolo9050> whoops, bai ethy o/ 
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